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Francis Picabia ( 1879.1 ~ 1953.11) was born in Paris and died. Parents are wealthy cubans and French. From 1908 to 1911, Francis Picabia from worship of impressionism to keen cubism, is he academy of fine arts in Paris and decorative art school learning period. In 1911, he took part in a team cubism, as a "golden test", then join the delaunay and others "Orpheus" (or "the firth cubism"). This name is Neil in the wave o in a symposium (Orpheus is Greek mythology Thracian poet and singer, good playing the harp, its performance can make animals, rocks nod). Wave o Neil wrote a book in 1908 in the bestiary, one of the article entitled "Orpheus". When there are four different style cubism, so he used the essay to a school. This "Orpheus", is "some under the guise of material in a way that shows the new combination of art. It is not according to the vision of reality, and is entirely from the artist's creation, or caused by the artist has a strong reality. This style of work, must at the same time can show a kind of pure, clear structure and noble meaning, this is the theme of the pure art.

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