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Abstract Art - An artistic form of deviation from nature

Abstract art is refers to the degree of artistic image larger deviation or object to abandon the natural appearance of art forms. Abstract art is generally regarded as a description of the natural world not art, it through the shape and color, to express the subjective way.
In many cases, the concept of abstract art is the abstract painting. Of course, in addition to the abstract painting, abstract art should also include more art, abstract sculpture, abstract installation, music, poetry, abstract abstract photography, architecture, abstract dance, etc.
Abstraction is a loan word, in the figurative art of abstract initially summarized and refined, the picture resolution of specific outline and detail, become highly symbolic. We can from Picasso's "cow" and mondrian's the evolution of the "tree" to understand abstract concepts original meaning of the westerners. Later, to the extreme abstract, thoroughly get rid of the specific image and the object, the images must be no our visual familiar objects, pure composed, symbol, color, and texture of point, line and plane in the composition of pictures, called the abstract painting.
Chinese name Abstract art language of Abstract art, Abstract painting Abstract sex mass nouns don't say
Historical origin of editing
The word "abstract" the original meaning refers to the human to things not essential to abandon and extraction of essential factors. Most part of the original art and craft art and calligraphy, artistic styles, such as building for its image deviates from natural objects characteristics should belong to the abstract art. But as a conscious art trend of abstract art in the 20th century arose in Europe and the United States. Many modernist art genres such as abstract expressionism, cubism, tashi is affected by this.
Abstract art is the name of the opposite figurative art, also can be called a non-figurative art. It is characterized by lack of paint, paint method to represent concepts and of the mood, and this method is basically belongs to show what the real
ChengZhongChen abstract painting works
, can be found in the earliest kandinsky. It is formed by the fusion effect of the traditional art, especially by fauvism, cubism.
"Abstract art" in Picasso's opinion does not exist, he thinks someone just emphasis on style, people emphasize the life. To michelle schafer, abstract art is: "I get everything without any warning, without any memories of reality - regardless of whether the reality of the starting point of the painter, art are called abstract art.
Actually fauvism and cubism, promote the independent development of form and color. Is kandinsky found it further, in 1910 the first flatly abstract watercolor painting, is a representational desire of overlapping, energetic color. Kandinsky's art invention acquired from music aesthetic enlightenment, then the czechs copp card directly to draw inspiration from the music of abstract art. Said he is the music, the ancestors of painter later they composed collage.
Our country origin
In the west on abstract concept art spread into China, the written records of Chinese history
Kandinsky abstract painting
Has not been seen in the "abstract" two words, abstract two words of Chinese translation was turned from Japan.
In the history of Chinese characters, was, like, imagery and super like (super to like, si kong-tu) of word meaning and abstract the closest. Meaning can be explained by the artistic conception, meaning, thoughts, intentions, etc., as "two meter four elephants", "elephant" invisible elephant, image is the object, the appearance, the heart like and like synthetic organic and unified system. Compared to abstract, the word "like", beyond the image object, rather than representations, may be more apt than abstract to "abstract". Since 100, however, entering the Chinese cultural language of the word "abstract" concept has been established, there is no need for others to change such a fait accompli.
The development history
Aesthetic concepts of abstract expressionism, as seen in German philosopher w. walter salinger's works out and feeling move. He thinks, in the artistic creation, in addition to the feeling of impulse, and dominated an impulse, on the other hand, this is the trend of "out". Produce pull away because there is a conflict between people and environment, people feel the space
The broad and the phenomenon of disorder, on the psychological space with fear, and felt difficult to living. Since people's hearts can't seek peace under the volatile external phenomena, only to find comfort in the form of art. Since people can't objective things from the outside world in the aesthetic enjoyment, make attempts objective image from its fickle contingency, make it a permanent value in abstract form. Salinger's art, the including w. kandinsky, expressionist painter.
The earliest abstract expressionism painting is painted before and after by kangding, based on the 1910. Walter was kandinsky's friend, he actively supports the expressionist movement, and expand the influence.
The generation of abstract expressionism in addition to escapist factors, and by industry, to promote the cause of science and technology. Modern buildings and environment, summarized and refined and simplified form of art requires more corresponding; Machine speed, power, efficiency of these for visual comparison abstract factors, stimulate the artist to do ChouXiangMei create to the generation of abstract expressionism art is a supplement to the realism art. Not to describe the specific object as the goal of abstract art, through the line, a face, form, color, composition to convey emotions, stimulate people's imagination, enlighten people's thinking.
Abstract expressionism art from the original art, medieval religious art, Africa and Oceania, text, absorb the nutrients in the calligraphy of the east, also from zhuang zi philosophy, zen Buddhism in China will pick the people to adapt to the 20th century western philosophy and concept of psychological state. Many abstract expressionism works show the escape from reality, social nihilistic tendency, but there are also works reflect the people good expectation for the future, positive, enterprising and optimistic thoughts and feelings.
Most of the abstract expressionism works focus lies in the creation of unique art form.
Before and after the first world war is the most representative abstract expressionism artists russians kangding and Dutch p. mondrian and founded by his style. The former is mainly lyric abstract artists, which opens up a path to geometric abstraction. Russian represented by marxist-leninist veach supremacist and are associated with the constructivism, and geometric abstraction of faction. French ear theopompus of Russia after cubism, abstract expressionism is actually pay attention to light and colour.
Europe in 30 ~ 40 s tashi, was accidentally daub and pay attention to spot the dirt, trace patterns and texture beauty which is formed by the abstract genre.
Mid 40 s in abstract expressionism in the United States, is a mashup of surrealism automatic technique of abstract art, as the representative of j. pollock. After the abstract expressionism in the United States and Europe after painting abstract, is actually a geometric abstraction in contemporary development. Because it is a rule, there is a clear plastic and clear edge of abstract painting, so American critics called hard edges abstractions.
Europe and the United States all kinds of abstract expressionism art in the 20th century, who focused on emotional expression, known as lyrical abstraction or hot abstract; Who emphasize the concept of performance, called a rational abstract or cold abstract.
Abstract expressionism has a unique value, also has its limitations, it only can exist as a kind of expression form, must not take realism. Some western abstract art theorist, propaganda realism outdated and abstraction represents the art direction, is not conform to the actual situation.
Abstraction is representational relative concept, it is about various things out their common points, the synthetical and become a new concept, this concept is known as the abstract. Abstract painting (AbstractPainting) is refers to want to be free from imitating natural paintings of the 20th century in terms of style, contain a variety of genre, is not the name of the one faction: it is through long-term continuous evolution. But whatever its factions, their common characteristic is the attempt to break the painting must imitate the traditional concept of nature. In the 1930 s and after the second world war, various forms derived from abstract ideas, become the most popular in the 20th century, the most distinctive artistic style. Modern and contemporary China abstract art and the development of contemporary Chinese abstract painting, mainly is two cases. Is a kind of exogenous "convergence" of Chinese and western contemporary abstract art, is mainly exogenous reference system of western contemporary art of Chinese modern art and contemporary art; Is a kind of endogenous "after the traditional Chinese painting" China flow movement of Chinese abstract traditional Chinese painting art.
The main features editor
Abstraction is the concept of space, eternity is the concept of time of the universe. Abstract and eternity, constitute the essence of the cosmic space-time.
Abstraction is the universe's original, was born in humans before. The universe was formed (star), color (universal grey), point (star) line (star trails, meteors and light), surface (space), the texture of galaxies (or surface) abstract world.
The sky, the clouds, lightning, water wave, fissure, grass stems, swamp, veins, zebra, tiger, butterfly lines, a lot of pictures of nature and the details are abstract. Person's life blood picture, cell, gene, pupil, skin color, the fingerprint is abstract. In the material world of particles, protons, neutrons, quarks, is abstract.
Abstraction is the natural essence of the universe and human a visual way of learning about the world. Humans can be felt through abstract reading of the universe. Appreciate ChouXiangMei is innate ability, human is human talent, is indispensable to human life.
The scope of
The shelf abstract painting in the world, is 100 years ago from kandinsky. Before kandinsky, the world has not seen "abstract art", the word abstract painting. But that does not show before him, abstract symbol, design, not happened in the world. The human understanding of the solar system, only a few hundred years, but the solar system is the eternity of time. In the same way, we can only say that the world know the rack abstract painting begins with kandinsky, but human abstract cultural and artistic creation, there has been a history of several thousand years.
The universe is the abstract. Humans have an abstract aesthetic and abstract the gift of art creation.
In the history of China in 5000, the abstract symbols, abstract arts, the abstract form, abstract decorative, abstract aesthetic everywhere. From human early graffiti, design of painted pottery decorative design in a utensil, crock, bones, indentation, bronze casting lines, dress to wear, then the garden decoration design, rock, stone pane, clothing embroidery, jade carving calligraphy, play and take out life and abstract aesthetic and tangled roots. The history of the Chinese people create and appreciate ChouXiangMei has thousands of years. China is a country with a long history of bright abstract culture.
No western abstract art history, the abstract, human abstract aesthetic and abstract. So even if we are not from western art history to know and understand the abstract art, and from the origin of the universe, from the people's life essence and natural ability to understand abstract art, also can find the way of understanding and interpretation of abstract art.
Characteristics of the
Abstract art is the art of story without theme without logic, experience of life is experience, is through the abstract colors, lines, colors, composition to express way and the narrative art of human nature.
Abstract art pursue originality and innovation as the only art. Abstract art to challenge the experience with the world, creating an unprecedented new pictures.
We often think of abstract art is unacceptable and unreasonable, plainting abstract art works surprisingly strange and obscure. In fact, all this is caused by the contradiction between experience and imagination. Know that art is not a specific material, but because of who I am abstraction process, is the activity of subjective consciousness. Abstract art originality, subjective consciousness to us with the greatest activity space, feel art can become the best enjoyment.
Pays great attention to the form of abstract art more than pay attention to the content. Form can go, one good thing came out of it. Abstract painting has a special emphasis on painting language simple, the purity of the painting form, with no experience. Do not imitate the creation of any existing, deliberately in visual space, creating a unique painting language, with distinct personality and artistic symbol to complete the artist for art life experience.
Appreciate abstract art, understand and do not understand is relative. And human culture, artistic culture determines the people's aesthetic ability, it is absolute.
The soul of art
Abstract art is ethereal world, it is free of uncertain world, the world language and the language is more close to life in the depth of the soul. At a precise size, so when the reality with the standard to be able to let the heart and the line of sight, abstract art endless roaming and induction of time and space has no walls, offers a new platform for the modern's aesthetic, activate the modern people's curiosity and innovation consciousness, people are willing to provide platforms in abstract art, weave their own aesthetic network, constructing unique to the colour of his own soul in the world.
Thinking art
Representational art is art experience, art is rational and logic, appreciate a habit, so rarely aesthetic barriers. Abstract art is irrational, neither subject nor story, fully rely on aesthetic person own creativity, imagination of thinking, aesthetic, to complete so abstract art is particularly high for aesthetic requirements. In front of the color line, everyone's answer is different, different answers is different thinking. A man without art thinking is difficult to understand the mysteries of abstract art.
High art
Popular art is a mass art, abstract art is an elegant art. Art's intentions may just play, it is easy to vent, is a kind of naughty, is a form of discovery. Is more let art into life memo society, undertake supposed by political responsibility alone. Abstract art to return to human nature. Focus on the development of humanity has not yet been developed the subconscious mind and imagination space. The needs of the low demand (clothing), low-level requirements (material to show off, such as a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, cars), high-level requirements: artistic enjoyment: music, paintings, etc.
Abstract art as a senior to enjoy life, no doubt, is will be more and more attention and discovery.
Abstract art conforms to modern people's aesthetic point of view and a desire to create, modern space, the concept of modern life, and home decor clothing grade art is the prerequisite to the development of the abstract art. More and more independent value judgment of high IQ, will be the mainstream of abstract art consumption crowd, they can not meet the needs of the reality space, need to imagine space, to complete the aesthetic spiritual quest. Western abstract (de-min xu)
The rack abstract painting is part of the modern art, and the modern art development and started together.
Modern art is in the middle of the 19th century in Europe, starting from the impressionism. In western art history textbooks, is regarded as the landmark of modern art works are manet's 1863 lunch on the grass. Monet is the most representative of impressionist painter, impressionism "impression" of the name, is from his 1872 work "impression, sunrise".
One of the representative figure of impressionism after Cezanne, is the first modernism art from concrete to abstract form of the painter. Cezanne's understanding of color is the most artful modern painters. For an artist, he thought, and only the color is true. His "natural reduction into three basic shape of cylindrical, cone and sphere", affected the birth of cubism, thereby contributing to the development of abstract art. Cezanne's art in the sense of the ancestor of modern western formalism mainstream art, and is regarded as the "father of modern art".
From Cezanne, abstract painting have the rudiments of the art and practice, the emergence of cubism, let abstract painting have performance and ambitions. The original abstract painting and figurative paintings are mixed together, also is the half abstract. Some image in the picture, but the image is the way through the geometry deformation performance, is not a purely abstract. Even some pure represented in the form of geometry and color paintings, also use some representational symbols, to express some kind of symbolic meaning. The emergence of cubism, greatly reducing the walking towards abstract art, and directly led to the two major schools of abstract painting (hot abstract and cold abstract).
Dutch artist mondrian in Paris in 1911 received the cubist painting idea, and the evolution of cubism for geometric abstract painting has its distinct features. Mondrian thought, the modelling art performance for two kinds of tendency: realism and abstract expressionism, the former is a manifestation of our aesthetic emotion, the aesthetic emotion is natural and arouse the appearance image of life. The latter is a kind of color, shape and abstract expression of the space, it is through a more abstract way, and often the geometric shape of form and space, its purpose is to create a new reality.
In general, abstract art has the following three characteristics: one, seemingly ordinary simple even poor, but very vividly; Second, people, scene, content, long life and interesting; Three, they convey, popular and illiteracy see great spirit.
Also has three connotations: first of all, abstract painting works, do not describe the objective image, not to show what the real world, also do not reflect real life; Second, no painting theme, no story logical and rational explanation, neither express ideas or transfer personal emotions; Third, by pure color, dot, line, face, skin texture, structure, combination of visual form.
Representative of editing
Kandinsky, born in 1866 in Moscow, the university majored in law and economics. After a doctor's degree, and in the university. At the age of 30 to painting, he gave up his job of professor of law, to art academy of fine arts study, later to become a professional painter. Kandinsky's early paintings, and experience the new impressionism impressionism, and different stages of the beast, and finally, in the brutalist color and inspiration of music, kandinsky created by "composition", "improvisation", named after the "lyric". Thus was born the world's first picture frame abstract painting.
Mondrian (1872-1944), born in the Netherlands, is the representative figure of new model. Started painting at the age of 14, 20 became a high school art teacher, began painting creation, has been impressionist, after literature and impressionist. Mondrian into abstract painting creation is directly influenced by cubism early works by Picasso and braque stimulation, in Paris in 1911 received the cubist painting idea, start with cubist painting technique.
Uml has
Male's (1878-1935), the Russian painter, art founder supremacist. With kandinsky, mondrian a art early geometric abstraction, their three people were known as the troika of abstract art.
About the surprise. His works, opened up a broad heaven and earth for the art of the 20th century, from dada to minimalism until later today minimalism, are related to his concept of "fetishism".
Library's card (1871-1957) was born in the Czech republic. He not only was the founder of the "geometric abstraction", and that year in Paris and kandinsky eponymous abstract painter. He came around 1900 illustrations absolute abstract symbol. His mature abstract painting is almost 1910 and kandinsky appeared at the same time.
Delaunay (1885-1941) was born in Paris, influenced by the impressionist, its emphasis on light and color, the color for the color. He put the light into seven rainbow color, by using the method of structure will be different colors. Delaunay always became an avid fan of colour and light. He will be the new bold of impressionist color art, the processing technique, the space and forms of cubism achieve mastery through a comprehensive performance way, form a is called the Orpheus
The new style. Those color full of his works, for the pure abstract expressionism the formation of the style of modern art, has important significance.
Millo (1893-1983) was born in Spain, with Picasso's famous Spanish painter. The general western art will he classified into schools of surrealism. Miro's works is not purely abstract painting, but a symbol to show the world of his heart. He is to accept the Oriental culture and in his own art into a lot of Oriental symbolic arts, making his works with the mystery of the Oriental culture and surreal dreamland. Miro inherited kandinsky about point, line and plane form aesthetics, many of his abstract works are point, line, face art of interpretation. Mysterious symbols, enchanting lines, contracted and eager, psychedelic and tong qu, abstract and surreal experience, artistic conception is characteristic of the painting.
Roscoe (1903-1970) was born in Russia. Immigrated to the United States at the age of ten. Had a short art trained at Yale university, after to peer learning painting in the artist's studio. Despite its early he influenced by surrealism works, but is expressionist techniques to compose, gradually transition to the abstract. Begin until 1947, developed into a completely abstract expressionist style, with the combination of two or three rectangle, stay on the edge have blurred border, has a different color in the plane of the field has a strange space, in the cold abstract background, with the fuzzy boundary of color gamut has the feeling of wandering, there are also free breathing quiet meditation, give a person the colour of the dual personality and imprint. Roscoe is the abstract expressionist medium domain leader, though he himself didn't admit it.
DE kooning (1904-1997) was born in the Netherlands. Early learning local art college, and is affected by the expressionist painter. As a painter to the United States in 1926, in 1934 started trying to abstract painting creation. The '50 s as a abstract expression to the United States
Socialist leader. DE kooning, focused on three series in the abstract, women and men, of which, especially in the most famous women series, it almost always with his painting career.
Tile Mr Charest, Hungary (1908-1997) is a French artist. Youth national art school in Budapest. 22, settled in Paris, engaged in advertising and decoration art. From the 40 s, painting and perception art of the effect of light. He told mondrian, kandinsky, art and color art, on the development history of consciousness and the illusion of serious study, schema and gradually developed his own art creation method. He used all kinds of design methods, to create the illusion of the movement and deformation in an abstract organization. In almost every kind of design method in the development of light effect, he has made a contribution.
Pollock (1912-1956) was born in the United States. Is the world famous action painting artist.
On November 3, 2006, art pollock's work "1948 5" auction shows the highest global painting works, up to 140 million dollars (109.6 million euros). , before the birth of the world record for the most Chinese people might be in pollock
No known. Pollock both before and after death, it is a very controversial painter. He was born in 1912 in the western United States, held the first exhibition in 1943, to sell only a small painting, let pollock disappointed. Public opinion of his statement is also two extremes, one party is, "this guy is a sick freak, call a person can't stand!" One party asiatics, think a genius after Picasso, miro was born. A arting artist in the beginning of success will be the traditional doubts and disgrace, natural disposition is free and loose pollock, the question of that era.
In 1946, pollock started with "dripped" creation, a bit like Chinese paintings of the splash-ink (he is also influenced by the Oriental culture, especially Chinese calligraphy art is one of the abstract painter), is the oil painting color rare or directly with paint, pen or spoon, dripped or spilled on the canvas. Pollock, dripped method of painting at random between dramatic accident hidden effect, passionate and full of colour free, tension and wild, and his eclectic, mud and sand flow together "in the process of painting, sand, broken glass and debris are dare to show. In the seemingly random splashing, wild and full of tension of color line has its logic, the painter also improvise in mobile and deliberately programmed with visual music art. Techniques in his works of original creation and visual effects for the alternative to the American art brings great shock from the 50 s, was seen as a European out the beginning of the era of the abstract art, is the symbol of the American spirit of freedom. He thus become one of the world's most influential artists in the 20th century.
The first picture editor
Kandinsky (1866-1944), 100 years ago, the world's first picture frame abstract painting was born in a chance "subversion". The Russian kandinsky saw her the studio a "stranger" picture, very exciting and spectacular. Went up to just know is their a picture on the wall upside down,
And after straighten, the sort of exciting picture disappeared. He get inspired, representations made picture mediocrity, unusual, and the abstraction is the picture vivid and full of aesthetic feeling. Before this, humans on abstract forms of creation and aesthetic still attached to the other, is kandinsky, make the abstract aesthetic as the main body of the rack art (painting). He wrote in 1910 of a named "improvisation" abstract painting, was seen as a human history of the first purely abstract painting.
Kandinsky's early abstract are free abstraction, also known as lyrical abstraction, is characterized by the constitution and the colour is very casual, often is improvisation, freedom is bold and unrestrained. Lyric abstract emphasizes inner personality freedom, shows strong to maintain shape emotional rights of disintegration. After 1921, kandinsky from free lyrical abstraction into geometric abstraction, at a precise geometry and dot, line, face painting, and published in 1926 and an abstract art monograph "point, line, face", which established him as the father of the abstract art of academic status.
Kandinsky's contribution to the abstract painting is huge, he's on form of research and practice, opened up a broad road for future generations, and makes abstract painting in a short time, and spread to the whole western art, become the toughest art since 100.
Types of branch editor
Since the first abstract works produced in 1910, the rapid development in the west, spawned many forms, as the main body of abstract art.
Cubism branch
Of the cubism branch:
1. Crush objects using light nature, show the modern feelings and speed of futurism (1909-1915),
2. With wire, the material such as glass and metal, with long, square, circular and linear composition of image to the image of constructivism (1913-1917),
3. Don't object to observe, by feeling and looking for the so-called new symbols, to describe directly feel the absolute (1915).
4. Complete with color or black and white ash composition of rectangular shape color piece and linear neoplasticism (1917).
5. Object to represent the natural, but also from natural and progress to the abstract concrete art (1920 s)
6. With flat with ribbon or color surface structure more simple, pure graphical abstract form (50-70 - s of the 20th century), such as a hard edge art, color art and minimalist art, etc
7. Use geometry, through the artificial light color processing, visual error caused by op art (1960 s), etc
Expressionism branch
From the beast and expressionist derived:
1. With line and marks or spots as symbols, and reflects the author subconscious feeling of abstract expressionist (1940 s)
2. In the big canvas, the writer unconsciously, by splashing color of the unconscious drip the self-revelation of the action painting (1945-1955), etc
Abstract expressionism in not long development process, the work has been showing enough inner beauty and expressive, and involved in painting, sculpture, and arts and crafts, and other fields, but brought chaos or differences in aesthetic standards.
Hot cold abstract
On abstract art since one hundred, produce a lot of academic schools. On the category mainly has three categories: cold heat abstraction, abstract and intermediate abstract (between cold and hot).
Heat abstraction, also known as lyrical abstraction, perceptual abstract. Main pattern is characterized by irregular color combinations and free relationship of point, line and plane and space layout. Pure hot abstract there is no evidence of any nature. But there are some hot abstract landscapes, cloud, fog
The kind of form. Because of the reason of color flow influenced by the nature of earth's gravity, there are upper and lower centre of gravity. Colors and lines and also close to nature. Hot abstract theories source from Cezanne's color art, also experienced a Matisse fauvism, eventually completed by kandinsky 1910 "start".
Cool abstraction, which is also called geometric abstraction, rational abstract. Main pattern is characterized by regular dot, line, face, skin texture staggered, symbol repetition or rules of composition. Is the representative of the Dutch mondrian marxism-leninism and the russians. Time is around 1912. Cold abstraction also distinguish between a lot and minimalism. Very many socialist, cross symbols repeat or dense lines arrangement is heavy and complicated. Minimalism and the minimalism is consistent, is a symbol, simple, lively.
Intermediate abstract, also known as cold heat abstraction, wen abstraction. Is a combination of hot abstract and cold abstract, combining cold and hot abstract in the middle of the road. Cold and hot. Is often free color and geometry line combination.
Half abstract, incomplete abstract imagery painting, images of some representational arts. There are no themes, irrational with traces of the representational painting, also known as semi abstract painting.
Topic editor
In fact, since the 1980 s, the development of Chinese abstract painting has always been a frame of reference of western abstract art. Internal cause is that in 1976, after the "cultural revolution" in China fine arts started from the "cultural revolution art" get out of the rut, get rid of the art in the service of politics and the cultural function of mainstream ideology gradually restore the artist's art freedom and rebuilding the essence value of independent art. External cause is that since 1978, the Chinese government has implemented a "reform and opening up" of economic development strategy, with "emancipating the mind" of the economic reform, must face in the field of culture, art, learning from the west. It is in this context, the generation of abstract paintings in China at least has a double meaning: one is able to restore the artist's art freedom, reshape the essence value of art. Another is, because the western abstract art itself has the elitism of rebellious spirit, individualism and culture, therefore, the emergence of abstract paintings in China from the beginning has a rebellious despotism, desire for liberation, calls free culture enlightenment color.
Although Chinese abstract painting with a frame of reference of western abstract art, but as a result of China's social, political, economic and cultural context, Chinese abstract painting from its beginning has its art value and unique cultural reality significance.
Abstract paintings are easily in the early 80 s a new spiritual value -- the avant-garde bolshy. In other words, the artist chooses abstract painting, chose the "rebellion" actually means. Because, the abstract art of traditional painting pattern of betrayal, the official mainstream aesthetic refusal, make the added value of abstract art added a kind of spirit -- against the edge of the mainstream status, this kind of marginal identity also increase the progressive characteristics of abstract art. For a period of abstract painting, art critics Yi Ying view is that "no matter from which point of view, the abstract art is not a problem, in the 80 s, Chinese abstract art is first and foremost as ideology. Whether pure abstract art itself, composition and performance of abstract art, abstract art education and practice, etc. It doesn't matter."
In the mid - 1980 - s, the Chinese fine arts into the seek of modernism and the construction of cultural modernity peak stage, the history of call "modern art". At this point, the fields of easel painting, oil painting, ink painting, painting, there were a lot of abstract painting, and on the language has entered the stage of the development of diversified, in addition to the western such as mondrian, marxist-leninist has represented by "abstract" structure, represented by kandinsky, pollock "expressive abstraction", Chinese abstract painting also widely absorbed "expressionism", "surrealism" linguistic features, truly realized the abstraction and the performance of the fusion. [1]
Of course, the abstract art of the pursuit of cultural modernity is just in the 1980 s a branch of the whole Chinese culture enlightenment. As the late 80 s and early 80 s a series of political movement and economic reform in China, in the end, since the 90 s of abstract painting due to the change of cultural scene showing a new face in due course.
Late 80 s, the China central academy studio four out of the contemporary abstract painting is typical of a generation, they with square white, Korean people as the leader of a new generation of abstract painter injected new arts of the modern oil painting art, at the same time four studio in opening elders WenLiPeng, GePengRen, with the help of the teacher constantly for the Chinese oil painting art field to create more art abstract artist.
In the contemporary cultural scene, abstract painting big changes have taken place in the presence of meaning. It is different with the form of rebellion in the early 80 s, also different from "trendy art pursuit of cultural modernity", and more in the 90 s, under the background of globalization for the localization of express have no direct contact, on the contrary, in the contemporary pursuit of multiculturalism, the core value more abstract art is an expression of personal, as well as the expression of artistic autonomy, individuality and independence to defend. As a result, the development of abstract art, with its diverse forms, such as expressive abstract, such as form, structure, abstract abstract, with diversified cultural pursuits, such as the protection of individual liberty and the pursuit of cultural modernity, reflections on global culture and the native consciousness, etc, together with the contemporary culture of China produced direct interaction, its shape value and its own cultural significance should be clear and certain.
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