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Barbizon - The short for Barbizon school,the rise of countryside school in France

Barbizon sent the Barbizon school, is short for Barbizon school, is 1830 to 1840, the rise of the countryside school in France. So painting about 50 km (30 miles) south of main artists living in Paris, Fontainebleau Forest (Fontainebleau Forest) bobby matsumura, near 1840 years these painters works are collectively known as the barbizon school.
Chinese name Barbizon sent main painter Theodore Rousseau countries France, some romantic painting turned to realism and modernism
Landscape painting
Barbizon sent painters are mainly emphasizes scientific landscape oil painting of Theodore Rousseau (Theodore Rousseau), announcements, let - Francois miller and Charlie frans, dolby's (Charles - Francois Daubigny) : which Rousseau and miller spent his life bobby matsumura die. Other relatively late in le Ms. Dupray (Jules Dupre), kang Stan Luo Yong (Constant Troyon), Charlie love son, chuck (Charles - Emile jacque), the sith - Virginia Diaz (Narcisse - Virgile Diaz) and other important members.
Barbizon pie is the French romanticism painting turned to realism and modernism a starting point. Past French art of landscape evaluation is very low, think painter of landscape painting is less dramatic, also not notable, but the barbizon school work moved by country of grace, but also because of Paris and Europe are guaranteed by the war at that time, people tend to retreat, so the barbizon school success lay a good foundation for the landscape and also for later carried out in 1860 laid a very good way of impressionism
Barbizon dipper is connected to the barbizon school most often together of noun, refers to the (seven) is not only important painters: miller, conor, Rousseau, chuck, diaz, Luo Yong, Ms. Dupray and dobby, whether this term by western art to promote the barbizon school, developed by the textual research, there is no data yet in Shanghai art expo 2004 and 2004 in Taiwan's kaohsiung municipal art gallery, art exhibition, using the term.
Another barbizon school painter is various, therefore, will draw more outstanding several people together according to barbizon dipper.
Barbizon manor editor for a holiday
Name as to barbizon town of barbizon manor is located in tonglu daqi mountain national forest park, covers an area of 1200 mu, is the "hangzhou - thousand island lake - huangshan" national gold punters on a French amorous feelings of large holiday manor. Its convenient transportation, located in the hangzhou thousand the tonglu exports 1 km, 2 km away from the tonglu county, hangzhou is thousands of high speed and the tonglu county area access.
Barbizon manor has all kinds of luxurious rooms, a total of more than 500 sets, allows you to really kiss mountain near the water, the mountain forests and rippling.
Set a variety of dining destination barbizon estate. Concise and elegant beauty of the spring lake restaurant and wooden pavilion rooms provide assorted cold dishes, fine characteristic venison, farm-style flavor and rural green vegetable. Romantic and warm flower garden restaurant, to provide you with the western Mediterranean cuisine features and international cuisine, buffet, buffet and various delicate at west point. Manor multiple types of meeting rooms for business conference and banquet of different specification, the largest banquet hall can accommodate 300 people.
Barbizon farm recreation program rich and colorful, not only have the KTV, table tennis, chess and other indoor entertainment projects, and open air swimming, archery, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, water young, water walking ball, fishing, bonfire party outdoor recreation, etc. In addition, fruit forest, private estate reservoir to provide you with unique entertainment project, outdoor expansion, real CS is the best venue for corporate training base.
Barbizon manor profile editing
In order to make those art but not famous artists have a better environment, and create a strong artistic atmosphere inside the farm, so in estate planning "barbizon art original base". Barbizon art original base is for artists looking for a more reasonable way of being. In a beautiful environment, landscape dependencies, artists, psychology, environment and so on various factors can be able to adapt to each other, the process is beneficial for artists and creation. Barbizon art original base for artists to create an international and forward-looking art creation and life environment, provide the creation of the free space to artists, artists can be absorbed in the artistic creation, in artistic activities and extensive art exchange activities.
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