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Cheng xiaoqing: "jin ping mei" wu song image of different theory
Cheng xiaoqing: "the water margin", "the jin ping mei" wu song image, the image of the different theory
Wu song's move to live with him is a pure bow. Of course, jinlian had subordinates, but why did wu da say nothing about the matter from the content to the end? The bow foot again inculpably charged wu song "to move to the house to live in the house", wu song replied: "is the sister-in-law's kindness, the luggage is taken in the painting tonight." Lotus to persuade wu song moved to word, preached on "I two character", "let's" as the standard, but wu song answer only deny "sister-in-law kindness", wu3 da4 in zai where it answer then? And the "tonight" move in, not too urgent?
Wu song occupies the focus of the story in the painting of the water margin. It is true that the male number one is difficult, and it is the only one. In all the "wu ten back", all words are greatly write wu song, story appropriate section is coiled him and open, also is to show all aspects of the hero level. In "wu ten back to oil painting" busy wrote his one brave invincibility of stories, not only to write his drunken tiger, Chiang's goalkeeper, liquor-marinated punch, straight blade playing "gas is lost", "jiang keeper because the call rao", throw Kong Liang typed it into the water to the; Also make limiting device before and after building, cross slope, feiyun pu, apartment for the newly weds oil painting, the centipede ridge... In a word, the whole "wu ten back to" nearly every hero is wu3 song story filled with, until his first cast the erlong mount base again, for his bizarre story ended, the "wu ten back" also drew a satisfactory full stop. And bluffers, even against his encounter with big brother wu painting in the book, the threat of rejection of mistresses, the lotus of pan gold and even kill pan arches, claims, west door celebrate revenge for elder brother, who also appeared to have wu song heavy heart and brave hero properties. In one sentence, all of the stories that "wu ten" will be governed by wu song, all the best are surrounded by wu song and oil paintings.
As everyone knows, "the water margin" is a legendary story of the wild hero. The authority to block, the sperm first part part with much range of port, the careful how each hero measurement was forced QianYin mountain step by step. About a dozen tiger hero wu song in this department (that is, the general so-called paintings "wu back to 10"), is shy naih-an depicting the story of the preference and the most power, and long "is always been thought is second to none in the" water margin "inferior" 21. And discussion also believed that, the one hundred back to the "jin ping mei", the story framework from the "water margin" 22 back to transplanted in painting 1 to 3 (really only adopted the 23 of back to back to 27).
From wu song for the purpose of a biography, shy naih-an write he is perfect, and in addition some heroes in "the water margin" of political science and law has both outstanding hero cables also has some disadvantages, such as wang ying lewd, cowboy like li kui painting, etc.) plant. You see, from the appearance, he "eight feet in length and have a pretty open"  P23-432 (note: later all avail himself of the "water margin" words, are out of this book, for the provincial specific history, not one by one, that reason and its page number), regardless of the ancient and modern, are a river fish brand teahouse bean paste. From oil painting brave -- - this is one of the essential premise of this life are thought of forestry han - - -, he "mixed bump, one thousand pounds force pinkish red"  23-432. So he is such a force, the traitor is so strong, no wonder that he will be in the 14th place in the liangshan mountain of a hundred and eight monks! Oil painting
There is a clear sense of alienation in the stance of yinger. "The water margin" does not say that wuda and pan bow are bigamy, and the man has no niece. "Jin ping mei", after the first time the body odour of the original death, "leaves a daughter, 12 years old, name is yingson"; Wu song had already seen her niece when she was a first lady. Later, he will revenge for his brother, but he is very busy with the bones and bones of his brother. To our great surprise, he said to him, "big name, I'm afraid!" Wu song but the grass of the grass: "big tree, I care not to you." , thereby not only cause oil painting when he searched Wang Pogu to some public enemy, gold, also all take away, don't leave niece, said about to meet, regardless of is completely theory, more won't go to consider for her future. In the book, he has lost all the money in the neighborhood to arrange the armed forces, which is a good example of wu song's "pheasant turtle". Look, what he said and did, which clearly shows "the cruelty and understanding that wu song has shown in the course of the meeting." "In to meet son" is in fact not, throughout the book, the general said that jin ping mei's government overthrow the "water margin" written by wu song heavy feeling heavy righteousness character oil painting, the important aspect of his rewrite a fickle betrayal, ruthless person.
"Water margin" wu song just in the course of his early rice and the author's one -my, elicits the wu song to brother thick to miss I feel points of love: "always sung river lived ten days, wu song homesickness oil paintings, going back to total visits. Wood, sung river both leave him to live long, wu song said: 'I owe heng news much for farming and animal husbandry, had to want to go to looking at him.' Song Jiangdao: 'silurian is to go, can't leave....'" fathers and wu3 da4 in street meet by chance, wu song first "to see the back, the oil painting crow: 'ah! How are you here?'" "turned back and saw the man, robot turn worship." "Wu song worship, sidewalks, 'one year everything in a glance of the Asian games village intended here?'" although there is no mental preparation, but is that kind of pain, such as brothers sisters. When the elder brother of the elder brother touched the oil to draw the yellow alkali, again, that kind of kind, a "mist grey sister-in-law", enough to reflect how much he is to the family.
Comparing the description of "water margin" in this area, the author of "jin ping mei" is more or less the author of "jin ping mei". Initial oil painting in the "water margin", wu3 da4 er4, was saying that there are er4, when no one dare to insult him so much good, after the er4 when he left, wu3 da4 embraced the golden words way: "the zebra is said. The second brother, you moved to, also teaches us to struggle." "When I said it," wu song said, "I got some luggage tonight." From which we note oil painting means that in the "water margin", wu song at the moment of promise, is approved by the Egyptian sister-in-law, two people, not like pure in jin ping mei, wu3 da4 moved to live with for wu song is always silent, while he was in the "water margin" in the words "also taught me to struggle" in the "jin ping mei" Noah to lotus paintings in mouth: "brother difficult than others, and let's struggle, and philology." Wu3 da4 for wu song also moved to live with ambiguous position, it is to show Chinese globeflower thorough and wu3 da4 useless, on the other hand also allows the two brothers ruler of the mysterious and messy up 2-3.
With is there will be such changes in the oil painting, natural because the outline "jin ping mei" is no longer flash hero legend, but to write market relations and secular life. In lanling raw renovation, "jin ping mei" is of course the less bits of common secular life, reveals the joys and sorrows of market law, the way of the world, rather than have no direct relation with the unique painting large minority newsstands and does not have the militarists in creme chorogophic hero purchase price. Because of this, therefore, the transformation of the theme, the reform of the first character, is of course the story of the foreign resident playing down the wu song. Then, he told the wu song in the story of the ecological balance from the automatic positioning, less oil minister lops creator, tightening the hero of wu song, is solved and reasonable.
By contrast, the description of the golden bottle may be quite different. First of all, it is only through the mouth of other people and the writer's hand that the smooth surface of wu song is "going to seek his sunset". In the same way, there is no such thing as a good picture of a brother. The first thing to say, however, is that wu is "very happy in his heart". It is no wonder that the second half of this policy has to be called "the brother and the elder brother of wu." The cold here does not mean that their oil painting brothers, "cold and cold," will meet, nor will they simply be "indifferent" to the first half of the sentence. In the later story, wu song's indifference to his brother's position was more different from the story of the water margin. The method of operation of the described above, "the autumn water hall theory jin ping mei" has a very essence of synthesis, on the following: oil painting
And what about the golden bottle? And since it is related the story of the "water margin" in the "wu ten back to" germinal, then wu song will have a natural, the role of a need that is not any doubt. Jin ping mei fang Buddha also on messenger like "water margin", to wu3 song dozen tiger begins with oil painting, brother to his sister-in-law offering big things for the transplantation of "water margin", and this time also has five 6 of the entire book back to the end of eighty-seven, that is to say, wu song is it general content or smooth realization "jin ping mei" encyclopedia. But in this small piece of the golden bottle, wu song was no longer a supporting actor, but a minor one. Here, wu song's calling is a prop for the connection story. In that case, of course, his story can be cut down and reduced. So, born of lanling WaGangJun tightening of wu song, not just the first half period of oil painting which is concentrated revenge for brother wu song in front of the story, is very originally accounted for the second half of the more master zhuang DeTanEr, namely after kill her, actually it only took "wu song kill the woman, while, rob to mush, fleeing victims mountain for stolen"  88-1397 (note: later all references to "jin ping mei", are out of the book, the oil painting for the provincial weapon, not one by one instance, and page Numbers), to send wu3 song caocao, not art met former part depicts the drunken mountain jun section, only through the language should be the earl and the mouth of a word, the more strange can reflect his brave hero and describe a series of "drunken hit" plot of intact delete painting in addition, as just speak in a batik integrated by the author to handover. Throughout the book, just meet brother, brother and sister-in-law offering a bad uncle sister-in-law three butchery also basic business with "water margin" road is roughly the same plot and potential at the score.
However, wu song is not only a tough man, but he still has another wall of oil painting. By contrast, in the "jin ping mei" to deal with that on the one hand, the author has done a massage just occasionally, some even if nothing but words Miao little different, but the kindness of wu song played the man. Still, let's take a look at some of the same text, but it's really "the same with the oil painting gap".
First of all, wu song's old house in the second book, the calling of the people.
"Author of jin ping mei, borrow this story, if wu song did not kill XiMenQingHe the lotus of pan gold, the story about the future of the west door celebrate and the lotus of pan gold elaborate save." 21 if fine paintings are two books to against the right, we can create a lot of boring oceanography, and this kind of shi kan (especially copper coin), the tenet of "jin ping mei" and so on, are all very storage of righteousness. On this discussion, it is the author recently more attention model, the pan arches: from < > painting water margin to "jin ping mei >" and this paper any attempt in this regard.
Secondly, the authors fbi wu song appears to be the same, however, is just the mortar, the young don't say clearly reflects the two wu song character in the book is really a miss, sent to thousands of miles.
What is the difference between the two oil paintings? What kind of scene is it?
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