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Don't overestimate the value of your collection in the face of high prices
Don't overestimate the value of your collection in the face of high prices
The collection is always a meticulous and requires the annual light porridge of the judgment, a collection into the hands, tasting, learning is the shortcoming. Look at the ancient history of the big Tibetan family, which is not the analysis discriminant, the master of the profession specialized. If you lose the collection, you will be confident of your own vision, but you will not be able to identify the painting. Support to tasting study, on the one hand, can increase its own experience, on the other hand can also do chests are numerous, the value of the collection will not in the hands of time the price of that supposed to believe in others.
The defrauded deputy director has been burning too many, many times in the preservation circle, but someone still falls in. Last month, anhui police broke up a fraud case involving the collection of nuclear submarine charges in the name of breaking up the collection, arresting 41 members of the gang. The power of these fraudsters is something I might have said, and probably a lot of people have done it. Tibetan oil paintings are displayed on the Internet or other platforms or are intended to sell their collections. At that time, there will be a shop assistant with you friends points, declare your collection in the pat on field can clap a millions to tens of millions of dollars of value, has the mural will show the company to the price of one million yuan to buy your collection. In the oil painting, you will also have a "splendid" banner, which is the company of "sound wei" and the "British pound giant". Do you believe in business as usual?
On the other hand, the collectors may have a different mentality, which is to try, if they can actually change hands, they won't make a lot of money. Good painting of the old saying goes, buy than selling fine, if the "splendid" art companies really want to buy your collection, why not by collectors, estimated price to collect the anti is to buy as a sky-high, company will abandon the confidence of millions of capital? If your collection can sell millions of dollars, the salesmen's company will give you an oil painting. It's not better to buy it directly from you and then auction it off.
Overall, facing so much under the low price, don't overestimate themselves collection value, it will be a big social data, so are evil thoughts or theory, want to find the approximate collection price and action it to such as yellow crane. Instead of the oil painting on its own blind side, is introduced into the trap without knowing.
I want to write out how to write, lest nine out of nine people will not believe, but the time that really touch has a lot of people to rely on. Why? State of mind! It is the best for a fool to feel his collection at all times. It is a collection of oil paintings that have not been discovered. Once the swindler and his salesmen show him the value of his collection, he will feel he has met his own bole, and finally someone has invented the value of his collection. Some people return this kind of mentality to the collector, in fact, when touching the cosmology, the self-consciousness of the collection itself is fatal.
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