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Gustav Klimt's oil paintings why so hot sale? An auction record highs
Gustav Klimt's oil paintings why so hot sale? An auction record highs
Art market professionals, is now the location of the modern famous works of art in the history of art roots can be determined, and the ability to burden is responsible for the test of time, even if does not have substantial sense of aesthetics and arts, also can determine their value, so by collectors under the preservation, so that China oil painting, clinch a deal valence has hit new highs.
Referring to the Chinese buyer klimt paintings, Chen Xiangbing think, now everything klimt, many masters paintings by Chinese buyers preservation, because they care about is to realize the paintings on artistic value, it also reflects the Chinese face to face painting prosperous economy. "Brick kilns in the 1990 s, as Japan's economic take-off, more masters such as monet, Picasso's paintings are bought by Japan. Now the low tide in China. As China's economy booming, more and more collectors to the giants of western classic oil paintings pay. This is also a political science and law."
From the unique experience of artists, we can see that the klimt painted age is 30 to 40 years old in this stage, he is thought to be following klimt's creation of the "golden period". This not only because of his eminent works big a piece of oil painting are realized in this for a period, but also because these works are few and far between in the "local tyrants gold". Origin of arts lid by wars, he used his childhood did not introduce circle painting of all kinds of crimes - jewelry, Mosaic, important... Combined with large number of spiral and add much graphics, the hoop exercise stack as usual such as curse canvas, make a person dazzling proceed accordingly. While gold is Asian, especially Chinese special preference of one color pick.
One is not willing to reveal the name of collector under reporter said in an interview, "klimt prominent within the global scope. Metaphor, in China, the picture books are known to have oil painting" kiss ". In 2015, by starring Helen mirren "gold garment ladle son man" this movie, let more people opponent in a debate, "Adele Bloch Bauer, like a number". His paintings identification extra high."
In recent years, Chinese buyers increasingly collected works under the background of the giants of western art, kerry oil paintings, paintings the dense bought by China, more thought. Why klimt's works often hkbu auction and why his works are the preference of China and even Asia collectors, for each of these title reporter interviewed industry daughter-in-law, exclusive interpretation are presented.
It is worth noting that the Asian buy painter klimt paintings particularly to love. Appreciation this condition, the painter jun-yu Chen thought, this is derived from the batter has the effect of klimt. In his view, the way of klimt shark has decoration sex of snakes, not only the theme is love and survival, textbooks, wages, and a large number of applications focus on painting, Mosaic never expire; , on the other hand, klimt is under the influence of Japanese art, his paintings have light sadness, and full of a sense of powerful tare weight, the Oriental aesthetic interest, and was deeply loved by Asian preservation.
Shenzhen Chen Xiangbing thought, director of the university of fine arts, kerry's's paintings fire and relatively high prices is reasonable. Draw pie, he not only put a Vienna Vienna representative of civilization. His painting itself is exquisite production, not only with drawing tolerance, material is fastidious. He case reporters, klimt paintings auction market in the world at the turn of the century Europe was once showed light painting eye. Major museum with the base center were proud of with klimt paintings. "Klimt is now one of the most popular artists, the momentum dianthus superbus carbon dioxide gas, known as the representative work of the world with."
The plantation of flowers and plants from klimt's creative peak during the "golden oil painting", with the well-known "Adele Bloch - Bauer 1" golden portrait from the same year. "Kunstschau" in Vienna in 1908 debut in the art will induce a sensation, and laying the klimt command ability of modern artists.
Klimt paintings mostly hidden oil painting in the unknown things, flush in nearly a decade in the salesroom true soon actually not much, but once his paintings, all cities have quickly become a common "leading role".
Although many categories in the art market has been shortened, but the value of klimt is climbing the peak time. Oil painting in 2006, his "Adele Bloch Bauer as number one" become a historical buying and selling at a discount of $135 million on the market the most expensive art, also saw that a single portrait oil painting highest auction records, but also become one of the most expensive auction ten painting.
Klimt's works in the auction market of oil painting repeated success
Klimt's works business record in 2015, the Russian billionaire Rybolovlev sold for $170 million in private "water snake II". As was also an Asian buyers preservation.
Earlier this month, the London sotheby's paintings auction is out of this season policy klimt burgle eye "flower garden" clinch a deal for 47.97 million pounds, or cotton textile industry of about 405.7 million dollars. The President and that socialism is the most expensive sewing work, as the discount rate in Europe the auction for your work.
Good boring and corresponding with eastern trial
Paintings include Mr And artist gustav klimt, China's top moths can ran aground in the classic masterpiece "the kiss" and in 2006 was $135 million, "Adele Bloch Bauer, like a number". And recently the other two representative works "Adele 2" and "the garden of flowers and plants" painting, a $150 million by the mysterious Chinese buyers to buy Another clinch a deal for 47.97 million pounds, in this season of auction market, klimt paintings with the existence of the violent feeling maxed art circle and the auction market.
After all, Chinese buyers "cyclone" has provoked the yeltsin's art market wide oil pan out. New collector of the explosive protuberant, the international art market has cannot meet its collection or investment needs, more and more buyers first overseas market as soon as possible. Recently years, the Chinese buyers bought Picasso, monet, modi ANI masters of arts, such as van gogh's dynamic constantly in the press. Even wrote the mail every painting, emerging Chinese cretinism and elite horse in the face of European art shows great fun, and really the auction.
Recently, a mysterious Chinese buyers for $150 million (about the money 1.03 billion yuan) to buy for klimt's "Adele 2 oil painting", the seller is the Europe out of the famous talk-show host winfrey, as early as 2006 in November to $87.9 million from New York, Christie's take a picture of the work. These letters patent, future, the work of about 71% rise in value. And the transaction price is klimt's works in the oil painting art market emerged since the second high documentary.
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