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How did ancient people operate the golden stone examination and collection
How did ancient people operate the golden stone examination and collection
Such as through the officer governor, shaanxi, henan, shandong HuGuang mate BiYuan lead southland advising description "the guanzhong stone" "zhongzhou stone, stone works, such as the southland advising is also short the fixed" chi Jin Shizhi with state "" while stone XingPing county" ChaoYi county annals stone and other stone works;
- abstract oil painting from zhang yongqiang, "the sweat and artistic price of penglai jinshi"
Because in ancient times in the line, in the history books off the degradation of environment, the inscriptions, career in penglai and history books, local Chronicles, included reporting tablet with lesser, became at penglai emergency culture because of the material.
Epigraphy, the old oil painting also called artifacts, covers the power plant, jade, pottery, stone, brick, cement, oracle, John Zagreb, such as category, study Chinese doggerel, form, rail system, as the stone sleep postures of pattern evolution and the carved painting, commit suicide by hanging oneself on the history of qiang, down to the art of travel, is between history and calligraphy painting subject.
In the history of jinshi, Chen diqi of the qing dynasty was regarded as the most negative of the skull. Chen diqi (1813-1884), a man in weixian county, shandong province (today weifang city, shandong province), has been known as "bao zhai zhai" because he has been a member of the local people's family. "The qing dynasty" said that its "oil painting of zhong ding yi is the modern crown". Chen Jieqi involves the first collection of chow tai qing crisis, scales and right amount, a letter to the qin and han dynasties, the ancient XiYin, lute, composed of pottery, rest, sharpening, tile and the precipice, van, fell, calligraphy and painting, such as hidden no meter. He has made an indelible sweat for life, inheritance, and interpretationof oil painting in the lifetime of his life. As a result, he has had a great impact on the market.
A large number of bronze heavy objects have been excavated from the village of jiancheng and huangxian county in penglai city as the ancient Yin shang and laiguo and the land of the state. The qin emperor han wu's landing, even the crossbow shooting whale, the oil painting carved stone, left a page of human nature in the perspiration of penglai. Later, a large number of han dynasty paintings and pottery were invented. During the sui and tang dynasties, record the stone carvings of the expedition. The first eight years of the northern song dynasty (1085), su shi's "five days of knowledge of the state", leaving behind thousands of new poems and masterpieces, and the magnificent face of the famous; A poem from the oil painting year of the southern song dynasty. The deeds of the Ming dynasty, the deeds of qi jiguang and the stone carving of necessary events such as "the soldiers of deng lai"; As the important port of the "maritime silk road", the relevant facts and records are reflected in the waste materials and art prices of penglai jinshi.
-- from xue shuai jie, the author of the qing dynasty, the author of the book of the qing dynasty, the author of the book, the golden stone and the circle of the golden stone, which is the core of the shogun, and the circle of the golden stone family -- in the case of bi yuan, ruan yuan and geng shogun.
Jin shi yu bo, appeared as the scholar scholar's interest in the stone and the multi-volume description of jinshi. However, the collection of the qing dynasty, the collection of gold and stone, and the bibliographic record of jinshi were not the total work of the crowd, and the oil painting was the work of the curtain, the curtain, and the curtain. The main proclivity of the Lord of the curtain, leading the flood curtain jinshi gypsies to fulfill the book of the central golden stone, the home Tibetan jinshi. At the same time, the curtain also took this opportunity to collect the iron case, the result of their own jin shi monographs. Because of this, the qing dynasty jin shi's writing is mushroomed, oil painting a little present.
-- from wang liang xing and gao jingbo, the influence of the collection and the market of the jin stone art market
Since the shang dynasty, the jiaodong area has been left with a few golden stones. In the six years (1061) of the northern song dynasty (1061), the state of taizhou, the state of taizhou, was converted to the penglai pavilion on the basis of the oil painting of the original sea temple on the peak of the mountain, which was a sightseeing place for the villagers. In the future, countless literati and eunuchs have filed complaints, leaving a few poems and stones, which have formed a strange inscription group for over a thousand years, which is called "the penglai forest".
It is true that in the book of gold and stone, the oil paintings of the curtain Lord, the curtain and the jinshi are interlinked together to form a golden stone home to be paid for by the shogun. In order to obtain the collection, interpretation, rectification and bibliography of a small part of the qing dynasty, it actually nurtures the light of the qing dynasty.
Successive cottage courtyard compiling, the prefect of shandong zheng, the governor of guangdong oil painting, the governor of jiangxi province, zhejiang centrally and yunnan-guizhou logical RuanYuan also leads the southland advising description, etc. In the mountain left Jin Shizhi Jin Shizhi zhejiang etc multiplicand inscriptions, and fulfilled the southland advising the mountain ZuoJinZhi mountain left monuments, mesh and other related new era;
Now, with preservation coming boom, a part of collectors paintings choice in terms of collection gathered up the stone, stone development corporation, a lot of treasure house more detail determined "Chen Jieqi", has led to a "Chen Jieqi hot" angry collection market. Such as "ten zhong printing for" looking, time ding rubbings, cao statues rubbings, pottery rubbings, Chen Jieqi RunGe works became the object of collectors paintings was determined. 
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