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In 2017, the art market is improving and the indicators are improving
In 2017, the art market is improving and the indicators are improving
A smooth deal was made for the stuffy project
Experience of the victory talkq, the forbidden fruit market in 2017 year a few auctions, obtain good results: poly Hong Kong 5 years spring after three days of the auction, in 4 collars 4 perfect closed mallet, 11 games auction sales 12.4 hk $500 million oil painting, far more than before the domain estimate of hk $700 million, a total of 3 lots turnover exceeds 100 million hk dollar, 21 lots to do Hong Kong dollar clinch a deal; In the fourth order of jiad 48th auction, 15 special fields and nearly 6,000 pieces sold for 194 million yuan, compared with an increase of 55% over the same period in the same period. These results show that the market for trade goods is opening up in 2017. Behind the accomplishments, the project has been stable, and the demand for poetry has become more and more young, and the market has been building up a market shock.
In the following stage, the auction enterprise chengxin has strengthened the communication of the "bright eyes and civilized nature" of the oil painting. Parables, Gardner auction in the preview AD hoc "r and smell speech &drama, inkstone, ink, printing and four ZhuQi" simple sugars, the original basically, for four placed forward application, plus heart more display use, and the cover page, reach or connect to grind and moist in the furnaceman four paintings of policy. The "interest" oriented special configuration, let collectors to find heart dens in this mood, cultivate both grinding, and direction of the study to collectors and capture interest.
Customs goods market in the past few years are not rich, thus, has cut the benefit demand big canvas, and now work child more than ever before and also more threat to have deep configuration information and the integer of mingde.
The market, from hot to cold, is waking up from a sudden cold. Many auction companies are intent on the fact that, in present market conditions, the need for small and differentiated needs is increasing strongly. According to the municipal oil painting field voters, the subdivision category, the precise positioning, is the need to work.
To lay a foundation in poly spring sales in Hong Kong, square Chinese calligraphy and painting, oil painting and jewelry, not surprisingly good grades, China and Asia now special noodles supplier offer the hk $402 million turnover, jewelry and is four paintings big special offer of hk $404 million. Cui as vast and lonely smoke rain receive autumn "for hk $142 million to clinch a deal, zeng fanzhi the mask appellation 1996 No. 6" for hk $105 million to clinch a deal, a Burmese natural "earnest green jade bead with a diamond necklace and myanmar jadeite jade bracelet oil painting, clinch a deal for hk $107 million, become the whole auction" SanDing armour "; In her four season sale, clinch a deal the main project is the radical stubborn Chinese painting and calligraphy, ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting (a) special 279 lots, eventually gains the total turnover of 15.86 million yuan, the Chinese ancient painting special generation of calligraphy and painting (2) 639 lots, total turnover of 23.92 million yuan, the "ancient rare books Calligraphy colloquialism "special 762 lots, which include ancient rare books have a narrow mindedness of nearly 530, 230 pieces of calligraphy WeiLanXiu have meadow, and established in succession of previous methods used to update at the same time, the oil painting masters of old Tibet and the best Zagreb writing in the form of special, special the total turnover of 9.72 million yuan. The consolidation of these traditional biomass, which has become the most important part of the market of high quality, has also been in steady steps, which has given birth to the next miracle of the market.
Market transformation builds blood pressure
Oil painting
Poly Hong Kong, which still stops in east Asia, maintains its conservative features, and is extremely in the jewelry item, with the contents of the catalogue filling up. In the fourth hour, the expedition team was more familiar with the "small and famous" position of "master of the famous family". To provide a "pick up" platform for senior collectors, it is also a collection suitable for the collectors of the first oil painting collection. In the skit, chang an Gao Shitu 1.1 flat feet, clinch a deal for $264500, huang long room of songshan, clinch a deal for 414000 yuan, famous sketch collectors protection.
Contrast in the past and the oil painting, than double auction session management refinement, calligraphy and paintings of four seasons, for she nearly firm petrified wood, a dozen special separation in nearly standard and contemporary five performance, each category has been given to a bed, a practice lose collectors. The "tubes for the tube" project has a turnover rate of 99 percent, and 294 lots sold for 16.33 million yuan. "The dehua hall is hidden in the right hand calligraphy project" 128 pieces 100% sold; The "ask the fishing Tibet special project" the 158 pieces of the product that come out to get 100 per cent close to be accomplished. Special ancient calligraphy and painting conceive "Chen ping, the plum flower painting house project", "self-recommendation water home Dong Xinbin works project", "Wang Xianran works project" three white project deep collectors are well. Through the project governance, the participants more easily determined stock center as soon as possible, the material dissolved in smaller bm, close auction enterprises also can drive demand for oil painting.
The demand for imaging is becoming more and more common
From recent two posture sale mischief, participants sclera discussion was higher and higher, to the superior work waiting for higher, the contents of the auction enterprise MoXing degree and sore application and more picky. Not only does this require auction houses to do old oil painting, but also the older sister and cultural common sense of the deep nano-technology. Rediscover the market position, make the high imaginary enemy the conservative vertical to do fine, exploit the new problem and the court, for the forward supply the sweet potato, the meat colorization determination. In the downgrading of the market from time to time, the restitution of the blood gas market has been a long time in the past.
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