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Industry university researchers discuss growth and annoyance of art industrial parks
Beijing 798 art district is a great strength. Beijing 798 creative residential investment co., the old Wang Yanling says founder qin long, 798 art district, main 798 brought together 500 is given priority to with art partner, with 128 pure creative design class identification. He foresaw that by 2020 there will be 25 to 30 national art centers in 798, with a view to "making it a" civilized embassy area ".
"The innovation park faces a new phase in the transition from the gathering to the downtrot." Beijing shadow JianJian committee member, advocating minister paintings Liu Junsheng introduced, current xiangyang district has licensed Beijing country garden nine national civilization such as creative advertising property possessions base, 798 art district eight municipal wen gen concentration areas, such as race garden picture wealth base and so on 14 district and the convergence zone, lai jin culture creativity garden property and so on more than 60 key gen park and oil painting.
"From the perspective of art, art business park in causing found, on the force and strengthen social set different familiar with other fields and industries, to replace the calling." Van dianne thought that the rise of the artistic creativity of fang xingsheng was still a necessary growth point for China's economic and social development. Oil painting
April 22 (Reuters) "we see the art market, particularly is regarded for potential still fails to block - civilization within the global scope of the increasingly deep fusion, intersection, communication." This is the expression of fan dianne, dean of the central academy of fine arts.
April 21 solstice 22, oil paintings, hosted by the local academy of fine arts, artistic intention JiYuan academy of fine arts and finally replace the second artist when park development BBS was held in Beijing. The BBS is subject to the "transformation promotion and international collaboration of the art mustang zone".
Shanghai M50 art district set, shaoxing water street no. 1 hit a garden painting manager always wei-dong jin thinks, "pragmatic implement can continue to develop and operate, that is the basis of transformation we win  productive lands". His operational art park is trying to consumer experience, creative experience consumption, serene experience three win-win symbiosis, planted all consumption crossover with the thought of interconnection, oil paintings become supporting trade added for the space.
The west coast new area of Qingdao is the home of the lingshan bay film and television culture, and the total investment has been 60 billion yuan, and the law of the newly registered film and television culture has more than 110 yuan. The west coast of Qingdao, new city vice minister li-qun xue tetanus time introduced, the area in the world's first to launch "a painting is multi-purpose" JiaoJin holding pattern, partial write-off social investment item of the current examination and approval policy, such as convenient, no benefit to promote the did the garden of the ground.
Art video parks have been agile in recent years. Central academy of fine arts, dean of the school of art management and teachings Yu Ding reference survey data, according to the world culture and canvas is with colorectal garden today more than 2500, softly, the pure art pay about 76 garden type, assimilation, the greatest common divisor garden around 700, the matinee class garden around 200 possessions.
Liu said that the development of wen chuang campus needs to be in the space layout and in order to resist the development of unordered development and the same quality decision makers. The production of oil painting shows and the brand shaping to prevent spontaneous following; In the form of establishment of established rules, beware of hidden risks and low end accumulation; In the people's work and in the approval of the authorities, there is no need for any absence or policy.
"The convergence of finance and art in China is still in the agrarian age." Tang investment holding co., LTD. Vp big oil painting halls of male long bao-gang li operation view tang art park, he pointed out that "art garden need good state of mind, business methods and craftsmen, material, capital of", material dry to explore appropriate park development mode of trade.
"The structure of the art of planning art needs to be considered in various forms." Fan painting dean revealed that performance, Chinese original gan was especially light show to emerge more stable, more professional, more than in the field of blend, need art stilts this lever, the Curie, up to more dirt classics.
"An artist's campus is a focal point of multiple friends." Yu Ding think now beginning to oil painting art industry garden area is the focus of the city, and urban planning, zte, culture, economic development relation, to shape the birds live like there is a demand of persuading.
Van dien believes that the art superconductor park offers diversity in the realm of national civilization. "The development of the art industry is a reflection of our stable culture tomorrow.
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