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Ivan Kramskoi-Intellectual leader of the Russian democratic art movement in 1860-1880

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Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi is a famous Russian painter, touring exhibition of painting the sponsors and organizers. His major works have "the unknown girl", "bush otard shi", "forest people", "view" also known as "the moon", "can't comfort sorrow", etc. Points in Leningrad Russian museum and moss Kurt columns can be gallery, he has huge impact on Russia and the world art.
The foreign names Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolaevich countries Russia's birthplace Voronezh province on May 27, 1837, died of date of birth date on March 25, 1887 job painter Representative works "the unknown girl", "bush otard shi", "forest people"
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Krumm scottsdale Iraq Ivan Kramskoi (1837 ~ 1887)
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Personal information
Name: gram (1837 ~ 1887), Iraq
English name: Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolaevich
Career: Russian painter, touring exhibition of painting sponsors and organizers.
Person's life
On May 27, 1837, was born in voronezh province oster, city a workman's home all day, March 25, 1887, died in Petersburg (now Leningrad). Once a village before the age of 16 can remember.
Since 1853, following a flow of cameraman repair negatives. 1857 to Petersburg, entered the Royal Academy of fine arts.
Released in 1863, the institute of painting creation graduation thesis, content is Scandinavia feast of death scene in ancient myths. This far away from the 19th century Russian social life proposition, leads the students. Free proposition and the college graduates may reasonably require flat denial. Cramer, yi and his 12 students and one students together out of the Royal Academy of fine arts department of sculpture, organized Petersburg freedom artists association. 1870, gram, and Iraq with a few artists in Moscow, exhibition tour school was established. He works in the school leadership for 15 years, criticism of Russia in the late 19th century realism creation theory and art practice, made a contribution.
Alexander iii's wife Maria Fyodorovna portrait
First time in 1871, on display at the exhibition tour school cramer, Iraq's "the night of may" won the high praise. Novel of the same name of the painting and H.B. gogol, depicting the night of may in Ukraine, performed on a group of love is destroyed serfdom and drowning himself in a girl's ghost. In the moonlight hazy, filled with a feeling of sadness.
Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi is longer than the lyric, but on the artistic quality of depth is a portrait painter. In the 70 s and early 80 s, he as a writer Л. Н. Tolstoy, Н. А. Nie carat soff, -. Е. Sal mout (husband, painter И. И. Shish gold, sculptor /. /. Antoine he painted portraits, etc. Accurately reproduce their appearance, their inner activities also has carried on the detailed depiction.
1883 gram, the creation of "the unknown girl" (Portrait of a Woman, 1883), is a picture with the works of contemporary and high aesthetic value. And the keeper of the forest ", etc is to describe the paintings of laborer, they just simple, is the image of a group of Russian peasants are gradually awakening.
"The unknown girl" (Portrait of a Woman, 1883),
1883 gram, the creation of "the unknown girl", is a picture with the works of contemporary and high aesthetic value. And the keeper of the forest ", etc is to describe the paintings of laborer, they just simple, is the image of a group of Russian peasants are gradually awakening.
Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi from the social morality of 19th century, painting a few has the characteristics of moral. Such as "the Christ in the desert" (1872), using the image and the story of Christ, alluding to the intellectuals in the choice of ideological struggle between truth and temptation. And like "cannot comfort sorrow" (1884), with a lost sons and daughters of mother's image, symbol under the czar ruled in the 1880 s, Russian progressive youth by the persecution and torture.
, around 1880 gram, Iraq was a famous artist, created a "view", full of poetic, the painting with him ten years ago, the night of may close on the conception and technique of expression, is a sister. In quiet moonlight, the girl in a white dress sitting on a bench in the pond, sadly, remembering what sentiment close to turgenev's novels the quiet countryside. The painting due to the introduction of literary plot, euphemism is exquisite, is deep love of people at that time, the very popular.
Ivan Kramskoi - Griboyedov, 1875
Morning of March 25, 1887 grams of Brahms coe was giving a doctor portraits, fairly active in their gossip, the painter ingeniously hook out of the doctor's face. Suddenly, the doctor discovered that cramer, looked at him, eyes always motionless, then took a stumble, and fall on the ground, such as the doctor helped him in the past, he has passed away.
Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi, the artistic ideas and creative activity, has an important influence on exhibition tour school, he thought the painting must have a national and ideological content. He is in the context of the fate of Russian art, expounds his view of art. He said: "I don't think art is likely to be different, it can only be national." He thought the work of art is the main content, he said: "we want to continuous efforts in terms of light, color and atmosphere, but do not lose the most valuable qualities of artist ─ ─ the conscience." He warned that young artists don't cry because it is infatuated with form and bad content. Famous artists such as И Russia during the late 19th century. Е. Repin, Н. А. Rodchenko, etc, all said cramer, as teachers, respect him a lot. Repin in his memoir "however", has discussed the cramer, the comments.
Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoi, the major works, coffined in Leningrad Russia museum and moss walcott column's gallery.
Edited by achievement and honor
Personal works
Works include the farmers with the mahler ", "nie carat soff" last song "in writing", "bush otard shi", "forest people", "view" and "view", "can't comfort sorrow", etc.
Mr Shi gods of gold
This Mr Sirkin portrait, not only accurately reproduces the Russian nature "singer" appearance, and go deep into the master the inner world of the scenery. Mr Sirkin long a pair of arm gills beard, humor and cheerful personality, like his hands in the coat pocket. In order to reveal its spirit temperament, the painter using close-ups composition, the body language is more concentrated, showed Mr Sirkin simplicity like the Russian farmers. He coldly looking at this world, pondering the mysteries of nature and life, to communicate with his brush to the public.
Forest protection person
Gram si ke is an excellent portrait master, his most good at reveal the characters' psychological condition, pay attention to character portrayal. Painter in not pen mark exquisite brushwork, depicted in face brilliant bright transparent, jiongjiongweishen eyes, through the eyes, can see into his heart, persistence, courage and sense of responsibility. Cramer, as in a letter to the collector, just cerenkov wrote: "people like mountain forest caregivers, is intelligent, is for the social discontent, no concessions to violence and bullying, in order to justice may at any time to stand out." Yes, his sharp eyes and special temperament, it is such a person.
Moon girl Also known as moonlit
"View" is a quiet beautiful poem of life. Painters use silver tone of rendering the moonlight shadow of summer night, yellowing trees, morning, banyan tree towering into the night, the middle sends out a charming fragrance, insects in even crooned, a pool of frogs, in this lonely bench, leaning against a girl dressed in a white dress, is in the meditations. Roadside weeds, as a mirror of the floating white water lily in the pond, it with the green flag set each other off becomes an interest. Mimang moonlight sprinkled on the earth, through the forest gap and scattered in the beautiful girl's body, which makes her especially bright and bright, the poetic realm intoxicating, fascinating.
Cannot comfort of grief
Painter, 47 years old son died unfortunately, suffering from the loss of children long tormented him, then to create this tragic picture. He has three drafts before, finally succeeded in shaping a grieving mother image because of the lost son. Mother wears and black dress in the picture, dignified solemn and respectful, increase the tragic atmosphere of scene, behind the black dress with horizontal black walls which form a cross structure, it is more tragic sense of vision on the composition of a picture. Countless for democratic revolutionary martyrs, to make mother endured the pain of the lost child. This picture can't comfort sorrow is the painter created an elegy for the bereaved mother.

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