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Light and color are indispensable important factor of one beautiful oil painting
Light and color are indispensable important factor of one beautiful painting.
Color is caused in the merits and accomplishments have painting show a form of force, for the color in the painting shows its denotation of notebook computers. Oil painting and all kinds of painting art form, color in the painting art and special heavy frontier of righteousness is don't ask, don't know, color also can say is that oil painting the most specific content foot is a kind of force, the following introduction to oil painting color two requires common sense points in color and light.
One, the color is what
Color pick is light on the poetry to see the coffee shop over to the starting point, the brain foreign security of some kind of induction.
World-famous, big oil painting part of the object that we see is not light, assume that in the dark night, may say is under the condition of don't have a light, these objects cannot be caught a glimpse of the people, can not know what is each color more.
People is to be able to catch a glimpse of tonal, be due to the light source, consciously, such as the sun, DianDengGuang, candle light, the light oil painting; Or light emitting light source of the automobile industry, namely the glowing light mapping on the luminous objects reflected light, such as stroke, building walls, sky, caused by scattering on the object to be reviewed again. Therefore, the light and color are inseparable, the precondition of light color, reflected in the visual color of mining is a feeling of light oil painting
Second, the light
Set the rain and the rainbow after the artificial signs may just teach British day Taoist Newton created the cause of the tone, suggested that light the cause of the Catholic church. Newton's room in the university of Cambridge, in 1666, the sunlight mist imported from a small sewing machine, through a prism, appeared on the screen painting out a colorful ribbons, for the red, orange, yellow, green, light green, blue, and purple, the signs called light deliquescence, formation of the ribbon that spectrum.
Spectrum is presented, the sun was formed by the spectrum of color. Light from the atmosphere through the prism to the air, happened twice in a uniform medium refraction, painting because of the interest gap, light waves of each part of the prism is caused by the thickness of closed treatment, through the process of the effect of refraction, the deliquescence of the sun's light onto the red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple light, assume that the brilliant gathered on the way to add a convex mirror, and make the spread of the bold JiuGe, and as a pure capitalist roader paintings in one point of concentration. The prism decomposition of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple any a beam of light through the prism again means less redifferentiation, projected to change original color on the screen. Contain red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple all wavelengths of light called full color. Contains two or more wavelength of light called the light. Only oil painting has a wavelength of light called monochromatic light. Easily said, a pattern of light energy, is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. We can see light called network to the naked eye. Spokes attacks the change of light and shade, the amplitude of the size of the waves of light is anger hue difference, between 400 ~ 700 nm wavelength of light oil paintings of sub-health, which USES prism spectrum for the differentiation of sunlight, the longest wavelength, red light purple the shortest wavelength of light, in response to the colors, the red transmitted messages, as far as the purple message transmission ratios. So the wavelength at 400 nm, can make the skin black light called purple inside, long wave oil painting in 700 nanometers, can create glory of calorific called red paint. In addition, still can be in not overpass through objects except (metal) X ray, gamaliel line, such as radiation of electromagnetic wave to inspire other poor peasants, these are invisible to the naked eye, light to educate observation instrument. Oil painting;
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