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Neoclassicism style in art

The origin

To highlight a revival of ancient Greek and Roman art that is classical art, France has appeared in the 17th century. Until the 19th century, become the main trend of European art and literature. The so-called classical, is in ancient Greek and Roman literature and art as the model. By the middle of the 18th century, Pompeii excavations, the German scholar winkelmann, the spread of aesthetic thought, caused the people's interest in classical, classical revival of again, therefore calls the neoclassical
In the 17th century the emergence of a new phenomenon. The French people as Latin nation, is the heir of ancient Rome. The Roman empire in politics is always shining example of France's eye. The title of "empire" the loud is enchanted by the ruling class France at that time. They want to restore the Roman empire in the land of France in augustus age that grandiose ostentation and extravagance, on literature and art also want to follow the style of ancient Rome. So, the prototype of the French classicism is Latin classical. Known as the 17th century era of Louis xiv of France, and the European monarchs do not forget to establish a unified the official art scene. For the king's group and its rule of art, the ancient and contemporary, Catholic and secular thoughts eclectic, appearance and let reality description take myths. It advocates the spirit of the classical, behave in neat formation, the characteristics of the nobility, have a passion for order. They by Greek, Rome, for example. To paraphrase Marx mentioned words, French classicism is wearing the clothing of ancient Rome, with borrowed language, on the history of the world's new scenes.
In 1789, the eve of the French revolution, the bourgeois to obtain the victory of the revolution, lifted up against the feudal religious theocracy in the field of ideology, the flag of victory for human ideal, calls and organization of the people to sacrifice for the bourgeois revolution. To achieve complete victory of the revolution, the first thing to injection on people's psychological virtue and courage, bled for the revolution that is fighting to republic spirit of heroism. Heroes of ancient Greek and Roman idols as recommended by the bourgeoisie, the bourgeoisie revolutionary use of these ancient hero, called on the public and dedication to the truth. As Marx pointed out, they are afraid to come out of the undead to them to help, to borrow from their names, battle cry and clothes, in order to dress in this long venerated and use the borrowed language, show the history of the world's new scenes. In this kind of historical environment, to borrow the ancient art form and the ancient heroic theme, big bourgeois revolution opinion of neoclassicism.
When in Spain national started expelling oil painting jesuit activity, Spain is emerging classical architectural style. In the case of Jesus will defeat, the baroque style of architecture is increasingly decline. From France, Philip v, although is the king of Spain, intent on France's architectural style. From France, Italy, invited by architects for his services, advocate is classical, such as the architect of classicism. Rodriguez. Ms. Tison and Juan DE villa's Mr Watt, etc. Famous prado museum in Madrid, the observatory is the latter work.
The so-called "neoclassicism", the first is to follow the rationalism, believe that art must be based on rational, exclusive artist subjective thoughts and feelings, especially in front of the social and personal conflicts, people should control their emotions, obey the law and reason, artship that perfect moral is to sacrifice yourself, responsible for his country. The creation of artistic image advocate ancient Greek ideal beauty; Pay attention to the full of classical art forms, sculptural modelling, the pursuit of elegant, grave,
Harmony, at the same time, adhere to strict drawings and clear outline, to weaken the color arts of painting. "Neoclassicism" of the "new" is borrowed from ancient heroism theme and form, directly depicting events and hero of the real struggle, closely the reality struggle, direct service for bourgeois seized power and consolidate power, an obvious tendency of realism. Therefore, also known as neoclassicism revolution is classical, it is the outstanding representative of victor. Definition of the art of literature
Neoclassicism is under the classical oil painting aesthetic standard, adopt modern advanced technology and new material, to reinterpret the spiritual connotation of traditional culture, has a dignified and elegant, the characteristics of times. The perfect combination of classical and modern neoclassical style originated from classical times, but not in the style of the ancients, restore ancient ways, but highly spirit likeness. Neoclassicism style using simplified technique, modern new material and new technology area to explore the connotation of the traditional, adornment effect of attention to strengthen the historical and cultural background.
Classical refers to carry forward to ancient literature and literary art of the study. In art and lang ji crossbow, puts forward to draw lessons from the principle of ancient, the later literary express the idea in "classical". In the 17th century French neoclassical art practice and literature and art in ancient Greek and Roman as the model and basis. So have "classical". "New" is compared to the "classical" of ancient Rome.
Carved on the
Neoclassical on carving art in bas-relief (bas relief) schema performance, so very different from the depth of the baroque sculpture.
On behalf of the artist
Cano tile
Cano tile
Barry (Barry), cano watts (Conova), Mr Waxman (Flaxman), han's (Hamilton), mons, never put off till tomorrow what you can pull in and (Piranesi), the thor was Thorwaldsen, Wayne (Vien), vest (West).
Building on
In terms of architecture, is one of the most famous Jefferson design at the university of Virginia campus. In addition to the university of Virginia, Jefferson even homes are designed by our own hands. It is the main ideological trend of postwar American official building, solemn elegant architectural style, absorb the tradition of classical architecture as its characteristic, composition proportion, neat, modelling concise light, using the traditional aesthetic principles of modern materials and structure of dignified, elegant beauty, replace the shape with spirit likeness.
In terms of architecture, Jefferson design at the university of Virginia campus and French Sue flores built "Paris pantheon (pantheon) is one of the most famous buildings. In addition to the university of Virginia, Jefferson even homes are designed by our own hands. The White House in the United States, by James horner and Benjamin Henry latrobe design, also belong to this style.
French designer Claude nicolas ledoux is an excellent representative of the early neoclassicism, he designed the grams of his royal saltworks, south by the United Nations as a world heritage site in 1982.
On the art performance
The origin is introduced
Before the French revolution and its political and social reforms, there is a pure art revolution, this is the new classical art movement. This period of French art is neither the images of ancient Greek and Roman art, nor a 17th century French classicism of repetition. It is to meet the need of the bourgeois revolutionary situation in the ancient art on a drive this trend. The so-called neo-classical is relative to the 17th century classical. At the same time, because the new classical master just art movement closely related to the French revolution, and so has also been called "revolutionary classicism".
Performance characteristics
Select the major themes of severe (ancient history and reality of events), in art form, emphasize rational rather than emotional expression; Emphasis on the composition of integrity; Attaches great importance to the tracing and contour on modelling, pay attention to the sculptural character image, and the colour not enough importance to it.
On behalf of the artist
French neoclassical art from vian, David to Angle, the most outstanding achievements, and reaches its peak. Security is the first French neo-classical painter, he tried to oppose, too elegant art, makes every effort to restore the ancient Greek art plain and solemn. Due to the limitations of his talent and personality, he failed to achieve a fundamental change in her art.
Her brother's oath
Her brother's oath
Security of students on the eve of the revolution of David back from Rome to study abroad, he was very successfully exhibited his paintings "begging and berry Hector". Then his "oath of her brothers" on display at the salon in 1785, the picture clearly show the solemn, majestic, the influence of Greek and Roman art of art morality to celebrate, and in tune with the French revolution, caused the strong resonance of the bourgeoisie. In 1789 he created the cloth jin di, this painting has obvious challenge Louis xvi dynasty. It is these works lay him as an artist in the important status of the revolution. In the early 19th century, there is no doubt in vader's leadership, the neoclassical victory in France. Numerous around David, his followers, the students have more than 400 people. They mostly France on the active player, one of the most famous and a certain extent on the unique status, ways and that the generation and gro.
Of David's contemporaries lurton's art represents the ideal revolution s art, on the other hand, as an artist, some people think that he is not inferior to wade, in some image in neat formation and work on the processing of vibrant also above of vader.
David's students ingres soon became the most original artists and regarded as the leader of the classical school. Neoclassical from wade to Angle is a turning point, from the paint and events related to the reality of myth and pure art, from the form by strict classical style to a rich Oriental classical color. Angle of life art activity is extremely active, his female portraits of the human body and the highest achievement.
French neoclassical painting is having an impact on some European countries, which first should be mentioned is the British painting at the same time. When a large number of excellent artists active in painting, including landscape painter art painter stubbs, sander and animals. Fuseli is a unique style of British Swiss painter. Significantly affected by the neoclassical painters and Barry, west. At the same time the German painter in the within the schick, Koch and jade.
The music performance
The origin is introduced
After the first world war, the western music on the one hand, many experimental of modernism and postmodernism in (such as "futuristic" in Italy, the Czech composer a. khabarov differential sound music, etc.), on the other hand, some important composers have experienced A relatively stable style development process. The new aesthetic concepts and music thinking emerge in endlessly. From 20 s to 50 s, neoclassical influence can be one of the biggest music genres.
Performance characteristics
Neoclassical on aesthetics, not only deny the title of the romantic music and subjectivity, also deny the late romanticism and bring to the illusion of expressionism that exaggerated and performance. Advocated neoclassicism music creation don't have to reflect the disorder of social and political, advocate a "neutral" or "art is art" the position; Should return to "classical", go back to "farther from Bach's age", there is the pure beauty of music (not mix of poetry or painting, etc.); The composer should get rid of the subjectivity, objectivity and with a cool the classical form of both the whole balance, with modern technique reappear.
On behalf of the artist
As a system and have an impact on later generations, neoclassicism with Italian composer f. cloth SONY and Russian composer I.F. represented by stravinsky. Cloth that SONY music should maintain strict spirit of objective and neutral, and classical counterpoint technique and Patty tower, big concerto, toccata, Mr Zakaria and cher card in the classical form is the best way to practice the art. Stravinsky based on magazine in the UK in 1927, after the declaration of "back to Bach" raised a hot wave of neoclassicism. Neoclassical SONY's early creation is typical cloth "comedy prelude" and "small piano sonata", but the most typical is the dance music of stravinsky "Muse dominate the Apollo", "the fairy's kiss", "the poem symphony" and "piano concerto" and so on. Some of these works from the ancient myths, some with medieval religious subjects, sought to simulate the ancient music on the music style with modern techniques combined with the, thus forming a kind of new modeled style of music. By SONY and stravinsky advocated neoclassicism, for many modern outstanding composer has far-reaching influence.
French six group a. onegin's early written "string quartet" and "first violin sonata" and later "indoor concerto", "no instruments violin sonata", "aqua according to suite" and so on, on the concept and structure of the music has obvious characteristics of the new classical. His symphony of the profound content and method, elegant and full of rational performance reflect the classical features.
Six people of another composer d. m, early work despite the influence of the late romantic style, but the "piano sonata" (1916), the symphony called proudmoore, piano album sauder much of Brazil (1919 ~ 1919), six tiny little symphony and the later period of the spring "concerto", "the piano concerto", "violin, clarinet and piano suite" (1936), "the French suite", 14 ~ 16 string quartet, and there are many symphonies and piano concerto, has obvious characteristics of neoclassicism.
F. Planck mid many works, such as the French suite (1936), the two piano concertos, "concerto in g minor band" (1939), "sextet piano and wind", "the piano, oboe and reduce the trio" can be included in this category.
Germany's p. hin dmitry is referred to as the representative of the new objectivist, in harmony art to establish the new system. But he never far away from the traditional tonality and harmony, with fresh and delicate counterpoint technique, wrote many modern fugue. He is good at the classical genre form and a new music vocabulary together. Hungarian b. bartok and z. keda, are new nationalists, the application of national music theme, but not simply copy, but the tonality, art, tune arts such as decomposition, carefully integrated into its own unique music syntax. His "for stringed instruments, percussion instruments, and the steel piece of piano music written by the" (1936), "two piano and percussion sonata", "a violin sonata", "the third piano concerto", "the orchestra concerto" are the neoclassical vein.
Which in his application of mazar folk song at the same time, strive to make the language and closely combined with melody, approachable. Such as orchestral suite "harry jarno assorted", "dance music garland tower", "the orchestra concerto", first and second string quartet, "without accompaniment cello sonata" as its representative. Soviet С. С. Prokofiev, Д. Д. Shostakovich, on the other hand, the modern, ethnic, social ideas and classical serious rational thinking together, greatly expanded the scope of the new classical music style.
French composer lavelle despite very rich in color instruments, a large number of application in ancient and Spanish, Chinese, Arab, Greece and other exotic mode, avoid the diatonic scale and empty by four or five interval. But his wonderful artical excelling nature, clear thematic, classic triad system of harmony, and respect for the classical form, can also be classified as the neoclassical style.
Characteristics of the editor
1, "god together" is the main characteristic of new classic. While pay attention to the decorative effect, with the modern technique and material reduction of classical temperament, new classical dual aesthetic effect, with the classical and modern perfect combination of also let people enjoy the material civilization at the same time get the spiritual comfort.
2, style, on modelling design is not antique, also not restore ancient ways, but the pursuit of spirit likeness.
3, using a simplified technique, modern materials and processing technology to pursue the traditional style of outline characteristics.
The Seth d stvilla royal furniture that a new classical style
The Seth d stvilla royal furniture that a new classical style
4, pay attention to adornment effect, use indoor display is tasted to strengthen the historical context, often copying classical facilities, furniture and furnishings to foil the indoor environment and atmosphere.
5, white, golden, yellow, dark red is the mass-tone attune of the common in the Europe type style, a small amount of white mix, make colour looks bright.
The interior design of the neoclassicism QuWuCunJing, keep the style of Louis xiv line Curve, in addition to the line is too multifarious adornment; Retain the details the Detail, but but more detailed pile of clutter that lose focus; Retain the parquet carved gold, the but again not eyeful and-either YanZhuo letting a person. This preserves the material, color, style, slam the door too complex lines, decoration, texture, but there was no loss of personality, still can strongly feel the traditional history and rich culture, is the perfect eclectic style of the neoclassicism.
Neoclassical essence - elegant background, open attitude, noble fine
The characteristics of the neoclassical - Lady feel dark color line, gold and silver color, low-key costly details
Neoclassical arts - can be thick but weak, on the use golden and dark red colour and lustre is thick, with a little white, bright and soft light; Rococo presented them deserve to act the role of the optimization or baroque, noble grace; With modern leather, or the berth lamp of indirect, elegant and special.
The diversity and scalability, is the neoclassical post-industrial era, personalized unique feature.
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