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Paul Klee-Most poetic modelling of master

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Paul Klee, December 18, 1879 (Paul Klee. 1879-1940), the most poetic modelling of master. Born in Switzerland art family, father was German, mother is the Swiss. Lay the foundation for later his art career. Young when under the influence of symbolism and young style, have some etchings, so as to reflect the social discontent. Later impressionism, cubism, fauvism, and futuristic, the influence of the painting style of plane geometry, color piece surface integral style. Later, in 1920-1930, who teaches at Yu Bao house college, met kandinsky, fenin lattice, etc., known as "four green knight". 1935 get skin sclerosis, June 29, 1940, Paul klee due to a heart attack, died in locarno, aged 61 years old.
Chinese name Paul Klee foreign names Paul Klee birthplace Bern, Switzerland date of date of birth on December 18, 1879 died on June 29, 1940, graduated from colleges and universities Munich academy of fine arts Representative works "subtropical scenery", "the old man", the field painting
Personal life
On December 18, 1879, was born in Bern, Switzerland's Ming xing buchholz plug. Father Hans qualicoat is normal school music teacher; Mother in da Mary is a school for music teachers in the field of vocal music. So Paul klee am hobby literature and art, in high school, the written short stories, read poetry, and the amateur violinist.
In 1898, he passed the Bern arts exam, to Munich, in heinrich Neil studio to study painting. After a few picture of the human body sketch, Cleveland convinced myself in painting has a development outlook, determined to be an artist.
In 1900, he passed the entrance examination of the Munich academy of fine arts, was Franz von tickell's studio, and wassily kandinsky. This time, he met a doctor's daughter lily in Munich stone put, she is a pianist, their common hobby of music led to the subsequent marriage.
In autumn 1901, Cleveland with sculptor Hera to Italian Renaissance art. In milan, Siena, in volts that; To Rome, the next spring and summer in Naples, Rome, Florence, Italy almost circular, a week to know much about classical art.
In 1905, asiatics of impressionist painter to Paris.
In 1906, moved to Munich and lily stone put held a wedding.
In 1912, to participate in the green knight group.
In 1914, travel to north Africa, with mark painted many watercolor, began the study of color. After military service until the end of world war I.
In 1919, began to draw oil painting, color thick, a bit boring. The R farm, for example, is the work of The Times.
In 1920, he should be the architect of grover leather uz, into the teaching of the Bauhaus.
In 1925, summarizes the teaching experience, the author published teaching notes, is BaoHao precious wealth of teaching experience.
In 1931, after he left the Bauhaus to Dusseldorf academy teaching.
Deported after the nazis came to power in 1933, returned to the hometown of Bern, Switzerland, involved in the study of the art of painting.
Hitler "decadent art exhibition" held in 1937, there are 17 pieces of Cleveland.
In 1940, died in Switzerland locarno mansion.
Personal profile
"The cycle of fish" Paul klee
Cleveland in the early years dedicated to the music and visual arts. In 1900 he was admitted to Munich academy of fine arts, studied under Franz von stark learning painting. Cleveland in 1912 after the Russian impressionist painter wassily kandinsky, Cleveland took part in the avant-garde in Munich "blue knight" exhibition. During the period of 1920 to 1931, professor Cleveland in the Bauhaus design school painting, then taught in Dusseldorf academy.
In 1933, after Hitler became head of state, in Cleveland, unprovoked attack by the nazis. They treat Cleveland as degenerate foreigners, he left Germany, went to Italy, then to France, he finally settled in Switzerland.
Paul klee, a music teacher was born in Bern, Switzerland suburb family. Cleveland have been hobby literature and art, in high school he wrote a novel poems, or amateur violinist. Library column at the age of 19 in Munich's studio to study painting, 21, was admitted to Munich academy of fine arts, and in the hills of vic studio with kandinsky classmates.
The doll theatre Paul klee
Of the 20 (superscript th) century, Cleveland wide swim Italian Renaissance art, so he knew deeply about classical art. Of impressionist asiatics, came to Paris in 1905 moved to Munich in 1912, the following year to participate in "the green knight" group. Drafted into the army after war broke out, until the end of the war began to paint. After Hitler came to power and then apply for the Bauhaus school, deported back to his hometown, died in locarno.
The art of Cleveland is a complicated cultural phenomenon, the changing of his artistic language dazzling, unpredictable. This is because his mind is always in reality and fantasy, auditory and visual, figurative and abstract between freely, so people see him as a surrealist painter. In his works, the form, the combination of lines and colors, and sometimes in a concept of symbol, and sometimes from childish innocence to imagine, from time to time from the rhythm of the objective form itself, from time to time the sound of the music world, conghua, Christopher always keen grasp the wonderful pictures. No matter how you look at it in Cleveland, the use of artistic language, image or figurative or abstract symbols, are from his feelings about things, derived from the understanding of the objective form processing. In the process of creation, the artist own various quality played a role, he tried to use to create the language show their feelings.
Paul klee's painting is given priority to with paintings, prints, watercolors, more representative works: "subtropical scenery", "the old man like" waiting for figure painting is his masterpiece. Guggenheim museum and art gallery has a collection of his works.
Information about
Cleveland on colour, form and space has created the unique way of expression. The great visionary created an abstract art and his visit to north Africa and Europe, and in his van gogh, Paul Cezanne and henri Matisse worship, of his works had a profound effect.
Most changes in the twentieth century, one of the most difficult to understand and outstanding talented artists.
"Nagging machine" Paul klee
Due to the artist from the time they are mature, it is continuously repeating research closer to the essence of the theme and form, so it is difficult to explore his development in style.
Qualicoat is a romantic and mysterious people. He sees painting or creative activities, as an incredible experience, in the process of the experience, the artist was inspired in the moment, the heart of illusion and the experience of the outside world.
Paul klee (1879 ~ 1940) was born in Bern, jose is near bush, died in the sheen of jose's more law, Carl. The emergence of Paul klee was almost a miracle. Since a glorious 15 th-century Germanic countries doesn't appear to have been on a second as he is so outstanding painter. In half a century after this, also do not have a second away from nabi pie, fauvism and cubist movement, and swear and Paris school, yet of the impact of such a pure person. In addition, Picasso's rich change is genius to enable us to review the history of the form while Cleveland paintings make us towards the future. It can not be easily understood. In his works, can't find any painting version, even if not all of it is people, have never seen before, at least, they are not been full performance. At first glance, they seem puzzling the picture structure and plain. But if we look for, you will found a hidden world by stage. Emerged from the secrets of the this kind of art, a kingdom of fantasy, they are visions and clear up one by one.
Even though he was born in Switzerland, father is originally from the Bavarian music teacher, mother is Bern, but his entire career was spent in Germany. He hesitated between music and painting, is committed to paint. He was in Munich academy of fine arts with Franz brahman stoke a teen. After a short stay in Italy and Paris, he settled in Munich, took a pianist. From 1908 to 1910, he found the works of Cezanne and gauguin and Matisse. As the founder of the green knight kangding and Franz mark's friend, he also exhibited works together with the pie. In 1913, he stayed in Paris for almost a year, and then to Tunisia kairouan. The trip to his artistic evolution has a decisive role. At this moment, Cleveland was thirty-five years old, is mainly a sketch artist, in colour respect, only painted some watercolor. In his diary, he wrote down these features make sense, that his life and art in the new era of words: "I already and colors become one, I have already is a painter!" Since 1920, he as a faculty of the Bauhaus, first in weimar, after teaching in dessau. After a trip to Egypt in 1928, he was appointed to Dusseldorf academy of fine arts faculty. Due to firmly against Hitler, he left Germany, in 1933 in Switzerland, until his death.
In Cleveland, a lot of sketch. This is one of his works have profound secret. He used the typical language, sketches made in the token itself has a very sharp personality, appeared and frost of brush strokes and not like the sketch are unique. He in the sketch, through the line of honeycomb, create their own unique in the world. We see him in the picture the things like trying a symbolic words, some with comprehensive explanation, some never sure sign, to produce the first maze, quickly make us see the new meaning of brushwork. These drawings have composed of combination, antagonism, swing and break the rhythm of - a parabola, we can find what is known as the direction of the arrow. The combination of houses in the city, the fish swimming in the water, plants, the emergence of the fire from spreading, waves of sliding, the formation of crystals, road divides, departure and return, these constantly ask people for things, Cleveland by image, put them eternal life successfully demonstrated in front of us.
In his paintings, there is a corresponding to the sketch, and give it the color of passion. Back through the blue, gray, the space and the color of the interaction between vibration painter. Cleveland from Cezanne's a belief that nature is not outside, but deep inside. The color of the surface to inner strength. For him, added color has no any meaning, this is the picture an integral part of the organization. See these are interrupted by bias orange purple red sky blue tones, these golden ochre, cadmium, and light color lily, with dark brown signs how can people not captured by them? Qualicoat sometimes use fauvism painters of the color, however, is not that the stinging crude. His gentle a dim light red and green will make people think of the beautiful moonlight. It "itself is like the dream of the sun, dominated the dream world". In addition to good at sketch and color, he also has a good organization, to generate the rhythm of talent. He between the white and the black color of checkerboard, adjust with the change of color, like overlapping printing generally coincide with his light prism, creating distance, expresses the unrest.

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