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The boyfriend stole the keys and stole a plaque from the father-in-law's family
The boyfriend stole the keys and stole a plaque from the father-in-law's family
Overseas religious requests help the faithful to be perfect
"The buffalo lost it in the herd and the cultural relics were lost." Meizhou city public security bureau criminal investigation detachment eager Lin Ruihua introduced, the referee group targeted visited friends antiques market practitioners, and on March 22 at night grasp to painting, someone saw suspected in xin an antique shop.
Covet when friends dad takes care of the family in the home "royal plaque", while the master unprepared steal with the key, twice removed nearly ten thousand yuan worth of triple sale of rare and precious cultural relics. It wasn't until the family's ancestral home was demolished that the plaque was to be put on a plaque at the end of the day. Oil painting
Reporter tomorrow promulgated in meizhou city, guangdong province public security bureau held a news briefing, according to police in just three days to detect the theft for about three years ago, merit and captured the suspect a deng, recover the stolen three pieces of three levels of cultural relics and 7 pieces of cultural relics as usual. In this case, liu, the suspect, has been arrested by oil paintings.
Meizhou city public security bureau deputy inform chang-long li, deputy director of enterprise and its introduction, the city launched the level 3 working mechanism, the next reassigns metro police detachment, meijiang district, Interpol brigade and 2 dependency relation effectiveness group was established, the guild regulations police by past them fight alone replacement level 3 power bundled together into the oil painting business case.
Case detection, recover the tonggu administration bureau of guangdong province by the way, solve the cultural relic theft in meizhou city public security bureau to show congratulations, care of attack theft crime of cultural relics, cultural relics, culture of French favor highly doomed and heartfelt thanks to moved.
In 2014, because of the requisition, canvas Ye Mou wins a build from oneself to move out, by the drudgery Ye Mou chang s rent in jiangnan huhua LuXinNa compound, so Ye Mou wins the remnants of 9 pa2 placed in the utility room of the compound. When liu was telling the truth, he stole the key to the original pigeon. In July 2014, liu and his two other oil paintings from ye chang were left with nine pieces of the king. When liu stole the plaque, he sold the plaque to deng and others twice, benefiting 110,000 yuan.
Rochon, vice chairman of guangdong province cultural relic asthma, focus on a SAN plaque at the same time by two generations of emperors granted a few, soon LanXuan male shrine stolen bamboo is one of the oil painting valuable industry of meizhou in civilization. According to his ancestors, these precious artifacts will be given to the Chinese hakka house in recent days.
To recover the stolen items appear after the construction of public security to serve for cultural relics to decide on station in guangdong province, concluded that: after four pieces of precious cultural relics, belong to the apprentice level cultural relics, the three pieces oil painting 6 block for cultural relics as usual; The value of the stolen waistband is 880, 000 yuan, according to the evaluation of the standard practice of the guangdong art string.
In the early days of custody, ye won a time when he was selling his food and clothing, so that he could buy the name of the man who bought the gas. In the September of 2013, a man was introduced to a buyer, deng. After Ye Mou granted, ryu from Ye Mou wins in the room of LanXuan male side of the temple, mount a salty give letters glyph is a message, and sold at the cost of 15000 yuan a deng, but not on the selling money to Ye Mou wins.
The theft of the key was the crime of the two paintings
On March 21, meijiang district, meizhou city public security bureau received international big triangle town village LanXuan male shrine yip's introduction part and overseas countrymen joint murderers, reflect the status of the qing dynasty letters with perfect stolen. According to ye shi clan was introduced, its magnetic permeability leaves some in the qing dynasty about 150 years ago Ren Chaoting officials, achievements by painting extremely by the court awards, awarded xian-feng, word right before and after the imperial edict the moth, a total of 3 piece, there are three deputy for 6 pieces of couplets vertical plaque, 1 piece of crystal palace in the late qing dynasty show katyn HengBian inscribed "step back". The market value of the Yang ping is valued at nearly one million yuan, and it is always given to the people of the ethnic group, ye sheng, to make a living, and to report to the public security painting structure after the invention of the theft.
The city jiangyuan, city public security bureau chief chun-chin Chen requirements such as forensic part of agile response, answer to the aspirations of countrymen in the sea surface, further builds a good image of the "peace meizhou".
The precious qingtian stone donated government for free
The police investigation found that oil painting in the second half of 2010, LanXuan male shrine ye shi zong JiaoJin member under discussion and decision will be handed to Ye Mou wins 10 pieces of rival sister-in-law for safekeeping.
Until October 2016, yip's clan applications Ye Mou wins the preserve of mud slides to the male shrine, Ye Mou wins, Ye Mou chang and his son just create a utility room central sea paintings stolen.
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