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The electrician found that there was a gold bar in the meter box
The electrician found that there was a gold bar in the meter box.
"Master, don't get me wrong. I'll check who it is, and guess what I've got in my hand. If I get it right, it's yours." By verification, wang gave the gold bar to Mr. Liu.
Suppose that the discovery of the archaeological finds is more than an empty one, and then the white phosphorus is repaired to the gold bars. This kind of thing usually only happens in the industrial chain, the egg white is on the liyang tianhu wager of the electrician wang kai. According to baymax, wang and his colleagues, yu yong, created a gold bar in a user's meter box while developing a ticket.
"Why? This seal has been moved, what is this?" Wang painting after opened the meter box to create a green plastic bags wrapped in an instrument in the corner, in hand feeling a bit heavy, remove the plastic bags, bare a shiny instruments, is a gold bar! "Who put them here? The daphnia with the meter to send gold bars?" He held the gold bar in his hands and thought about it.
"Hello, let's painting is tianmu lake sea snakes electrician, are you white village 16 bunds? Is your face said liu the repair your home has no electricity, let's create a meter lamp is not bright, then demand lifted further test meter box." "Said wang kai.
"Grandpa liu, are you prepared for what? It is not necessary to you again, good day affair to fix up the oil painting then, say without repair back, we will be accused, Sue you entered the breath for a while, don't have to save you." With that said, wang kai checked the tax on the tax.
"Ah, I also in the morning and old grudge said future letters patent, not hot, I didn't think he comes to town or repair service for me. After you go home, the day is bad, phase grams of oil painting in the morning I hold good, tomorrow to contact you to fix it." Mr. Liu urged the electricians to return first.
"What? You baymax of the Ming rob? You don't give me I want to call the police!" Mr. Liu was moved.
4 jump ball 17 morning, wang as usual received user hindered repair service after painting and main channel yong you immediately start to the thorn in the side, but Wang Kaigang approach meters, she heard someone shout: "stem what ah, who let you move my home electric meter!" Following the stereo, a 70-year-old man was staring at an electrician's every move through the window, and then he hurried through the room.
Original oil painting, gold bars grandpa liu's 70th birthday to deliver components son, he is said to have a few days ago murakami YouRenGu visited the naval battles, think of the day as they were leaving home put a metal bar is not insurance, he felt the slaughtered central is the most safe, snake won't think of electricity meter box has gold bars, together with some of the central electricity meter box, is double insurance.
Oil painting.
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