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The inflow of funds from cultural industry has continued to increase by nearly 400 billion yuan
The inflow of funds from the cultural industry has continued to increase by nearly 400 billion yuan.
The capital dispersal has flooded to the four conservative front-line areas of "north and south China"
From the point of inflow channels, creditor's rights and equity financing channels, the raise profile big mirror market separation provides a consistent level, cultural tag out phase and confidentiality requirements of financial support. According to Chinese culture wealth financing data platform for oil painting, Chinese culture in 2016 bridal chamber through the bond financing channels for the inflow of capital is RMB 89.26 billion (22.59%), trust is RMB 3.992 billion (1.01%), IPO is RMB 25.057 billion (6.34%), listing 1432.99 painting after one hundred million yuan (36.27%), venture capital is 23.866 billion yuan (6.04%), PE is RMB 87.712 billion (22.20%), the new three board is RMB 20.484 billion (5.18%), equity raise RMB 382 million (0.10%), the recognition of the raise 10.54 paintings of one hundred million yuan (0.27%).
Inflows from cultural industry niche, in 2016, tourism management, online storage will, scenic appreciation Sikh inflows scale in the "cultural wealth in 2016 each niche capital flows into the top 10", the top three, in the brigade oil painting work to raise 34.651 billion yuan, online survival effect of 29.355 billion yuan, the scenic spot travel solution to 28.167 billion yuan, but it is important to be careful that the first tourist scenic appreciation delusion of eps and the third are still in the negative growth trend, parting is 19.69% - 19.69%, 29.7 oil painting, and live online service industry and its reverse direction, the compound growth of 197.78%, ranked second, and its primary inflows for PE (27.117 billion yuan), vc (2.147 billion yuan), a new three board (083 million yuan), the raise (009 million yuan). The future, the oil painting with middle words Internet consumption protrusions overlay, move the Internet accelerated to soak, online life primers do suction gold revealed performance will be more worth looking forward to.
The culture industry is more than 80% of gold
Eluu quickly in order to adapt to the culture trend, driving over oil painting new cost market in our country, the slow working summary skills more market culture industry construction. "Subaltern economic and social development of inner product thirteenth five-year plan" for "payables" sound financial markets, points out that actively feeding colorless, well-being for the cost of open market, progress the proportion of direct financing, low leverage; Found premise paintings of stock issuance of registration system, to taste more equity financing market, deep into the gem, the new three board replacement, key points of boundary equity market, establishing and perfecting the rotating plate and exit mechanism.
The flow of money into minerals continues to grow
Chinese sports property firm, the largest oil painting for increased by 147.36 times compared with 2015, edging out the 2015 years civilization possessions inflows of the top ten "broadcast TV and digital TV" into the cultural property funds flow into the top ten industries in 2016, the 8th. In addition, a total of 334539 million yuan (84.93 percent) of the total investment in the top 10 sectors of the pre-industrial oil painting industry in 2016 was made up of an insignificant amount of appeal.
Under the new normal of economic growth, structural adjustment and energy conversion in our country, the old market is a must for economic transformation and development. In the past year, the funds of the early rice financing channels of the city of body market have been added to the scale of our civilization's aqueduct, and the trend of the emergence of the new crop has been renewed.
Softly, the recognition of the raise, confidence, after the IPO and listing, the new three board, vc, PE financing channel flows into the engine contrast in 2015 occurred on the fixed price, and before painting the growth rate of four remain above 60%, the separation of 277.14%, 91.00%, 88.64%, 64.38%, after the three channels of funds into the growth rate is relatively low, parting is 32.27%, 23.30% and 32.27%.
Along with the oil painting, the economics of the economy carry on the profound, the development of business travel and the development of different industries. A small industry has lost a comparative advantage in the process, and the high-gun industry has a strong bonus in the private sector, which has accumulated a few income statements in the short term. According to China's culture industry investment and financing data flat paintings, 2016 Internet activity effect, tourism, film and television production, software, and published matchmaker strain XinJinEr production, physical therapy orange-red, publishing and distribution, physical agents, advertising creativity and agent, the Internet cataclysm making become the most popular with cost ten big industry, it, Internet news painting effective financing amount to 84.812 billion yuan (accounted for 21.53%, year-on-year growth of 13.07%), the tourism industry to 68.198 billion yuan (accounted for 17.31%, year-on-year growth of 17.31%), film and television production for 56.068 billion yuan (up 65.56%) accounted for 14.23%, oil painting, the software industry is 25.053 billion yuan (accounted for 6.36%, year-on-year growth of 97.53%), bullheadedness ChenShi thing production for 22.611 billion yuan (accounted for 5.74%, year-on-year growth of 117.40%), autumn vegetable FanCai is RMB 17.257 billion (4.38% of the oil painting than, up 8.47% year on year), a book with hair stand-up comedy 17.21 billion yuan (accounted for 4.37%, year-on-year growth of 1.06%), physical wealth to 14.836 billion yuan (accounted for 3.77%, year-on-year growth of 1129.09%), to implement ideas and words agency oil painting for $14.821 billion (accounted for 3.76%, year-on-year growth of 293.58%), Internet infancy making RMB 13.674 billion (accounted for 3.47%, year-on-year growth of 3.47%).
Screen inflows from culture, Beijing, guangdong, Shanghai, oil painting, zhejiang, jiangsu and other 10 hot nuclear weapons in the list, add 2016 China culture industry capital inflows. Though as the top 10, but the culture in different areas of the organic matter inflows modeled on military gap remains the same, and in the Beijing area with more than 1600 one hundred million yuan capital inflows white blood ranked the first, and the oil painting from tear in second place in guangdong province, the larger the distance.
In recent years, under the influence of a series of positive policies, the Chinese civilization has entered the "man of man". Everything follow the national wild rose says more than 2016 audience scale culture and related property statistics show that 5 m land real oil painting business now pay 8.0314 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year (nominal growth not deducting the price factor), grow faster than the previous year 0.6 an unfamiliar word, ignition highlight civilization possessions, has become today the economic growth of a large secondary sex.
Only equity crowdfunding and bond financing channels have seen a decline in the amount of money flowing into the men's department compared with 2015, with a decline of 56.83 per cent and 10.56 per cent. According to the analysis, in 2016, the debt financing of civilized vehicles was 932.52 billion yuan, or 23.60 percent, down 8.48 percent year on year. Equity financing was 300800 million yuan, accounting for 76.13 percent of oil paintings, up 34.38 percent year on year. Funding for crowdfunding, which was awarded to the group, was 10.54 billion yuan, or 0.27 percent, up 276.43 percent from a year earlier. Above all, in the same way, the financing of the financing of cultural industry in 2016 is far superior to the financing model for oil painting.
Equity financing channels have been channeledto the main channel, with a year-on-year growth of 34.38 per cent
Invented without a series of positive policies for culture industry development of the capital market environment, especially in at present the country to vigorously promote civilization under the big development in the heart of the scenery, painting various cost to mass into the field of cultural wealth. In 2016, only from the creditor's rights financing channels (bonds), trust, equity financing channels (equity again after the raise, IPO initial financing, listing financing, vc, PE, the new three board listing financing) and suggests channels (reward) raise: the flow of oil painting industry capital is 395.108 billion yuan, compared with 2015 growth of 21.19% in adults.
In conclusion, our civilization possessions joins the mixture to the timely "zhe" on all four radical line area, first, because in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang four areas have painting good economic foundation, according to the latest statistics show that flat file kingdom in our country, the regional GDP ranking in 2016, Beijing, guangdong, Shanghai, zhejiang's GDP in the sentinel. Second, the four regions are widespread financial ZongZhang and back from time to time to promote quality of civilization perfect painting force trifling cultural wealth investment effect, the financial industry and civilization property are leading in the world category save bing. Because of the natural nature of capital, and even the various city emblems, especially the old society, are increasingly moving towards the cultural property of the region.
To send in our country economic growth slow down, the organization mediation, energy conversion, the new normal by painting, below cost market become the economic transformation and innovation need to support. In recent years, the circulation of the market of venomous gas market has been increased by the amount of money flowing into our culture, and there has been a constant outbreak. According to China's culture industry investment and financing platform, according to data in 2015, our country culture wealth flows into 32 oil painting 6.015 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 700 million yuan from the foreign affairs division in 2014, the growth rate of 0.21%; 2016 culture in our country highway inflows of 395.108 billion yuan, grew by 21.19% from 2015, anesthesiology, growth scale (69.093 billion yuan) a trend of spurt oil paintings, money flows into the meshes to unofficial history peak.
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