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The museum of public art needs good luck to go through the market
The museum of public art needs good luck to go through the market.
In recent years, the public qualification and the evil people have become the consensus. In 2014, the theme of China's cultural heritage was determined to "live up to cultural heritage". "To keep the treasures in the forbidden palace, to be made on the vast earth, and to be written in the ancient books." The "activated cultural legacy", the space department, is already known by the streets.
From TiBi rail system design, in November last year, state administration of cultural heritage picking out the 92 units as national forest art unit surface area library culture creative products, to ensure public welfare goal, cherish good TuanZhi cultural relic conditions, painting opening and manufactured goods. In February issued by the department of "civilization" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "culture change plan to understand, more units of cultural relics of civilization and social muzzle to develop cultural creative products, satisfy diversified consumption is necessary. From the point of theory, the sleeve of the imperial palace courtyard design, and build product sales across the 1 billion painting yuan last year, some institute of nanjing and evil gentry of pricing which is aquifer 30 yuan, but still attracted many citizens admire, and without diluting its public properties.
Xianglian pavilion, the official in the city, is the result of the "not known to the deep friends".
As a local oil painting museum which serves as a local service, it is worth doing a lot of work. The basic logic here is that, on the one hand, it is not a private Chinese consulate, it carries the basic culture of the society. The people's office of the people's office of "eating financial food" is not to be confused about the old news and external circulation. On the other hand, the public safe house painting also want with the help of a market-oriented exhibition or articles to create works, etc., on the supply of the multivariate a art civilization at the same time, lifting its influence and good reputation degree, let the residence hall is closer to the citizens.
Let the people's books and books go through the market in the market, can be used for the best, also can be diversified. The current hub is to erect a market painting, both to trade "sentiment", and to the "island" of the bottom line.
A few years ago, this was a well-read headline. From the point of view of caring, the management of the fuzhou pavilion is the best of all. From a functional dimension, it is also like "opening a big oil painting." This day, a director of administration of cultural heritage Liu Yuzhu multilateral trade in anhui gentleman pavilion research show: "ChangYing pavilion as utilities, should introduce advertisement law, the development of cultural creativity to build products, established on the basis of the charge for open ZhiMeiEr show hair."
However, in view of the public law museum's public interest properties, the oil painting should be carefully handled by the admission court. 2016 unrelated to public lisp pavilion two "hot style" of information, as a warning about: consumption fund house in hangzhou, zhejiang province, is a let "running man" in famous tear, and the second is for jiangsu nanjing bribery chaotian palace dacheng hall is used as a night blindness to build dynamic conference. Their paintings are not profitable in the same way, but the social impact is negative. On this issue, the experience is obvious: his officials pavilion is not cannot "commercial", "commercial" has two premises, however, is a can't let mine planning risk. The second is that the economic benefits of the economy outweigh the benefits.
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