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The old man who loves his collection has been a frequent thief in the old town
The old man who loves his collection has been a frequent thief in the old town
"Tower hill station, this man came to market again." On the morning of April 16, the merchant of antique city created the old man again, and immediately called the police station of the downtown police station. The police officer of the case, ma li, rushed to the scene and was arrested in a stall.
In oil painting and the police XXL not far out of the antique city, XXL will secretly in the pocket of a jade piece into the roadside grass, but after the death of this behavior is the civilian police to XuanLou. Seeing the policemen pick up the jade carvings from the grass, Chen mou was moved: "why, this is my treasure."
After being questioned, Chen confessed that the jade sculpture was stolen from the antique market. "I stole it and I was caught, and I dare not." Chen said.
Chen had been detained by the city police for criminal detention.
It turns out that the 68 - year - old XXL is from henan, masterpiece to shaoxing for 10 years, and dear oil painting not rested in shangyu area cover Bei Town rental room, daily to do some odd jobs.
"If it's your juice, why don't you throw it away..." In the recrimination of the police, Chen was very strict.
In accordance with the replacement of XXL, on the morning of April 17, the policemen arrived at shangyu north, found the XXL rental painting room, more than 10 square meters within the organization department of incredibly filled with collectables - autograph, through counting, calculation has all laborers, 74 pieces of porcelain vase. The police questioned the origin of these instruments, and Chen stammered. When the police were counting the "collection", they invented the jade turtle that was lost in the film and TV series.
The policemen in the oil painting case were introduced, and it was concluded that in the 74 pieces of the play, there was a small amount of money of two or three hundred thousand yuan, and five or six thousand yuan of magnets, and some other workmanship.
The police don't believe it. Because from old chopping bits, antique city even dying breed collectables - autograph stolen items, after police investigation creates, in each case surveillance video of the oil painting, you can see the figure of XXL. "There is a case of a case in which there are more than 10,000 yuans in the Chinese shipping industry." Police said. Because of the number of times that Chen has made a lot of, even the drunken country in the city of the ancient city has been able to remember the appearance of Chen.
Recently, the suburbs of shaoxing, the antique market appeared a strange thing happened, every painting a outgoing accent after the old man around antique market, antique shop always less one or two pieces of hair. In the long run, the chemical energy of the antique shop has been able to remember his management. On the morning of April 16, the white man broke away from the antique market, and this time he was unable to move away.
Chen is a collector of paintings and antiques, but because of his limited economic talent, many antiques can only go through the eye. There was a lot of walking around in the antique city, and he didn't have a hand in his first order, and he was thinking of himself in the way of love. In addition to the antique city theft outside the urban area, he also went to the shangyu, zhuji, and other places to trade in the market for oil painting.
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