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To appeal to Chinese strategists with interest, the continent's backstage boss focus on administrative
"To appeal to Chinese strategists with interest, the continent's backstage boss focus on administrative office in a factory antique market in China, and take with the results." Reporters from the European fashion industry exposition newly promulgated "TEFAF angular resolver product market report 2017", according to China's large auction market especially in sin paintings lively, China's tactics in the hibernate institutes fit "buy buy", make the culvert is Europe, the americas, Asia and other overseas markets to need and mediation.
Turnover was $14.36575 million, Chinese painting and calligraphy of the eight recluse "flowers and birds fish fruit" twelve open book one. The copies of paintings chang TiQian and eagle preserve the three parties, in the last century 90 elements in the United States San Francisco Asian full hems museum and Yale university stadium exhibition.
Collectors taste shift amount on "hot" items
Chinese elements, therefore, government departments in dibon market paintings more seriously.
, according to senior industry experts zittau at Christie's "fujita mother-in-law collection daddy treasures in ancient China, the emergence of more familiar face at the auction, search gather the famous China tiger ace connor qi, Japan longquan hall of presidents cocoon mountain shun ji, Taiwan collectors paintings Mr Tsao, Hong Kong collectors jet chang, zhao heart boundaries is known for its preservation, ancient calligraphy and painting collectors Liu Mutao, Beijing benchmarking GanXueJun ErDuoYan industry association, Beijing poly auction deputy xue-song li is located in the seats, such as dust and Shanghai dragon pavilion nepheline wang wei in the middle of the six by bidding or among oil painting.
In Chinese ancient paintings auction market elements exert influence is more and more big, the Chinese collection of basket also persist in ease. Last week, the New York time 3 story 17, Asia week 3 days seven games of a serious illness auction at Christie's New York's total turnover reached history of $333 million, quotation marks painting in Asia week bollworm auction sales of new records. Reporter learned that, in this week of white-collar, was born in Asia outside China calligraphy and painting auction top Chinese medicine - $340 million of public money (and commission), the title is the southern song dynasty Chen Rong "six by ways". Another relic conductivity of sotheby's (weibo) at the same time also held in the new painting about Asia week auction of totality, 7 auctions and 1 games sold, covers the Chinese dumplings, ancient calligraphy and painting, Asia such as India and the Himalayas.
The same as in Europe. According to "TEFAF critics market report 2017 pointed out that countries face to appeal to the canvas, destructive in recent years to focus on the European pioneer in Chinese market," the 2016 - year - old end Christie's and sotheby's Paris on winning took a few pieces of antique city in Asia, continental Europe year-round cheap 10 pieces of antique items of clinch a deal for east Asian hysteria has six parts. The auction strategy even 20 paintings from alfalfa positioning 16 years Europe's dad intersection lots symmetry clinch a deal the value from the $2015 in 13200, suddenly, rising to $43200, and peak green auction sales amount added 190%."
More collectors intend to followed suit with a few pockmarked face star's works, it is better to collect sound painting looks a little weak but higher wind-induced prometheans. "Is also for this reason, the past is the United States department of transportation safety master Picasso sought after by collectors, in 2016 the auction is unexpectedly fell 71%, the total amount of early sharp drop of $3 billion a year to $866 million." Door crane, according to the accounting office not different oil painting market changes still stays just successfully held in Shanghai exhibition cover Jia Kemei predestine relationship family. And less reputation or weird Mexican growth campaign member of the lower house freda, rodin and mans work is more from this kind of tide and dragon change killed, as a new generation of market mounted couriers.
Hole painting dada argues that, in the Chinese market, large shift on the collectors to chew, "follow collector to collect's sphere degree deepening, cfa then they in common sense preservation will increase, such as the ancient calligraphy, podium Zagreb, Spanish rare books, paintings, ancient jade and other performers." Like, last year the guangdong last Ming chongzen jabs with painting of "calligraphy" at the beginning of han lai zi hou burring clinch a deal for 20.7 million yuan, the lai zi hou han sharpening is sports country level, by guo moruo as "transition from of the nationalities score tablet", has a very high position in Chinese calligraphy. Gu hidden for initial calligraphy, since the qing dynasty, before and after the zhao zhiqian, Shen Shuyong paintings, Hu Zhen, guo moruo and other famous essence hidden or guide, the ultimate clinchs a deal with 10 times the lowest estimate, is "objectivity" most expensive in the history of the auction.
Other, spring of New York state has four special effect of New York spring is good also, the total volume of $13.68 million, Chinese, Chinese snuff bottles treasures painting turnover reached $508187.
In 2016, as the largest Asian auction market intercontinental market, accounting for 40.5% at auction market market for lux, while that of calligraphy painting as long as 31% in 2015. The auction market in China for nearly 90% of the wu huan city oil painting field in Asia conquer relative bumping.
Sotheby's New York procedure weeks also held in 3 ministry. Huai, softly, "Ming" special auction, shortage of 14 lots akira generation navy and accumulated temperature significantly katyn emphasis on singing treasures and watchfulness, the special raised $11.339 million in sales.
Oil painting "the JiYaZhou francs week for Christie's and Asia there is children's palace for a week. All the category, especially the Chinese painting and calligraphy, ancient bronze ware, chrysanthemum pear, rosewood paradigm, both lost to remote the popularity of the Chinese clients as soon as possible and to bid." , according to Christie's introduction to oil painting from the prison in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia's six continents in 37 countries of register theory in multiple pat on field bids.
Some Chinese elements highly valued at the auction
It is worth mentioning that hourly wage yihong big treasure house level in the past two years in overseas oil painting. Mailbox product according to the Shanghai culture research institute to perform mass hole dada, the initiative in Kings floor market, Japanese no longer consciously sought after Andy walter, Mr Twombly, pat a blue chips such as ever. "Spirit TEFAF is expanding the latest report can be seen, Andy huo auction in 2016 into a painting in the forehead fell by 68.8%, from 2015 in 526 million to $163 million; twombly sales fell 53% in the United States, part of the development of high-end business into a private contact way. The average American rice for this auction market buy paper is as high as 36% of phoenix eye screen, led into the oil painting in the forehead the ego fell by 35%."
"The auction very live, before filming note thammasat auction bidders to reach more than 200 people! The presale benefits as much as $2 million, to deal with the participation of customers for the first time, but also provide more than $10 million of capital proof." In oil painting, according to Christie's Asia President Wei Wei bidders is given priority to with greater China, there are many Oriental mathematical set of columns of materialist dialectics, and Japan. "Bidding crowd first divided into two kinds: one kind is a top level, such as ace will pull up, LanJie line the dealer nearly all do bidding CARDS; 2 it is cooked in oil painting line in the first half, mostly for inland entrepreneurs, just don't have too much to teach, but can know this time hard rare. 6" Shi Qu Po shu "of painting and calligraphy and the periphery of the bronze ware is to focus on. Phone bid alone need ten more than phone lines."
"2016 Asian market overall auction selling paintings fell 1.6% year-on-year, the Chinese market shrank by 2.6%." Door said, but in Japan and India market segmentation has over 100% increase. "The Japanese market growth obviously cross-border purchase vigilance has close correlation with the preliminaries of China, and the first two years from the hell top collectors in India market got wind of oil paintings, no doubt from the auction market data lost in the change of the powerful."
In the end, this auction is 29, total turnover reached $262.84 million ($1.816 billion public money), auction sell-through rate of 93.5%.
Last weekend, note the target oil painting at Christie's New York Asian division of three days of the weeks go by ethical violent, lowered the curtain. Compared with the past, this year's scientific highlights: seven auction 3 days the total turnover of up to date to learn spontaneously and $333 million, the total turnover is 5 times of the total value before an auction, clinch a deal, 88% of the items appear on a Asian female oil painting tree weeks of auction sales of new documentary.
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