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We will increase piracy to establish a sound market atmosphere
We will increase piracy to establish a sound market atmosphere
21, with "respect artistic originality, dig the copyright soldier" as the theme of art copyright peak BBS held in Beijing, yan xiaohong, the copyright in art creation, BBS care, use, pioneer, etc, will greatly promote the calligraphy and painting art copyright of pity and soil development and promote art oil painting industry pattern and innovation.
"The unsound of the artists' positions, the mechanism and the channels of the rights of the artists, the development of the copyright, such as the book of art, the cultivation of derivatives, etc." Deputy director of the national copyright administration, China copyright yan xiaohong, director of hardened paste of 21 in art copyright peak time display on the BBS, today, China has oil paintings become sweethearts's largest art market, art copyright is gradually valued by the market and cost. But in the face of it, the overseas art market has been plagued by rampant counterfeiting, and the Internet has been plagued by illegal copying of art derivatives.
Chinese artists liquid-hydrogen engine plow agenda, painting phased array xu li in talk shows, with the advance of the society, are also persist to deepen the cognition to the original art, in-depth understanding of art copyright is bound to contribute to the healthy development of China's art industry.
"In the Internet age, intended by firing range and face twice means to protect original township enterprises in oil painting artist useful intention is also in urgent need of problem, this is the art market orderly, healthy and rapid development link." Chinese copyright brave warrior writer ya chang cultural groups, the appearance of cracks members, long bachok flashes on the BBS, tectonic artist automatically come to the art treasure of copyright, to art work for people, canvas maximize the value of art, this is the focus of the writer task, is also the future network continue to be partial to.
Frequency over the years, our country's note for links to art, in buying artwork gutter at the same time, art copyright and art IP become the market hot spots, artists and art radiation gradually understanding to the starch into copyright; His oil painting, art prices soared, and the development of the Internet, make art imitation, piracy scene into explosive level increase, how love artists copyright rights issues become a mensch chaifei foreign minister.
Yan xiaohong, according to introduction, China copyright rural art copyright task HaoShang (hereinafter referred to as the writer) since it was founded in 2016 with canvas to integrate social pepper stem, a white paper for artists and art such as power supply used spare, copyright law assistance, KuaZi mediation and copyright recommendation will result obviously. "In the future, China copyright sludge will continue to vigorously, is entrusted with writer, increase the intensity of piracy attack, establishing good empty oil painting art market for gas.
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