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What do you think of the love affairs of wei and jin?
What do you think of the love affairs of wei and jin?
The original red army was on the knees, and the song was just as usual around the body. But in less formal places, celebrities don't need to sit in front of their seats, for example, in their favorite greenhouse, where they are at risk. Clan halls news, xie, li bai especially acura has poets sing with a few paintings of black paint music: "PAM wood attached to the branch, is not engraved cut. Take Long Wending, three-toed offered light meter. Don't say WeiJie, baisha still goes on. Curved bow in micro. Chat on final feast." Daydream reed {langya} the wang back by several travel by repair, Chen prefecture his photographs on the long talk and exhausted after feasting on v on the song by a few, his paintings are replace whatever clothes brush over the surface with a bed, a few throttling the languid is lazy and extraordinary smuggled goods.
This novel is a kind of exquisite furniture, in submandibular gland sit on the floor of the era, decorate on the table, couch, possessing it, for people to alleviate fatigue waist and legs shoulder knees. It consists of a flat circular arc surface and three tall oil painting horseshoe composition, wood paint, easy to several pen can draw the outline of the solution, but now preserved wei gentleman "capacity of the qing dynasty in the fast-rising disease" light will figure.
In the eastern jin dynasty, the song was very popular, but it was found in the archaeological view that the Lord was the only one who was buried in the tomb. Nanjing xiangshan reed {langya} the wang family's tomb, the oil painting with a ceramic piece a few (below) in the tao to bed couch, admittedly a few feast vacancy, is reminiscent of almost contemporaries in jiuquan in the murals of the meeting, the tomb of the servant or clothing belt, with a few sit picture.
But solemn song with a few depart from China like disregarding his manners is required, and attempts to animalization canvas worm, its surface can joint human body, outside a three-legged increased the strong sex, so that users self-indulgent common position adjustment. When a person green eye is a kind of object, must be the smoke gray of the object that causes resonance, wei jin decides the qu by a few. This age do not have old treacherous court official views moralistic son, as long as one painting set in public self alone, to seek the most comfortable work-and-study life and body for calm, they trust the saint "discouraged from less bright enough to find weak weak, go to the nature of the artificial", wish to establish a new military, deferential artificial born, die for it.
A few of the songs of The Three Kingdoms of the eastern oil paintings of wu thread, the servant of one of the tombs left a name on the wooden thorn: zhu. Books, a few ink to a lenovo to this is the young cosied up to sun quan, of jiangdong tackled guan yu, liu bei, yeh, with rain bow and arrow characters such as fearless ever-victorious generals in the note. In the twelfth year of his death, zhu died at the age of sixty-eight. Jiangyuan said he was "ripe clean lines, and the secret door, but a freak, over all the quality", in the tomb unearthed in great measure fine peerless lacquer, malaria parasites from the inscription "prison" shu, general sun quan is given this batch of lacquer ware from shu adlai was in charge of the jiangdong autonomously.
Oil painting
Despite being a military attache, zhu's wooden spines revealed his Taoist worship. And do theory is McMann, zhou yu and let's known as the battle of red cliff, at the battle of water Xie An, or those who live talk celebrities from wei and jin dynasty, they mixed with the smell of the free and easy, that even under gu kaizhi brush deduction buddhist painting the argumentation d the pollution on the wall, as a few forget it's "hidden".
This kind of windstone wall is different from the previous generation. Just like the wei and jin, who had been yanju, but no waist size. From the first qin to the han dynasty, the traditional and rigid lines were symbolized by a cross piece of wood and the two sides of the foot. "Rites" painting the aristocratic system of a few documentaries, the court will be given for the elder by a few rod with doves, predecessors, such as "beiqi school book figure" mountains wing figure "in the paintings of the step chariot figure, celebrities and installation fees possessing it is still a novice sex of a few straight.
What do you think of the love affairs of wei and jin?
North, with the influence of Buddhism and hu butt, the balance sheet of the oil painting in the attack the very big change, sit on the floor to pedal high step by step, how to sit on my hands and knees with a few when used to lean on v of small furniture, is not necessary for everyday. The late Ming gao lian sighed in "in accordance with the eight notes" : "there is very little in this type of poem, and the sanqing in the temple is like the ancient system." The object is not necessarily directly related to the religion of oil painting, but it will be quietly retired in a time of no character.
On the 26th of April, when we talk about wei and jin, what do you think of? Think of the bamboo forest seven xian, the five stone loose, think of ji kang's qin, wang xi-zhi's goose, xie daxian snow? After the period of time, you may also think of the song.
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