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Le Canigou, 1921

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Artist Introduce:
Juan Gris (March 23, 1887-1887) on May 11 Spanish painter, sculptor. Chris is the space of cubist painting and space is the perfect combination of the Renaissance. With Picasso, cuny's three pillars for cubism style movement.
Chinese name Juan Juan griess foreign name Gris countries by Spain's date of birth, died on March 23, 1887 date on May 11, 1927 job painter
Juan Gris (Juan Gris) was born in Madrid, died in Seine boulogne. Mr Jose northrop grumman gong institute Mr. Lai (i.e., Juan Gris) father is cassidy in person, mother is anda. According to the elder sister Anthony edda, he will show at the age of six or seven painting talent. However, he has been in regular schools, art and finally into the Madrid polytechnic school. Father's bankruptcy has made him give Madrid humor about cartoons. Soon, he was with an old painter Moore northrop grumman Carl cuny nano teen, fully committed to art. He deal with writers and artists, all day long to Juan Gris as his pen name.
During this period, the Spanish art progressive class has begun under the influence of the German publication to the modern style. "
Juan Gris at age 17, decided to leave for Paris. He sold everything as traveling expenses, because did not take any military service, he doesn't have a passport. So, he couldn't leave France in the future to make any travel. He applied for French nationality, but to death also failed to get it.
He attracted by the new achievements for Picasso, live in etienne lavigne ong way laundry ship, 13 by caricature, life very difficult. However, he is mainly for the study of art, therefore, after four or five years of exploration, he decided to show, he finally abandoned their jobs to make a living. His first customer cranley clinic is gram · the sago, the first display picture is sent to independent salon in 1912 to be greeted by Picasso. In the same year, he in Barcelona, rouen, had to show our work at the exhibition.
Cubist paintings against imitation, analysis object first, then, is not on the surface of the object that changing, but they are in continuous posture, in every face, even on the profile, to try to capture the object, thus caused in the picture a strange is often complicated, but highly expressive overlap. Griswold, however, the early works, especially the portrait (reinard, Picasso), were we can see it clear and balanced. Soon, cubism, and try to from the reality, can be provided to the audience as illustrate some of the tags into the painting. Cuny's masterpieces "nails" through real depicting vividly obtain the simple sense of wood, marble, heavy use of printing type, and with real newspapers to make the stickers. Juan Gris is to use all sorts of clever way to imagine a more profound, reform more closely a truly scientific theories of modern painting, and had played a decisive role in the so-called synthetic cubism.
In the summer of 1913, Chris and Picasso, ma luo in Mr Selebi stay together. Picasso to encourage him, and ma luo, on the other hand, with him with a theory of endless disputes. Since then, he was trying to cubism become clearer, more powerful, more irrefutable. Exhibition of independence in 1920, he joined the last common front cubism, but not unsuccessful, and drew from friends even libel, and he was generous to all the people all the time. He nervously to see the meaning of the cubist movement was distorted (its rapid development may have been destroyed by war, determined to single-handed efforts, looking for the modern "great style".
Juan Gris thinks, in the shape of the structure and has some kind of separation between colors, and color sometimes
Juan Gris paintings
And it is difficult to use a pen. Therefore, in the stickers, details are interchangeable, also does not harm the firm established the shape of the structure. This is the starting point of Juan Gris method. In this regard, card enwei, reported in 1920 of a conversation. Chris said to him: "I by organizing my images to begin to work, then I'll give each qualitative objects". He is also a frequently quoted, and generally interpreted have to go out of form words made clear that he is from general to specific, from abstraction, to achieve the real things. Comes before talking to him is very clear: "I work in mental ingredients", this was what he said, "to think for a start, I try to abstract things materialized", he continued, "I tried to get back the qualitative, starting from the common type, create some special individuals... Cezanne a bottle into a cylinder, I is a cylinder into a bottle, into a bottle". Because he also talked about the mathematical model of the picture, people inference that he was the abstract theory of mind, arbitrarily to overthrow the artistic creation of all normal subjects, and slam the door all humanity. Card with le had to give to this ridiculous words and hasty conclusion. And just look at Juan Gris's work, is sufficient to illustrate enwei le is really good. Painter with general methods, namely with memories, ideas, ideas laid the foundation of new works, and this kind of memory, views, ideas and after a long meditation to forming and owned by the artist. His conscience, choose to appear from geometry. Finally, with their own imagination and reason to make an objective, can communicates with the audience, for the audience to understand. Therefore, card with le in the creation of the musicians and writers to find some can be compared with the adult is reasonable.
Juan Gris method seems to make the real creative activities became more frequent, in this case, he will like the real classical writers, to establish a pure, elegant, serious, with the overall effect of the static, abandon all details and attached art. The in the 17th century, especially for philippe DE worship is very worship art, twilight when turn to Pompeii art. Fontainebleau, painting and the art of David. His brushwork precise, using way to overthrow shape, mind repeating rhythm, his strange fluctuations, make the line produces to create volume. His painting is full of image, symbol and meaning, is a logical, complex and rigorous system.

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