• Les Sables-d'Olonne
  • Les Sables-d'Olonne

Les Sables-d'Olonne

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Artist Introduce:
Charles-François Daubigny (Charles - Francois Daubigny, 1817-1878) French knight army medal winner, barbizon painter, is considered one of the important precursor of impressionism, was born in Paris on February 15, 1817, died in Paris on February 19, 1878, was buried in Paris priest lachaise cemetery 24 area. More than family, was born in art have been with my father - landscape painter armon DE Francois Charles-François Daubigny's (Edmond Francois Daubigny) and uncle miniaturist Pierre Charles-François Daubigny, (Pierre Daubigny) learning to paint. 1834 more than he had in Fontainebleau, a long time for outdoor sketch; In 1835 more than, with his work earned good go to study abroad in Rome, Italy, often near the village travel sketches to Rome. In 1838, his works "overlook Notre Dame DE Paris" for the first time in the salon exhibition creates a good response. In 1852 he and karmi, koro (Jean Baptiste - Camille Corot, 1796-1875) in travel sketches to Switzerland, after the trip to his landscape painting had a great effect; At the same time, it has also been the Steve Courbet, (Gustave Courbet, 1819-1877), the influence of becoming one of the earliest painter light painting outside. Locks of Mr Herbert watts 1855, painting a sensational world fair in Paris, the French circle agreed that this painting is sending out the rich and vibrant sweet earth breath, have a kind of incomparable beauty of nature. In 1857 he bought a small boat, the boat placed a studio, the name "boat", he rode the wave number boat along the river watts observation on both sides of the scenery, the thorough nature, places the sketch way, had a great influence on later impressionist painter, Monet (Claude descriptors, 1840-1926) also learn he built a studio "water". Due to long-term research water, river, pond, lake, he is considered to be the most good at barbizon school painter of water. Dolby's painting pen light, image and vivid, beautiful and pure and fresh, he's morning twilight, skylight brought low, and the river, lake, pond, the fields, are full of rich poetry, showing a real, simple beauty of nature.
Charles-François Daubigny's painting style led to the birth of the impressionist, especially more than, 1850, he was in Paris northwest watts river Orwell (Auvers), bought a farmhouse as a studio. This antique, 19th century style extremely quiet town become the cradle of impressionism. Built along the Banks of the White House, full of quiet and pure and fresh. Small beautiful gothic church is located in the high places of the village, overlooking the gurgling water, the river blue waves ripple, fast changing, glittering and translucent get rid of the sky, shu Bai Yunshi volume, the field verdant expanse, harmonious picturesque scenery. Here soon become a young painter monet, renoir, west weasley, pissarro, Cezanne people gathering place, they moved to nature of the easel painting, depicting the scenery around the moment in the sun, make images bright and shining. Here more than a visit to the UK, 1866 after he met with the leading impressionist Claude monet. The franco-prussian war broke out in 1870, more than left Britain returned to France, will also be monet to France; In Orwell impressionist after he met another owner Paul Cezanne, Paul Cezanne, 1839-1906), when the young artist is under the influence of Charles-François Daubigny's paintings, and more than he is to give the younger generation painter firm support, he more is known as the founder of impressionism.
Between 1864 and 1874 is considered to be more than the creation of creating its own success. Charles-François Daubigny's picture is the sun shines more, full of light; His composition is banner view more, have a clear sense of open, full of natural life. Charles-François Daubigny's works played a great role in light and color, with the whole and points out the ground scenery, colorful little brush and paint the sky with the whole, by contrast, is more than with the barbizon school of Rousseau (Pierre Etienne Theodore Rousseau, 1812-1867) emphasize the specificity of stroke, and combine closely the concreteness and object. Charles-François Daubigny's early style and exquisite, be koro friend in 1852 has changed the style, but pay more attention to the appearance of light all day feeling and atmosphere, and the subject of nature more directly. This just makes him get rid of the great critical criticism and increasingly being young artist, especially monet and impressionist praise, has earned its reputation as the "water of Beethoven". Its high-profile coloring, casual composition and smooth handle, showed more than mature and natural, and the effect of the authenticity and the setting sun certainly, accurate color and brushwork is insist for a long time to sketch the results. Sometimes, the pen in his works have the effect of a certain colour collocation, the colour is completely blending and out of the joint of each primary (this is typical of the impressionist method). This kind of characteristic in barbizon artists Dupre (Jules Dupre, 1811-1889), Diaz (Narcisse - Virgile Diaz DE La Pena, 1807-1876) and trevor Luo Yong (Constant Troyon, 1810-1865) works have appeared. To date, the Louvre, orsay museum, st. Petersburg winter Palace Museum, the New York metropolitan museum, national gallery of art in Washington, London's national gallery, Lyon art museum, Cincinnati museum, national museum of the Warsaw, walters museum of art, and many other famous museum collections how he works.

  • Les Sables-d'Olonne
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