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Machine Turn Quickly, 1916-1918

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Artist Introduce:
Francis Picabia ( 1879.1 ~ 1953.11) was born in Paris and died. Parents are wealthy cubans and French. From 1908 to 1911, Francis Picabia from worship of impressionism to keen cubism, is he academy of fine arts in Paris and decorative art school learning period. In 1911, he took part in a team cubism, as a "golden test", then join the delaunay and others "Orpheus" (or "the firth cubism"). This name is Neil in the wave o in a symposium (Orpheus is Greek mythology Thracian poet and singer, good playing the harp, its performance can make animals, rocks nod). Wave o Neil wrote a book in 1908 in the bestiary, one of the article entitled "Orpheus". When there are four different style cubism, so he used the essay to a school. This "Orpheus", is "some under the guise of material in a way that shows the new combination of art. It is not according to the vision of reality, and is entirely from the artist's creation, or caused by the artist has a strong reality. This style of work, must at the same time can show a kind of pure, clear structure and noble meaning, this is the theme of the pure art."
His life is changing the home, friends, thought, style, and fight for a cause, and then against this kind of business, and strive for a new things, and then put it away. He is caused by ancestral consciousness and personality anarchists, a painter is repetitive and destructive. He laughed at everything, including laugh at themselves, and like to discredit all ideas, institutions and people. His suspicious his autocratic, his freedom is more to the point of absolute liberalism. In short, he didn't want to Turkey, and want to make a fuss. But anyway, pirkanmaa biya still is one of his time, but also is a man.
Francis Picabia came to New York in 1918, with toussaint, man ray, and others in the famous stieglitz (AlfredStiglitz) of the "291" gallery (in the apartment of drawing profile in fifth avenue number 291) within the exhibited works together. Also in this person do contribute 291 magazine, published his new dada. Soon after, he started a magazine aims to oppose all "391" (the magazine's name is to commemorate the stieglitz publications) and co-editor of the journal dada and others. In 1920, he issued in Paris review "cannibalism". His important literature "abandon woman poetry and painting" is published in this period.
As one of the founders of dadaism, he attracted many young artist. His visit to Zurich, and the post-war Germany and France at contact.
Francis Picabia creation never fixed mode, has been in the change. He had a period of abstraction, returned to the representational art; Painting of surrealist works for a period of time, again to restart academic nudity. The collage canvas of feather and wood as in 1921, 119 x 78 cm. If it is typical of the dada works, dada and will become the pioneer of pop art. In fact, dadaism is an art.
Dadaism advocates abandon all the traditional aesthetics, claiming that art has nothing to do with aesthetics, and certainly not to the rhythm of the art, symmetry, harmonious, and so on. They want to create art is a kind of symbol, in poetry, is meaningless words combination: take a sheet of newspaper, a pair of scissors and cut out the words, poetry length according to your need, any of these cut arranged text, is a poem. In painting: meaningless line and color composition, is a picture. This attitude of art nihilism is anarchism thought in the history of art. French painter Francis Picabia is typical representative of this kind of art. His a portrait of zara ", painted, no one is a circle, straight line, curve, combined with unrelated words (phantom, authenticity, concepts of illusion, evaporation, flowers, incense), and then write the name of the zara, is a "portrait".

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