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Artist Introduce:
Georges Braque, French painter. Picasso's early works and the impressionism and fauvism. Cooperate with Picasso, until 1914, jointly launched a cubist painting. Mix into painting as early as letters, will paint pigment mixed with sand and using collage. In his works include the still life and landscape, the style is realism. His influence is actually not smaller than Picasso. And, the name "cubism" or by his work.
Chinese name Georges Braque foreign names Georges Braque the birthplace of France Argenteuil, died on May 13, 1882, the date of date of birth on August 31, 1963 career painters, sculptors The main achievements cubist movement founder Representative works "femme a la guitare" woman playing the guitar
Georges Braque, Georges Braque, 1882-1963), French cubist painting master, born in 1882 in argenteuil along the Banks of the Seine. His father is a real estate agent. Black family moved to le havre in 1893, he was my father's start painting shop as an apprentice, while studying in le havre academy of fine arts, in 1902, he entered art school in Paris, guiding by John boehner, and then transferred to institute of bale. In 1904, he set up his own studio. In 1905 after a visit to the autumn salon, he produces strong interest to brutalist painting, then two years later attended the brutalist painting movement. However, his work is in its "peace like song" tone, and the strong color, the brushwork is bold and unrestrained and exciting tunnel of brutalist work styles. After met with his art played a key role of Picasso, the two great painters of the history of collaboration is the early history of cubism. Until 1914, when both of them close cooperation, to create from the "Renaissance" invention perspective since the most revolutionary style of visual art. In the last years of his life, he created a series of two groups of shocking, namely "studio" and "black bird", will be exalted for French painting masters of the 20th century. Have the biggest impact on the early paintings of Cezanne and Picasso. He abandoned the impressionism and full of decorative curve fauvism style, reduce the excessive colour, in pursuit of across the entire frame structure compactness. His most important of the cubist movement early techniques "inventions" all made contribution, first using the words in the picture and the paint brush, the introduction of imitation wood and marble transition method. In the pigment into the sand and other components to produce all kinds of skin texture effect, then invented the sticker method. On the material technique test spent a great deal of energy. He is recognized as the most important in this century, the most innovative of the still life artist .
Black to the western modern art in the 20th century's influence is very big. Picasso him and James Joyce, say they are contemporary "two most fees person suspicion and anyone can understand".
Personal achievement
Painting achievement
Georges Braque, Georges Braque, 1882-1963), several innovation in the cubist movement, for example,
Georges braque works
Letters and Numbers to painting, by means of collage, and so on. Black works mostly still life and landscape painting, painting style is concise and simple, precise and unified. "He more than all the other cubist painter cannot reduce concrete and incisive analysis, bring the rare harmonious colour and any of his peers are helpless and elegant and fluent line. Black and Picasso works on the analysis of the cubist period, style is very close, so the thing is people together. This is extremely rare in the history of art phenomenon. The same two people not only act, but also is very similar to the selected topic. They prefer painting instrument. Black in the picture for the object, more extreme than Picasso. He analyses the majority is in the still life form. This may be because still lifes speaking to him less constraint.
Braque collage creation started in 1912. He tried to piecing up through a series of abstract graphics, to strengthen the effect of the composition of the picture. His production process more and more simple, bold, the effect is more direct and clear. He started from the abstract, then slowly turned to the representational, seek his theme in the overlap of abstract graphics. His collage, besides using pieces of paper, rarely with other materials. This is often seen as do not have art qualitative material, to the "construction drawings" creation of braque, bring great convenience.
Other achievements
Black is also a sculptor, illustrator and stage designer. His paintings have decoration tastes.
Personal works
The clarinet
In 1913 the clarinet, black is his collage masterpiece. Here, the objective object and the composition of subjective creation mutual confluence, to produce a kind of is the modelling of make the person surprise is convincing value and kindness. In the simple picture of the structure, each visual elements, whether different pieces of paper or light paint line, become a kind of symbol. Those lines make clip graphics to obtain some rely on and meaning, can even let a person from the comprehension to some kind of spirit. By collage, artists will seems to have been forgotten performance factors, especially on the material and the aesthetic feeling of color, made clear to the viewer. This obviously with analytical cubism style greatly different its interest. The first world war enlisted in the army, black on painting after the war. Then gradually moved away from the rigid type of cubism, early geometric language modifications change as more freedom and the form of light, color and simple coordination, showing moderate compromise the appeal of the naturalism, harmonious and beautiful calm, constitute a new artistic realm.
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