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Rain in an Oak Forest

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Artist Introduce:
Ivan Shishkin(Ivan i. Shishkin) (1832-1898) is a 19 th-century Russian tour exhibition painting the most representative landscape painter, is also one of the founders of the late 19th century realism landscape.
Chinese name Ivan Shishkin foreign names Ivan i. Shishkin countries Russia's birthplace Olivia, province leaf LABS and city who died in 1832 of date of birth date in 1898, the industry landscape painter Graduated from college Painting, sculpture and architecture college, Petersburg academy of fine arts The main achievements Russia exhibition tour school representative landscape painter, the founder of the realism landscape. Representative works Forest secret place, the outskirts of Moscow, pine forest in the morning at noon
An overview of the
Ivan Shishkin of forest landscapes with great and full of vigor and vitality to describe object, the swaying
Spectacular trees towering stands, full of vitality. Kim Lin numerous wood, the density and large forest beauty and mystery, by rendering to get incisively and vividly, is beautiful.
Ivan Shishkin depict trees, either alone, or jungle with epic character. The image of the majestic trees and vigorous, personality, show the Russian national character. For critics, vivid portrayal of his life, depicting the Russian north the grandeur of nature, to explore the mysteries of the forest, was praised as "the singer" of the forest. Brahms coalesced (Ivan Nicholas has · krumm coalesced) called him "the Russian landscape development milestone," and said "he is a school".
In the mar fe, na countess forest "Ivan Shishkin
On January 13, 1832, when Ivan Shishkin was born in Virginia, province leaves LABS, a merchant family. Leaf LABS and the city is a small town, surrounded by water, mountains forests and plains, picturesque. So he harbor deep feelings to the forest, he also get a lot of knowledge about forest, since painting to draw large forest.
Academic careers
"In the far north," Ivan Shishkin
20, he came to Moscow in 1852, was admitted to painting, sculpture and architecture college, learning into the monk, the studio.
Four years later, graduate to Petersburg academy of fine arts in 1856, the artist fu robbie his studio to learn five years, nine years before and after the art of learning, make his painting foundation is very solid. Two especially before and after his mentor, consistent support his interest in the creation of the Russian nature, in favor of his artistically designed to describe the forest, trees as own duty, independent development path choice. ,
In 1860, he won a golden medal with honors, 28, and out of school, started to travel abroad have been to Switzerland, Bohemia, Munich, Zurich, Dusseldorf, visit, investigation and study, to come back to Russia in June 1865.
Marriage is love
The next year, Ivan Shishkin took part in the Russian artists association.
In 1867 and his students fedor vasiliev sister Eugene cover, social life, love each other, and they got married in 1868.
After returning home, Ivan Shishkin be headed by gram, according to st Petersburg artist combination "Thursday" often participants.
Honorary editor
Because of frequent common activity with the progress of realist painter, Ivan Shishkin thought had the very big change, can contact with the reality of the Russian people, pay attention to democratic social thought, hence become a man of new democracy aesthetic landscape painter.
"In the forest" Ivan Shishkin
At the age of 33 (1895) and won the title of Petersburg academician of academy of fine arts.
In 1869, just he won the first piece of Ivan Shishkin gallery at noon on the outskirts of Moscow.
In 1873 because of the secret in forest was awarded the title of professor. This year, his wife died.
By 1880, he and female painter Olga raga to get married, but after the first biennial gave birth to her daughter married raga to death. Since then Ivan Shishkin hence studying painting creation.
St Petersburg for reform of the academy of fine arts in 1894, he took part in the teaching work, and at that time, the famous painter library because of the separation of the two landscape painting studio with cheese. But because the two style is different, Ivan Shishkin pays attention to basic training, and library for cheese is good at decoration, attract more students, Ivan Shishkin eventually left the academy of fine arts.

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