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Window on the City No. 3

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Artist Introduce:
Robert Delaunay (1885-1941), French painter. He tried to abstract form and color, is one of the earliest painter pure abstract works. Such as "CD" and "round: the sun and the moon," such as work, delaunay make colour becomes the subject of the painting, and use color to create the form.
DE Paris's inner hometown study, beginning around 1904 paintings. In 1910 he was born with Ukraine's French artist Sonia turco (1885-1979) to get married. That same year, delaunay began writing the Eiffel Tower series of pictures. In these works, he will be fragmented forms of cubism and changeful color combination of opposites. In 1912 he began painting abstract only. Art critic guillaume polly o Neil specially invented a new word "the firth doctrine" to describe the Delaunay lyrical abstract works .
Born in Paris, have been fond of painting, has studied in a stage art school. In 1904, he became a professional painter, painting, he had been the color of the seurat decomposition, Cezanne's concept of space and shape analysis of Picasso and braque, and other factors. In addition, he used to studying at all become book "from existing color contrast"; This had a decisive impact on seurat's painting works, also deeply affect the delaunay painting, so that he will eventually show the rhythm of light and color beauty, as the main target of the painting. He put the light into the seven color of the rainbow, and a new method to put them back together on the picture, eventually led painting pure abstract way.
Between 1910 and 1911 creation of the "window of the city, no. 4 in this painting, Delaunay using originated from divisionism color dot pattern, created a geometry as a kaleidoscope of the world. This is the first abstract works of modern painting.
The emergence of the modernist school of western art has its political, economic, culture, philosophy of history, is closely connected with the process of modern western society.
New technology revolution, the social structure and people's thinking, consciousness of value idea, the change of the relationship of the people, and so on, photography technology matures, represented by the Japanese prints
Oriental art and the introduction of African art, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche's philosophy and the influence of Freud's psychology and the contradictions and defects of western realistic society and contribute to the formation of modern art.
Delaunay in 1912-1913 "disc" series of paintings, is acknowledged as the French painter of the earliest purely abstract painting. Delaunay himself in his later years had called them "abstract painting the decisive and openness of the declaration". In this series of paintings, forms and overlap of the disc, is the motif images only. Delaunay them as a symbol of the spirit.
Major works
"The window", 1912-1913
Delaunay systematically in his paintings were used in the window, deconstructs the prism of color, color is not stable line is no longer a anything.

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