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Ilya Repin-The most renowned Russian artist of the 19th century

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Ilya Yefimovich Repin ,Russian painter, exhibited important representative figure painting. Born in the ancient, hill, studying in Petersburg academy of fine arts. Has to travel to Italy and France in 1873-76, the European classical and modern art. After returning diligence, created a lot of history painting, genre painting and portraits, shows the poor people's suffering and desire for a better life. In 1878, he took part in tour exhibition of fine arts association. Representative works include the pull on the volga river, the propagandist was arrested, "surprising return", "check what letters for Turkish sultan polo" and "Tolstoy" and so on.
Chinese name Ilya Yefimovich Repin  foreign names Ilya Efimovich Repin Repin countries don't name Russian empire/Russia/Russian Soviet socialist federal republic of the republic of Soviet socialist republics nations ethnic russians birthplace Hill ancient died in 1844, date of birth date career painting masters graduated from colleges and universities in 1930 Petersburg academy of fine arts letter orthodox Representative works of the tracker on the volga river, unexpected return
Like Tolstoy - gram si ke according to drawing
Ilya Yefimovich Repin  (И л ь second Е ф и м о kind guide и discusses some related problems Р е п и н on August 5, 1844 - September 29, 1930) is the late 19th century great Russian critical realism painter. Was born on July 24, 1844, Ukraine hill ancient chu, province, town, on September 29, 1930, died in library Mr Kara. Early years with the ikon painter painting, entered the Royal Academy of fine arts in 1864, 1871 to participate in the graduate thesis writing competition won the gold award.
After returning to China in 1876, adhere to in the country and folk painting, and democratic and revolutionary intellectuals maintain close ties. His "the propagandist's arrest", "refused to making", "unexpected return" are excellent works depicting the revolutionary struggle of life. And Russian historical events to the attention of more cause his strong desire for history painting creation, "on November 16, 1581, Ivan and killed by his son", "princess Sophia" and the firm of polo to Turkish sultan letters "and so on. On September 29, 1930, died in his hometown.
Repin in full, on the basis of observation and deep understanding of life, with its rich and distinctive artistic language to create a lot of history painting, portrait painting, his paintings show so much, when the Russian social life is so broad and comprehensive, is no a painter can match with them.
Ilya Yefimovich Repin
Repin's father was a settlement army officers. The whole family in the settlement of toil, childhood repin experience to the life of poverty and hardship, how he also more than once witnessed the prisoners were driving through front, these impressions became his creation of the material in the future. But is received in the painting workshop repin talents as an apprentice's cousin. My cousin often give him back to some paper, paint, brushes, which are exposed, repin was fascinated with painting gradually.
Repin was admitted to Petersburg academy of fine arts in 1864, six years later, in a teen he graduated with high honors, and won the gold medal and socialized to Italy, the opportunity to study abroad in France. 1876 home and began the creation of perseverance.
Russia has progressive democratic ideas of realism painters and sculptors of exhibition tour "painting" argues that truly represents the Russian people
Ilya Yefimovich Repin  works
History, society, life and nature, exposing the tsarist autocracy. Repin to join the school in 1878, created a large number of realistic painting. He's pull on the volga river is one of the realistic painting outstanding representative works, also is the painter's famous work. Picture shows: under the hot sun hot summer, long, deserted beach, a group of ragged that dragged the shipment go forward somberly. Repin shaped 11 tracker in the paintings, their age, figure, personality, physical, and expression each are not identical, we see from them is not only the tsarist autocracy under the life like ordinary people enslaved, more realized their wisdom, goodness and strength. Tour which is the innovation of the painter, painting artist in the past work is all the people as an object of sympathy, pity, and repin in reality at the same time, through the character's expression and gesture to fully embody the people body contain enormous energy, give a person with motivation, shock. Since the 1880 s, the doyen of repin is acknowledged as the critical realism, become a flag exhibition tour school.
Repin works always beating the pulse of The Times, at the same time he also with the progress of revolutionary democratic activists, intellectuals, maintain close contacts, so he made many to reflect "revolutionaries unyielding struggle" as the theme of outstanding works. Depicting the exiles suddenly home scene of the accident return can be said to be a household name. This oil painting is like a novel about a revolutionary how painful suffered after the exile, the family is how sad, and he and his family after exiles not period to how surprised and excited. This is a painting artist creation peak. The painter's painting talent has been concentrated in the work. On each character are lifelike: a black woman, just from the chair sitting to stand up, turn to "return", seems to be ran to hug, and able to lift your steps; Sitting at the table of the two children, larger looked up and stared at the boy and gladly, mouth, and his, surprised, as if to shout out loud; Some small children timidly move the eye from reading the books to the "stranger"; ...... To see "exiles returned", is a tall, thin, wearing a faded hypertrophy coat, is heavy muddy boots on his foot, he was only has experienced a long journey to meet each other with their relatives and his attitude some hesitant, and even some not confident, seems to be the stranger's home he felt like a stranger, but his manner was determined, brave. We felt the revolutionaries from exiles indomitable spirit of heroism. Repin seize "exiles got threshold for an instant, he and the expression of each family member," show "surprise, surprise" and other complex emotions. Painter other revolutionary theme works and escorted the muddy road, the arrest of the propagandist, refused to repent.
Editing work
Repin life is very hard, keep improving every picture, he is not only the pride of the Russian national, also occupies a significant place in the world art history.
Created in 1870 ~ 1873 the tracker on the volga river. In order to create the picture, under the rule of the tsar Russian people's miserable life and work, he went to the volga twice, in-depth observation that life, make the picture on the tracker is to live in the bottom of the oppressed, is also has the perseverance of the strong life, shows the power and the people's spiritual beauty.
Go to France to study in 1873, a further improve painting skills.
After returning to China in 1876 with the help of religious practices in small towns is a series of genre, reflects the countryside due to the development of capitalism in the class. He history of painting is also very good. Masterpiece "princess Sophia" and "Ivan killed son", "to check what people write to the sultan polo" shows the tragic conflict, depicting the historical figures of complex mental outlook and psychological changes. He also use the brush depicts the late 19th century Russian populists against the tsars autocratic politics, including the execution to refused to repent before, enters the room and arrested the propagandist etc. He is a portrait painter, his view of contemporary celebrity portrait as the most meaningful thing.
This is one of the painter field sketch works. He used the temperate color, still give a person with rich and colorful feeling, make the picture full of sunlight and air. Repin such outdoor sketch works, try to keep the spiritual nature of the characters, with unusual technique, plain depicts the real close to their characters. The lively and lovely girl in the painting is the artist's daughter repin, she don't have any affectation of expression in the presence of the father.
Sartre, rich in underwater kingdoms
A mythical hero of the Russian Sartre, came to the underwater kingdoms. Jewelry the undersea world is full of bright in his temptation, like a cloud of beauty from his side filed past. And his girlfriend are high, the stage looked at him, Sartre rich without regard to lure straight to his girlfriend. The painter repin with romantic imagination and skill, depicts the story. Character personality is distinct, embodies the rapin art talent. Repin three years studying in the west created a lot of painting, in Paris in 1876 to complete the picture depicting the Russian folk narrative poem creation. In the big oil painting depicting the epic subject matter is a kind of attempt. In the picture shows the illusion of reality, a bit of a romantic interest.
Unexpected return
Enters the room
This picture show a long exiled revolutionaries suddenly home moment caused consternation reaction in his family. This is a middle-class intellectual family, from indoor decoration and progress of Russian poet andrei shevchenko is hanged on the wall on the portrait of visible of revolutionaries is belief in democracy, he came home after years of exile, prudence to guard looked at his family. This is a torture but never yield of revolutionaries, he came back from the distant Siberian, dressed in uniforms, has been exhausted. Paintings depicting two children is the most vivid, surprised by the boy's expression that identify the hair beard was his father, his sweet mouth just to call out "daddy", while the little girl show fear of strangers, the details show that the recent arrest in the boy's little memory and impression, and the little girl could still lie in the cradle, the child's two expression vividly displayed in accordance with age. Mother and son with a look of the eye, after a moment of silence will break out together the joy of flesh. Painter has repeatedly modify the composition of a picture, the final set the picture to choose the servant opened the door, the split second of exiled revolutionaries entering indoor scenarios, which show all the like a drama, drawing the layout of the characters and scenes in the equilibrium and the effect of echo, form a strict and orderly natural scenes, rich move feeling. Moments of silence and peace, visible painter of revolutionaries deep sympathy, understanding of society and people, every characters in the picture, is typical and have a distinct personality.
Ivan killed the child
This picture is the original name of November 16, 1581, terrorist Ivan and his son ". Ivan iv is the first in the history of Russian tsar (tsar Caesar), 16 th-century Russia's authoritarian rulers. His ruthless, kill when I was 17 has the real power of regent, self-reliance for the emperor. Has relentlessly slaughtered all against his enemies, bishop of counter-insurgency, hanged, eventually kill his own son. But from a historical perspective, he in unity and governance has a remarkable feats. The regime is established on the basis of terror, so he jumped him as "Ivan the terrible" namely "Ivan". Repin's age, in Russia's history the horror and the darkest of times. In the 80 s, the Russian territory by the tsar Alexander ii was stabbed and start bloodbath, so as to arouse people's anger and resistance, repin intends to show the reality of The Times. One day, he went to listen to Russian composer was home base, rimsky-korsakov's symphony called "aetna" the second part of the time of revenge, inspired, he said: "it gives me an indelible impression, I think whether can embody in the painting I affected by music and the emotions? I'm Ivan the terrible memories. Over the years many bloody events happened one after another, feel terrible, but there is a kind of power is always urged me to finish the painting." Painters chose such a plot portray: Ivan the terrible in a dispute with his son, dashed past, with a rod of the hands of the wat son unfortunately hit the head of the blood from the wound... The occasional violent impulses cause successors life, Ivan Epiphany this terrible time move, immediately come forward to embrace the dying son, terror, remorse eyes wide open, and his son want to forgive but to no avail, animal and human nature at the same time display in Ivan's body. In order to enhance your triggers, painter intends to use the deep red tone. Dark background, to strengthen the prospects of terror. The red carpet, mirrored that bloody struck. Painter focused on the thin face of depicting Ivan, terrified stare at two big eyes, that kind of irreversible kill a child, adumbrative Ivan in the rule will perish, and show to the world the brutality of the tsar was destined to fail. This painting was angered the tsar authorities, a chief prosecutor in to the emperor on the throne said, "the painter with all true to describe this event, the what is the purpose? Why should draw Ivan? Besides tendency, couldn't find another reason." So just show the picture will be removed, it is strictly prohibited.
Check what people write to Turkish sultan polo
Check of polo is 16 and 18 th-century Russian cossacks in Ukraine's organization, most of them escaped from the landlord under the serfs, have a standing army of more than twenty thousand people, bravery and hardiness, ShaFuJiPin, indomitable. Turkish sultan had written to persuade them to submit to the Ottoman empire, the Cossack warriors never to love their motherland, so they went to a letter to the sultan. This painting depicts the scene when it is write a letter, people used to laugh at sarcasm Turkey language, wang made the people laugh. Everybody laughed at in the picture, but because of the characters status, background, personality, smile posture and facial expression also each are not identical, can be said to be an encyclopedia of human laughter. Painter to create this work, check polo visited people living place, not only study their historical data, and drew many ethnic cultural characteristics of the props and decorations, so as to show the greatness of Russia national spirit and cultural tradition. Repin in the prominent depicting two back to the audience the foreground characters, behind their back and waist with many props, this subtle with content reflect both check polo people love life full of life interest, also contains a deep philosophic theory, namely the Russian cossacks has its own cultural traditions, in each of us has our own distinct personality characteristics, overall image to show the world the spirit of a nation, they are invincible. Repin when it comes to the conception of the painting once said: "our check polo people makes me happy is that freedom, they created equal brothers friendship to defend their faith the highest character and personality. The small nation's warriors is a powerful spiritual force, not only to defend against predators of the east Europe, emotional to make fun of the east and the predator's pride."
KuErSiKeSheng religious procession
Repin in Moscow after six years of life back in Petersburg, and vladimir stasov returned to close
"The religious procession KuErSiKeSheng"
The exchanges. It was painted at this time in Russia's painting works. Painters through the mighty mass religious procession, depict the identity of the Russian society at all levels and all kinds of character group, ranks in the center of the characters is wearing a turban, holding ikon landlady. Is long, fat businessman, them also with the same authority consciousness. Walk in the middle has a long beard the arrogance of the chief priests, dressed in a satin-covered offering suits, he is a holy on behalf of all the rulers. Different characters in the picture dress is different, different behavior attitude, is the epitome of Russia. The painter's brush touches on all the people, the village chief, police officers, farmers and beggars were filled with pictures, they have a wide range of social psychological burden. Hundreds of religious procession in the landlords and the priests for the market, farmers and beggar walking can only pull over, especially in the front features a lame beggar and peasant women, that allowed to take small stick is allowed to crippled children came near, all show the attitude of a painter. Artists only attaches great importance to the scene of light and color performance, Tolstoy after watching is pointed out that the characterization of no importance to characters in the painting itself, the basic thoughts of work without the picture. Repin accepted, after the completion of this painting represents the sun's mass, light here, strengthened the character image, profoundly reveals the character and essence of The Times. The painting with bright color, composition, open sports huge visual impact to the audience.
Affect the editor
In a series of portraits, the most outstanding is the portrait of jose sol, ", "vladimir stasov portrait, portrait of Tolstoy". Also like a relaxed and cheerful tone, their relatives and friends, such as "dragonfly", "rest", "flowers of autumn" and so on, is actually a portrait of similar genre painting. At the Royal Academy of fine arts teaching in the 14 years, he for Russian fine arts training a generation of rising star. In his later years in the form of autobiographical writing memoirs "however".
To paint under the rule of the tsar Russian labor people's miserable life, he went to the volga twice before graduation, observation of the pull of a long life, painted many sketches, familiar with and understand their personality and life experience. After repeated examination and brewing for a long period of time, repin's pull, is not only the life at the bottom of the suffering people, also is to have the perseverance of life the strong. Repin took advantage of the beach on the composition of topography and river turning, make 11 that there is a group of portraits of sculpture, is in a yellow, high up on the base of. On the view of the volga river made a very good picture layout, make this size is not big picture has grand profound feeling. It not only reveals the realistic contradiction, and affirmed the positive force of the society, the Russian genre painting added new language.

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