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Shipment and Cost

Ship by Express Delivery such as USPS, DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT or FEDEX

The shipping will take 3-7 working days,The shipping price increases when the weight exceeds the 500mg mark. In other words, if the order is 999mg, the shipping cost is the same as 501mg.

The total delivery time.

The total delivery time has two parts. (the processing time of painting and the shipping time )

One part is the time for the painting been completed, in usually, the painting will be finished around 10-15 days by artists, the time include the paint and drying, if it is large size or complex painting, or it is one bulk orders, it will need more times.

The other parts is shipping time, you can choose the any shipping methods such us USPS, DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT or FEDEX.

Weight Of Paintings (paintings + Package ) so you can calculate the shipping cost by express delivery for your orders.











0.20 kg

0.25 kg

0.30 kg

 0.35 kg

0.45 kg

 0.60 kg

0.85 kg

 1.80 kg

 Note: 1 inches=2.54 CM

Shipping cost:

Shipping by DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT or FEDEX.  The first 0.5kg is 24 USD, the second 0.5 kg is extra 6 USD

For example,if you have purchase one painting in size 12x16 inches, the shipping cost is 24 USD .

If you have purchase one painting in size 30x40 inches, the shipping cost is 30 USD ( 24 + 6 ) .

Shipping Insurance

Typically a courier provides very minimal or no direct shipping insurance for any package that is shipped. Therefore, we recommend buying shipping insurance from us on the 'Check Out' page. We track millions of packages every month to calculate the loss and damage rates, which directly reflect the prices that are seen on our site. Our shipping insurance is usually very reasonable and affordable.

Tax & Duty Insurance

Each country has different rules concerning import duties and taxes. Often, there may not be a charge, but there is also the chance that upon arrival the customer will be charged taxes/duties; in which case the customer is responsible for the extra charges. To completely remove the stress and uncertainty from a shopping experience, we recommend the purchase of Tax & Duty Insurance from us. As long as Tax & Duty Insurance is bought, we will fully reimburse customers any additional tax or duty fees that may have been incurred.