Aivazovsky, armenians Russian painter, famous for seascapes.
During my study in Petersburg Royal Academy of fine arts in 1833, as a landscape painting "the sea air", "calm", has won the reputation. Studies after returning from Italy in 1844, the institute awarded him the title of academician. Masterpiece "nine grades" (Tibetan Russian museum), the black sea (hide column just can gallery), the bulls of hauling goods, etc., have a romantic atmosphere, and has the characteristic of realism. Life picture about 6000 works, nearly half is painting. His fyodor studio, josiah was the Russian art center in the south, has trained many excellent painter.
Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky Armenian descent was born by the Russian peoples Fyodor province of date of birth, died on July 29, 1817 date on May 5, 1900 career artist graduated from colleges and universities Petersburg Royal Academy of fine arts The main achievements superb seascape painting creation Representative works "the sea air", "calm", "nine", "black sea" and so on.