Philip James de Loutherbourg RA is a famous British painters of French ancestry. Mr de Loutherbourg is a unique personality and style of the artist, his artistic endeavors are about saw real scene, and use the brush to perfect it, don't shy away from ugly, also do not follow the classical pattern. He is a creation of the 18th century landscape painting with realism of baroque art of famous artists.
Philip James de Loutherbourg countries Britain's birthplace Strasbourg, France birth date date of October 31, 1740 died on March 11, 1812 school career artist Jean - Georges Wille college representative works, the marina storm "a to conway castle shore fishing boat" gender male good at landscape painting
Philip James de Loutherbourg was born on October 31, 1740 in Strasbourg, France, his father Philipp - Jakob (1698-1768) felipe jie cooper in miniature portraits, darmstadt engraver. He gave his son the first art training class. 1755 dell bouguer settled in Paris, young he attended Jean - Georges Wille college, and in the portrait painter, Charles - Andre van Loo and Marine and war painter Francesco Casanova under the guidance of learning painting.