Albert Bierstadt the painter in the painting in the 19th century America's most important. When bill s burt 2 years of age, they moved to the United States from Germany new Bedford, Massachusetts. Bill s burt to him for his good, great paintings is famous for its structure, in his age of his works were purchased at amazing price. His popularity and the accumulation of wealth rapidly expand, reached the height of the surprising, but it made him in the most brilliant stage began to interest from originally of impressionist works into the public's taste, so his landscape painting gradually disappeared in the painting. In 1895, bill s burt declared bankruptcy.
Albert Bierstadt countries record was born in the United States Germany's date of birth date of January 7, 1830, died on February 18, 1902 career painting artist Main achievements in the Oregon trail, Yosemite valley, representative works of the Oregon trail, the Yosemite valley gender male.