Philipp Otto Runge (philipp otto runge) was born on July 23, 1777, died on December 2, 1810. Philipp Otto Runge is German romanticism painters. Philipp Otto Runge late start painting creation, combined with the unfortunate death, so his career is not very long, however, Philipp Otto Runge is still still is the best of the German romanticism painters.
Philipp Otto Runge in 1777 was born in Cornwall, (Wolgast) of a family in the shipbuilding industry. A total of eleven children in the home, Philipp Otto Runge ranking ninth. Sickly Philipp Otto Runge since childhood, often because of illness and go to school. In the home, Philipp Otto Runge from mother learned the art of paper cutting, and paper-cut also become Philipp Otto Runge keep practicing the art of life. In 1795, Philipp Otto Runge began in brother Daniel (Daniel) company do business apprentice. In 1799, under the brother's financial support, Philipp Otto Runge in Copenhagen institute (Copenhagen Academy) learning to paint. In 1801, moved to long Dresden Dresden continues to pursue advanced studies. There, he met Samuel caspar David friedrich (caspar David friedrich), Ludwig grams (Ludwig Tieck) and his wife Pauline Bassenge. Philipp Otto Runge began extensive research in the 17th century, mysterious Jakob "wheat (Jakob Boehme). In 1803 to the Weimar (Weimar) travel, Philipp Otto Runge and John Wolfgang von Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe), who met two people due to the common love for art become good friends.