Frederic Edwin Church ( 1826-1900), American painter. He belongs to the Hudson River school landscape painting artists.
Person's life
Frederic Edwin church (1826-1900). He belongs to the Hudson River school
The old ship Frederic Edwin church
Landscape painting artists. Church with dramatic realism as geological wonders created large panoramic paintings in the western hemisphere.
Such as the Niagara, certo Pacific ", "ice", and "the heart of the andes" shows his grasp of the details and the subtle light color control. Many critics argue that depict the woods of Maine wilderness dawn is his masterpiece. The church has the art, Connecticut in the land of his birth and kass, Thomas cole door to study art in New York. Church in north and South America to travel everywhere, carefully study pencil drawing and painting. Around 1870, he settled in New York's Hudson. Orana, his house is now a museum.