Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789) was born in avignon, France, has been engaged in landscape painting in Italy when he was young, the age of 20 moved to Rome, has been returned to France to 39.
Naples, he has repeatedly trip to Naples, painted scenery, back home had painted the French port series of landscape painting, because of his scenery grasp the accuracy and the use of clever to the light, made him the 18 th-century French outstanding master of landscape painting, painting style tendency is classical, but with the creation of old age "wrecked" and so on has shown romantic bud.
The storm and the shipwreck
He inherent in Naples, Italy when ocean scenery, return to France and then describe the sea port for many times, do you have any special ocean observation and performance ability, the seascape painter. He in this picture the wrecked ship Marine landscape, with broad vision portrays the storm comes to lift the heavy waves upset the boat, the shore, the plot of the boatman work rescue painter special art of composition and processing, expressed in nature: sunrise east west rain two different shapes of the nature of a painting, it is true that it is romantic, thick clouds with a storm on the sea and the sun shine again, fierce waves to eat almost everything, the rolling; Blue water agitate circuitous and hit the beach rock, painter in the scene to start it's transition from classicism to romanticism art.