Thomas Cole, (1801-1848), American painter. He is one of the founders of the Hudson River school. His romanticism about New York and New England landscape painting is the most famous, such as the white mountain canyon (crawford valley), the lake view of America, and the orcs bo (Connecticut near the northampton DiGeHe) ". He also allegorical paintings, including the rise and fall of the empire, the trip of life, and the architect's dream.
This name Thomas cole was born time 1801, died 1848 male gender
Cole was born in England, immigrated to the United States in 1819. He entered the Pennsylvania academy of fine arts learning. The original work as a portrait painter and sculptor. In 1825, he settled in New York, and exhibited his first batch of landscape painting. In 1829, cole to Europe, visit to England, France and Italy. After return to the United States in 1832, he began to write a satire painting and historical themes.