John Martin (1789-1854) is the first half of the 19th century painter, major works such as "the bard".
Date of birth 1789 death date 1854 representative works "the kingdom of heaven is plain"
He in this "the bard" painting, to landscape as the main body of art image, ornament people activity plot. Paint a romantic poet ranks amongst the mountain peak, likes lang of his poems, the painter used his wild action, show his passion. Although his image in the broad and profound nature is small, but he seemed to shake the mountain torrent, the introduction of soldiers in the mountain troops also to listen for it. This is a painting by using classical painting performance romantic feelings, there is
"The kingdom of heaven is plain"
Martin is a romantic painter, his rich imagination to the creation of a kind of human nature, in the picturesque scene of profound and dotted with a group of activities of fairy, so as to express my feelings. Martin have profound classical model foundation, so he is always for a classical painting landscape, to express romantic feelings.