• The Marina Piccola, Capri (1859)
  • The Marina Piccola, Capri (1859)

The Marina Piccola, Capri (1859)

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Artist Introduce:
Albert Bierstadt the painter in the painting in the 19th century America's most important. When bill s burt 2 years of age, they moved to the United States from Germany new Bedford, Massachusetts. Bill s burt to him for his good, great paintings is famous for its structure, in his age of his works were purchased at amazing price. His popularity and the accumulation of wealth rapidly expand, reached the height of the surprising, but it made him in the most brilliant stage began to interest from originally of impressionist works into the public's taste, so his landscape painting gradually disappeared in the painting. In 1895, bill s burt declared bankruptcy.
Albert Bierstadt countries record was born in the United States Germany's date of birth date of January 7, 1830, died on February 18, 1902 career painting artist Main achievements in the Oregon trail, Yosemite valley, representative works of the Oregon trail, the Yosemite valley gender male
Personal profile
In the years 1853 to 1857, he had returned to Germany to study painting. History in foreign this time, bill burt was alone to the Rhine, the Alps and traveling in Italy. When he returned to the USA, he held an exhibition in new Bedford, shows a total of 150 works, including some all the major artists of his age. In December 1857, Boston library to buy a painting by history of bill burt, is that it established the history of bill burt through faith in the artistic career.
In April 1859, the history of bill burt joined, led by colonel Frederick w 'land exploring expedition. For history of bill burt, it is wise to become an adventurer, a trip to his artistic career fast material provides more works, and his artistic career into a very important stage. In 1859, bill s burt with sketch and three-dimensional photos back in New York, in the tenth avenue buildings set up his own studio. In the studio, he created the first western panoramic landscape painting, the painting not only laid a he's prestige in the world, and in the mid - 1770 - s, makes him a Frederick church on the competition "American outstanding painter" the only opponent.
Because in those days, there are still many land has never been discovered the secret of the immortal works of history of bill burt shows mountains and waterfalls there are many people are in the east of the creative imagination. His first show is about these works in 1859, and won the unprecedented success. From 1859 to 1864, his works have been shown at Boston library; From 1861 to 1879, on display in brooklyn art association; From 1873 to 1880 in Boston institute of fine arts exhibition. And in 1860 to 1902, he became a member of the international design art institute.
His works like "the Oregon trail" and "Yosemite valley" (1866) made him one of the most popular American artist. In 1860, bill s burt was elected to the international design art school of elders. In the same year, he created a few picture to baishan and saw and heard during my trip in the southern United States. 1863 years history of bill burt began the second trip to the west, it was in 1867 that followed have another journey to Europe. In 1871, he moved to California, and there for Francisco art life serves as a very active role. In 1873, he returned to New York. In the 1780 s, bill s burt completed Capitol mural creation, and because his wife's health deteriorated, that he only went to the a trip to the Bahamas. His third visit to Europe in 1883. In 1889, he painted in the United States of Alaska and British art. He has been working in the late 18th century landscape painting. He has also conducted some publicity about invented different kinds, including his own design improvement of the train.
He produced on a large scale, spectacular, dramatic landscape oil painting, almost all caused a great impact. His works can be found in many of the major public places, and private collections throughout the United States and Europe to his work, including the metropolitan museum of art, making him one of the artists in the world. Throughout the second half of the 19th century, his art career for a period of time, he showed in the United States as the first artist to sophisticated travel far west travel and created some powerful works about nationalism and religious beliefs. In these works are completed in his studio, these works on the scale is huge, on the influence also nots allow to ignore. The freedom of the history of bill burt changed the landscape details to pursue a kind of awe, spectacular effect. He gained than observations on the color is more inclined to use, according to his own way with beautiful green plants, surrounded by water and light atmosphere of the ice blue turquoise mountains. From prospect to the progress of the background is a dramatic change, there is no middle soft and subtle.

  • The Marina Piccola, Capri (1859)
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