• Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1588-08-08 by Philip James de Loutherbourg, painted 1796
  • Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1588-08-08 by Philip James de Loutherbourg, painted 1796

Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1588-08-08 by Philip James de Loutherbourg, painted 1796

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Artist Introduce:
Philip James de Loutherbourg RA is a famous British painters of French ancestry. Mr de Loutherbourg is a unique personality and style of the artist, his artistic endeavors are about saw real scene, and use the brush to perfect it, don't shy away from ugly, also do not follow the classical pattern. He is a creation of the 18th century landscape painting with realism of baroque art of famous artists.
Philip James de Loutherbourg countries Britain's birthplace Strasbourg, France birth date date of October 31, 1740 died on March 11, 1812 school career artist Jean - Georges Wille college representative works, the marina storm "a to conway castle shore fishing boat" gender male good at landscape painting
Philip James de Loutherbourg was born on October 31, 1740 in Strasbourg, France, his father Philipp - Jakob (1698-1768) felipe jie cooper in miniature portraits, darmstadt engraver. He gave his son the first art training class. 1755 dell bouguer settled in Paris, young he attended Jean - Georges Wille college, and in the portrait painter, Charles - Andre van Loo and Marine and war painter Francesco Casanova under the guidance of learning painting.
In 1766 by the French Royal Academy elections for Louis xv of the painter.
In 1771, at the invitation of theatre manager David Garrick felipe Czech DE Lou dell bouguer leave went to London and Paris at 500 pounds salary income became the head of Drury Lane theatre scene. His work is quite good, appreciate by londoners, also praised by professionals.
In 1772 at the royal college of art (London) held his first exhibition
In 1781 by the royal college of art (London) officially elected academicians. At the same time, he exhibited his work "Eidophusikon" mechanical drama, and thus became the panorama of the 19th century (panoramas) pioneer, appealed to the British famous portrait painter Thomas Gainsborough (Gainsborough) eyes and burn up Joshua Reynolds (Joshua Reynolds) of interest.
Writing in 1785, according to James Cook, he will be brilliant mime (Mr Michael - travel around the world < Omai - UN voyage autour du Monde >) this final masterpiece on screen.
Representative works
On behalf
Philip James de Loutherbourg exhibited in the British travel the following works:
1800: to conway castle shore a fishing boat
1801: the beauty of Great Britain
1805: romantic scenery in England and wales
On March 11, 1812 in Philip James de Loutherbourg life mileage, because of involving mysticism some damaged his reputation. Near the Chiswick, died in London at the age of 71.
Works on behalf
Philip James de Loutherbourg works is the marina storm in his paintings created by the late 18th century period. "Marina storm" is a violent storm at sea, picture I saw in front of the sky a large cloud of ink pressure to come over, will not, as the dark of night sky, the wind suddenly, thunder rolling around, all the sea into the storm, the sea caused waves, large junk and then shook violently. Strong sense of space and light on images, the audience like the scene. The marina storm has strong baroque color, the whole picture is filled with passion for art, objective to emphasize the dell bouguer rich imagination, the dimensional feeling of whole animation and stereo sense is very rich, and sense of movement and change the whole picture of the soul of baroque art expression incisively and vividly. This work by the Paris grand mercure art fund collection.
Marina storm
Cultural background
The European landscape
European landscape painting, at the end of the 16th century and has been mature in the early 17th century. 18th century landscape painting is a variety of artistic trend of times, it has a magnificent baroque art has the magnificent verve, and with strong movement of wave curve and color thick warm feeling; Also has is the pursuit of beauty is from the Renaissance stage the style of the concept of an absolute beauty.
After the impressionist
The French art after impressionism art phenomenon. France in the 1880 s by a group of artists against new impressionism impressionism and one-sided pursuit of objective performance and light and colour, advocating refocus on art in the formation of the concept and emphasized the importance of the author's subjective. Their artistic image to emphasis on the objective image, should embody the author's subjective feelings and emotions. Is commonly known as impressionist painter after Cezanne, van gogh and gauguin. After the impressionist artists of the 20th century western art has a direct impact. Cezanne's concept, pay attention to structure, pay attention to the architecture frame, pregnant with factors of cubism. Van gogh, high pay more attention to feelings, emphasizing the tone symbol of beauty and art performance, had a great influence on the beast and expressionism. If you're looking for abstract expressionism in the 20th century and their relationship, Cezanne to geometric abstract in order to inspire, gauguin and van gogh's feelings are abstract expressionism is recommended.
Louis xv
Louis xv (February 15, 1710 - May 10, 1774), king of France, during the period of 1715 to 1774. The early stages of his ruling the French people's favorite. Him to rule the kingdom of Europe's biggest task is very smart and enthusiastic, Louis xv foresee the rule of romanticism in the 19th century middle class, though by his great grandfather is an example of Louis xiv, dutifully ACTS as the role of the royal king, but in fact for Louis xv, nothing can match from the private life of the grand ceremony and ritual more good things.
Louis at a quarter to appeared on the French philosophy represented by voltaire Rousseau's European enlightenment and the encyclopedia of diderot, art is created with Mrs Peng ba du has promote the rococo style, make the French art at the highest levels of European art. During this period, the French art talent, can stand out is to have high level of painting of the painter. Philip James de Loutherbourg French learning academy elections for Louis xv painter. Exquisite visible of the drawing.

  • Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1588-08-08 by Philip James de Loutherbourg, painted 1796
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