• View of Constantinople (1856)
  • View of Constantinople (1856)

View of Constantinople (1856)

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Artist Introduce:
Ivan Aivazovsky, armenians Russian painter, famous for seascapes.
During my study in Petersburg Royal Academy of fine arts in 1833, as a landscape painting "the sea air", "calm", has won the reputation. Studies after returning from Italy in 1844, the institute awarded him the title of academician. Masterpiece "nine grades" (Tibetan Russian museum), the black sea (hide column just can gallery), the bulls of hauling goods, etc., have a romantic atmosphere, and has the characteristic of realism. Life picture about 6000 works, nearly half is painting. His fyodor studio, josiah was the Russian art center in the south, has trained many excellent painter.
Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky Armenian descent was born by the Russian peoples Fyodor province of date of birth, died on July 29, 1817 date on May 5, 1900 career artist graduated from colleges and universities Petersburg Royal Academy of fine arts The main achievements superb seascape painting creation Representative works "the sea air", "calm", "nine", "black sea" and so on
Life experience
On July 29, 1817, ai Eva pad was born in today in Armenia, the original Russian southern Crimea fyodor near the black sea city of a merchant family. Ancestors of this name is ava jiang, his father is a small businessman, once lived in southern Poland, the surname "cover pad", sounds a bit like poles last name. "Cover" is the meaning of "Armenian". In 1841 he and engaged in literary translation, brother will name change back to ava jiang ", sometimes with Russian of Ivan Aivazovsky ".
He was the third son in his family, formerly known as "the tile nunez," Ivan "which is according to the Russian's name change. Ivan Ivan Aivazovsky at simferopol middle school as a child [2], a local architects found that he has a certain talent for painting, and recommended him into the school.
In 1833, ava, pad was admitted to Petersburg academy of fine arts to robbie Ye Fu studio to study. After the French painter tower, arrived in Petersburg, of young Ivan Aivazovsky has a decisive influence. Tower, is good at painting rivers and lakes, once he receive Ivan Aivazovsky for ACTS, and taught him how to draw the sea.
In 1836, Ivan Aivazovsky in college five seascape painting exhibition, chattering classes to give a high evaluation.
In 1837, he and because "from a calm" and "kronstadt big harbor" two painting won gold prize and the title of "artists", he is only twenty years old that year.
In 1838, Ivan Aivazovsky return fyodor, back to the shore of the black sea, began to make a living by painting. In the open air under the painting sketch, in the studio will work to complete.
In 1840, Ivan Aivazovsky institute of fine arts from Petersburg a study abroad fees, then travel to Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands study and investigation. In several exhibition held in abroad, popular and sales well.
In 1844, after returning home, Petersburg art institute awarded him the title of academician, at the same time, he employed by the Russian navy, become a professional painter. He has a chance with the Russian navigator feely Turk visited the Greek islands, then we have been to Turkey, Asia minor, the Caucasus, Egypt, France's nice, Florence, Italy, and even the United States.
1845 Ivan Aivazovsky fyodor returning to the hometown, to building a large spacious studio. From then on, he no longer go out the sketch, but painting with remarkable memory and imagination.
In 1845, at the invitation of sultan abdul - Wallace guidry I, to Constantinople. Between 1845 to 1890 he 8 times to visit the city. During his sojourn, Ivan Aivazovsky, by Ottoman sultan abdul - Michael guidry I abdul aziz and abdul hamid ii supposed court painter, creating a large number of paintings. These 30 deputy work today in the Ottoman empire palace and the palace, dole Bach Turkey other museum. His works also in Russia and the former Soviet union several museums, including st. Petersburg el meters, museum, Ukraine Ivan Aivazovsky art exhibition hall, etc. Turkish President abdullah gul's office hanging Ivan Aivazovsky.
In 1847, Ivan Aivazovsky obtained the title of professor painting, among the nobility. At the age of 31, Ivan Aivazovsky and st Petersburg English teacher Julia Graves (Julia Graves) married, they had four daughters. They later divorced, Ivan Aivazovsky at the age of 65 and a young Armenia widow from Theodore west Asia Anna Boornazian get married.
In 1865, Ivan Aivazovsky at the age of 48 founded the first art school in my hometown.
In 1871, built the archaeological museum, built in 1880, Russia's first provincial gallery, there has been so far.
Built in 1880, fyodor gallery, josiah his life left nearly six thousand works, with fine, also has the appropriate work, level, different value.
As one of Russia's most lucrative property artist, he has never stopped in fyodor engaged in public welfare undertakings, he funded port transformation, help opening the city railway. To express the Ivan Aivazovsky lofty personality and kindness respect, fyodor province city duma in 1881 awarded him the title of honorary citizen of the city.
In 1895, Ivan Aivazovsky was happened in Asia minor Armenian genocide, with this topic, created a large number of works, such as "The Expulsion of The Turkish Ship" and "The Armenian Massacres at Trevizond", and abandoned The Constantinople awarded him a medal.
In 1897, the painter ushered in the 80 - year - old birthday. He was awarded the highest medal - Alexander nevsky Russian empire medal.
He spent his old age in fyodor, with his own assets to provide water for cities, set up a school of art, in the region began the first archaeological dig and built a history museum. Under his efforts, fyodor built a commercial ports and josiah connected with railway network.
On May 2, 1900, Ivan Aivazovsky in massimo oddo's death, his tomb is located in an ancient Armenian church yard, tombstone carved his name with Armenia. Engraved inscription is "people death, but miss leave behind is the world of eternal life." Ivan Aivazovsky by the southerners mind embrace the homeland, to embrace the sea.
The creation of the Ivan Aivazovsky spans more than 60 years, human nature in the '50 s. Hard work, his life wrote more than 6000 works, give priority to with sea view. Born in Russia and abroad public exhibition of 120.
Ivan Aivazovsky in seascapes mentor is Philip nie er, the latter to his painting seascape based techniques. Later, Ivan Aivazovsky gradually grope out their own style. His first book is "the sea sky sketch" (1835), and won the silver medal. Since then, he began to specialize in seascape. At the age of 18 had already draw the successful seascapes, he painted "calm" to one award and give him a chance to look, see the scenery around the coast of Europe.
1944 years after the Ivan Aivazovsky employed by the Russian navy, increase in the number of opportunities to visit, made him the navigational added more perceptual knowledge, improve the skill of painting sea, and gathered a large number of data, finally completed a batch of works depicting the Russian navy history: the Russian navy points fleet in sevastopol basin (1846), "cut what meilahti naval warfare" (1848), "navarino naval warfare" (1848), "Alexander tower and Constantinople (1848), etc.

  • View of Constantinople (1856)
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