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John William Waterhouse-Britain's new classicism and painter Raphael ago

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John William Waterhouse, April 6, 1849 - February 10, 1917, Britain's new classicism and painter Raphael ago, members of the Royal Academy of fine arts. With its mystery, painting style with bright colors and the female characters in classical mythology and legend is known.
Born in Italy, when I was a child with a Italian nicknamed "nino, parents are both English painter. Oriental mysterious culture and religion, customs to show great interest. His paintings constitute a refined, extremely rich romantic characteristics. From ancient Greek and Roman classical mythology, nourish, to create a medieval dream-like mystique and religious sentiment.
Waterhouse early in his father's art studio painting and sculpture, in 1870 the royal college of art in London. His early works have revealed his life painting style, classical subjects at the royal college of art, art exhibitions such as popular British artists association. In 1874, he with a picture of the sleep and his mother/half-brother died in summer exhibition well received at the royal college of art, his work after each year to participate in the exhibition at the royal college of art.
In 1883 he married the daughter of a fine arts school principals, epigenetic two children, have died in childbirth. His wife is also used in the exhibition at the royal college of art exhibition of the painter. Painting of waterhouse work in the art teaching, President of the royal college of art committee, and join all kinds of art association. He died of cancer in 1917.
Clique before waterhouse is considered as a painter, but in fact is not the case. Waterhouse early by Alma - dmanisi and Derek. Column effect, therefore prefer to neoclassicism, later byrne - Jones, Dante. Rossetti and others, will tend to be sent before.
Waterhouse works in myth, history, literature as his subject, style and pure and fresh nature, mysterious, but the clique before than the painter's works are more secular.
Main productions:
1, xu and water nymph. Clear light in his face, led the unique show handsome face; To the water nymphs () immediately fell in love with the young stranger, so from the water out of their beautiful bodies. Pulls his arm of the kettle - is that he never heard a charming voice, have not seen the confusing of look in the eyes, and the glittering and translucent jade pearl. The young hero was bewitched, betrayed his master and the nymphs are pulled him to the world always calm and peaceful. Full of gentle and lovely mood touch, beautiful and touching, and even the end of the cold; No one can resist. It tells a story full of temptation to sad dream and charm.
2, Miranda in the storm. The tempest was the last play of Shakespeare, tells the duke of milan, loupes for studying magic was framed by brother and king of Naples, reduced to a desert island with his daughter Miranda. The duke of pylos was determined to make his daughter as a future queen of Naples, so he use magic to design a storm, let the enemy, people on the island of Naples Wang Zifei di south and Miranda meet love each other. In the forgiveness and influence, all become calmer.
3 woman, charlotte. The Lady Shalott creation time: 1888 material: oil on canvas size: 153 x 200 cm collection location: Tate Britain, London, UK
Painted in 1888, according to a British Tennyson's poem as a great poet. It is a kind of mysterious and romantic colour. Filar silk cool meaning climbed in the twilight of the lake, green trees and mountains. The broken grass, surprised flying birds, put out the candle and the bow will have the cross of Christ's crucifixion, all suggests an emphasis on the mystery of the unfortunate events will occur. Both black boat and reflection foil a hanging in the boat with golden yellow rose and white woven carpet, a blonde sat on the boat in sorrow, lightly loose the chains of the boat, ready to lay down and spent her last moment of life. The whole picture is the most lovely girl sad beauty, make the person is most lasting.
4, naxi Theseus and Iraq. Based on the Greek myth. Naxi Theseus is beauty of youth, and self appreciation, so to who also regardless of the degree. Iraq is kind to the mountains, very fond of naxi Theseus, but never by his love. Naxi hughes, a day to the river self-pity, looked at him, can only be felt sad, finally die of grief, to turn into a kind of echo, naxi Theseus love is self-love.
5, Sleep and Sleep of Death and his Half - brother Death creation time: 1874 material: oil on canvas size: 70 x 91 cm private collection
Two men reclined in short bed, indoor been lit by the lamp, the character's attitude shows a comfortable and fatigue. A symbol of light sleep outside sleep boy, his mother/half-brother was hazy shadow, a subtle contrast, suggesting that the birth and death of the diaphragm. Two characters similar in appearance, is different, cause people to the thinking of life.
6, after the dance. After the Dance creation time: 1876 material: oil on canvas size: 76.2 x 127 cm private collection
Roman house, a girl side, the side with the drums, she sat behind a boy, two men in the line of sight the line of sight of the audience into the atrium, several musicians playing there. With is about the life of ancient Rome, waterhouse and Alma - the emphasis of the dmanisi is completely different, Alma - da DE aim of magnificent architecture colorful clothing, people just clothes rack, or equilibrium composition tools, to meet his archaeology enthusiasm and pursuit of gorgeous scenes (completely so that some one-sided, but this problem does exist in the Alma - in some of the work of dmanisi) while waterhouse no show off with long distance, even just plain brown color is tonal, tries to express the feelings of the characters and worldly warmth.
7, dio zhen loch. Diogenes, creation time: 1882 material: oil on canvas size: 208 x 135 cm collection location: art gallery of new south wales, Sydney, Australia
Dio zhen nice is the Greek philosopher, he was famous for cynical. He advocates the natural life, don't rely on social civilization. Legend dio zhen loch had once lived in a big bath tub, he had to find a good man lanterns to Athens during the day, but never find it. Picture in dio, nice has a cynic, zhen usual expression: dark and serious. Women were curious peep at his residence.
8, art. art creation time: 1889 material: oil on canvas size: 38.5 x in 62
Offee leah is Shakespeare's famous tragedy "Hamlet" creation of a character, she was lying on the Banks of the river pasture, crazy and desperate eyes, one hand holding the loose hair, another hand holding a bunch of flowers.
9, narcissus. If A creation time: 1893 material: oil on canvas size: 112 x 81 cm
Water fairy has just landed, she peep from the aperture of the trunk with leopard skin sleeping youth. Almost everywhere in the picture of the red and green contrast (commonly known as the red and green) is reflection of the lake blue is abate, and present a considerable coordination.
10, st celie. St Cecilia creation time: 1895 material: oil on canvas size: 46 x 77 in private collections
At celie her life in about 230 BC, she is famous for swear lifelong belief in Christianity and keep chastity. At celie her day is on November 22. Waterhouse try to use this figure to convey some kind of medieval feeling, and he did. Rich decorative picture, and the smell of a religious paintings. Almost no traces of realism and daily life.
11, that's sister.
12, psyche open gold box. Roman mythology, psyche is the embodiment of the human soul, she is a very beautiful girl, that the Venus for her jealousy. Venus told her son Cupid to make psyche fall in love with a devil, but thought that Cupid fell in love with her at first sight... He secretly married the king of the unlucky girl, who met in the night and the psyche, he told psyche if she trust him, don't want to see his appearance. Like many fairy tales, the young princess hid in the darkness of the candle to debunk the Cupid's secret, he flew away. Though the man's daughter capricious curious, but loyalty to the love, looking for her lost love, Venus near, test whether psyche worthy of her son. One is not allowed to her open gold box, psyche could not help but open the golden box, she buried. Finally, Cupid will she receive my grandfather on the temple of Zeus, please he given psyche pulp, sharing gods that imperishable immortality.
13, art. Create art to destroy Zeus to revenge Prometheus, create art's body hephaestus, Athena gave art clothing, art to teach language, art Flo o di te give art charm. Then, all the gods gave art one gift to give harm to people. Zeus gave to art to Prometheus brother epimetheus, art opened the box, diseases, disasters, envy, greed,... Came to the earth, and art locked hope this only beautiful gift in the box.
14, windflowers. Girl long hair fluttering, flying attire, graceful posture, make the picture very electromotive force. Young girl folds in addition to the processing of shadow seems to be influenced by the impressionist.
15, garden was cast. He created for himself is so warm in the winter haven, but to show a deeper meaning. Garden gate guards stood and serious, falling snow to accumulate in the left building walls, arches reminiscent of Renaissance Italy (painter born there). Opens a rose and a woman bent to smell the flowers. Poppy is a symbol of silence of annihilation. Rose and snow is a symbol of desire and moderation...
16, good summer
17, the euler when St Eulalia creation time: 1885 material: oil on canvas size: 74 x 46 in the collection location: Tate Britain, London, UK
Picture description: legend saint euler martyrdom, the researcher who led the heaven like a heavy snow buried the bodies. Waterhouse chose the unique visual Angle, euler led the serene expression and scattered hair is moving in the snow.
18, two Zhang Sumiao draft: left The female study, women learn, right "The Lady Clare," Mrs Clare.
19, magic ring creation time: 1886 material: oil on canvas size: 183 x 127 cm collection location: Tate Britain, London, UK
Picture description: "magic ring can purify a circular area, the power of the spirit of god and be invited into the magic ring, evil magic can't enter the magic ring, sometimes, the philosopher's stone is placed on the magic ring southeast northwest four directions. Related to the four elements in four directions. The direction of the north is the strongest magic, on behalf of the power. The south represent the power of fire. The east represents the power of the sky. The west represents the power of water.
Start from the east, clockwise circle, witch can create a magic ring. Magic ring can use a rod or anthame (a kind of black shank ceremonial dagger), when creating magic ring, witch chanting mantras, invite useful ghost. "Quote" the witch: "the book of magic and intelligence
20, the goddess of water Undine creation time: 1872 Undine is derived from the Latin unda, is the waves of the sea, the meaning of the water.
Picture description: the goddess of water is a mythical image of the European tradition. The goddess of water fall in love with a man, she also become human, but if the man not loyal to her, the goddess of water will die.
S: 21, Circe poisoned creation 1892 specifications: 180.7 x 87.4 cm
The story comes from Ovid's metamorphoses. Neptune loucks love water goddess Scylla, but was blocked by the Scylla, grau, seek help from Circe Circe fell in love with loucks, she was determined to get rid of Scylla, so Circe in tin bath waters poison, usually Scylla by poison into a art, and the waters between Italy and Sicily has been turned to stone, this is still the famously dangerous rock Scylla.
22, s fate creation: 1900 specification: 68.5 x 55 cm
Boer war broke out in South Africa in 1899, the British artist initiated for the British charity activities, this figure for this. Girl in the picture like a marble statue of a beautiful, she is drinking a blessed expeditionary soldiers, at the same time to cast a sympathetic look to sailing. Picture with Italian style and geometry characteristics, round mirror curved arch, chant and globe repeats again and again.

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