• Achilles and Priam
  • Achilles and Priam

Achilles and Priam

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Artist Introduce:
Jules Bastien-Lepage (1848-1884) French country custom painter and portrait painter, his work in France and Britain widely to imitate. Born in France seeks this province a rich farmer's family. He is academic painter kappa, (Alexandre Cabanel) student, but he is not limited by academic. He get tight sketch from academic skills, at the same time of courbet, deeply admire, miller realist painter, the performance of the impressionist painters such as monet's light color is also very appreciated, and will be the colour of their skills to absorb into their own painting. , is the most valuable in the culmination of impressionist paintings at that time, le palmer hot still firmly adhere to the "for life, for civilian art" principle, he inherited the French painting tradition of democracy.
Jules Bastien-Lepage the birthplace of France France seeks this province 1848 death date 1884 career painter of date of birth Representative works "crib grass", "the harvest the farmer," "song of spring"
He spit on the academic conservatism, and keep its strict modelling; Absorb the merits of impressionism, and refused to its "art for art's sake", rejected the social function of art. In his plain work, according to the real appearance of French rural life, to reflect. So his works ideological, far more than many contemporary artists, known as miller later can only true vividly French painter of rural life of suffering.
In the 1870 s, realism art in France to low tide, like rice, courbet, and miller has revealed and critical realism works the official rejected and killed. Then, some painters to symbolism; Some painters to naturalism; Some painters to impressionism. However, there are still some painters followed the realism creation principle, to the rural areas, often to the bottom of society to collect the subject of creation, palmer hot, Lyle milt, raul, peng sen, buner such people is such a group of painters.
Famous works of editing
Le is the crib grass hot a masterpiece. In March 1973, the picture with the 19 th-century French rural landscape painting has been exhibited in China, people may have seen exhibition is still clear to me: the overworked by "crib grass" lying on the grass of the farmer, a deep sleep like he had just eaten my wife send rice, cover her face with straw hat is enjoying this moment easily; Strong body young woman silently sat on her husband's side, the hardship of life make her appear tired for a long time, has become like the old look dull and silent...... From the work "crib grass", we can clearly see that from the realism heavy objective, typical themes; From the barbizon school heavy sketches, natural aesthetic temperament and interest, and from the classical academic realism art of rigorous, solid, accurate detail. Palmer heat is late French realism painter, his "crib grass" represents the last glory of 19 th-century French realism. He never conservative, dare to explore its own way, especially in landscape painting, he prefers to put people in to paint in the air and pure and fresh nature, the outline of character image is more clear. It's a pity that he too early in the franco-prussian war gave the young life, died in 1870 near a Laurent DE.
The harvest of the farmer
"Song of spring"
Jules Bastien-Lepage Works on display for the first time in 1870, works exhibition in 1874 because of the Song of the Spring (Spring Song) a painting, painting in the style of the Manet (in douard Manet).
Orsay museum is now on display buster Leon, palmer hot (Jules Bastien - Lepage, 1848-1884), roll over on May 13, 2007. As kappa Neil (Cabanel,) students, le palmer heat is rural custom of France's most famous painters and portrait painter, when he was the most glorious career, 36 years old when he died young.
In October 1868, Jules Bastien-Lepage first entered the Ecole des academy art contest, won the 3rd place by 1874, after he became the art salon is one of the most important person. The portrait of his figure painting always win critics, he continuously improve technology, and constantly get credit, his work was bought by the state.

  • Achilles and Priam
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