• The Sunflower, c. 1906
  • The Sunflower, c. 1906

The Sunflower, c. 1906

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Artist Introduce:
Gustav klimt 
A synonym for Klimt generally refers to gustav klimt
Gustav khalim, and gustav klimt, was born in Vienna, was a famous Austrian symbolism painter. He founded the Vienna secession, also is the so-called cultural representative of Vienna. Gustav khalim's paintings feature is the symbol of the special type decorative pattern, and extensive use of sex in the painting. In London "impressionist and modern evening sale", his creation of landscape painting "the garden of flowers and plants" (RMB 405.6 million) for 48 million pounds.
Chinese name Gustav khalim's foreign names Gustav Klimt don't name Gustav klimt was born Died in 1862 in Vienna, date of birth date career artist in 1918 Representative works "goldfish", "the three stages of a woman"
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2 life
Go at an early age and education
Forced the Vienna secession
Forced the peak: golden period and success
Three representative works
Personal profile editor
Another feature of khalim's paintings for the subject is mostly women, theme is "love", "sex",
Gustav klimt
"Life" and "death" the cycle of destiny.
Khalim's die due to the Spanish flu in 1918.
My editor
At an early age and education
Baum ogaden khalim's born near Vienna, the third four girls in the home
Klimt paintings
The second. The three sons of home in childhood all showed the talent of art. Ernst khalim's khalim's father is a gold engraver from Bohemia, wife Anna khalim's dream to work in the music related, but never came true. Khalim's family has been very poor in childhood, when jobs scarce, the economic development of immigration is very hard.
1876, khalim's business school (Kunstgewerbeschule) obtained in Vienna art scholarship, and studied in 1883, in the school of training to become a painter of architecture. At that time, he honored the first-class history painter Hans marca. Khalim's embrace conservative training; His early works can be classified as academic. In 1877, his brother ernst, followed his father's footsteps, becoming an engraver, and also study in the school. Flange, mazzy brothers and friends work together, in 1880, they in the name of group "painter group", the entrusted to handle many tasks, and to help their teacher for creation of Vienna's kunsthistorisches museum paintings. Khalim's creative interior murals and as ring road paint the ceiling of the large public buildings, including the successful series "meaning and symbol" (Allegories and Emblems), launched his career.
In 1880, khalim from emperor Franz Joseph I got the gold medal, akira table that he has done for the paintings on the walls of the Vienna court theatre's contribution. Loveliness, also became the university of art and honorary member of the university of Vienna. In 1892, khalim's father and brothers ernst, died khalim's must bear his father and brother home economic responsibility. This tragedy also deeply affected the khalim's art concept, khalim's will soon turned to created the new style. In the early 1890 s, khalim's met Emily, fu logue (Emilie Flö ge), even though he and other women entanglements, fu logue still became khalim's lifetime partner. His relationship with fu logue is limited to the body is still controversial, but the period of khalim at least 14 children.
Vienna secession
Beethoven's horizontal part of the lace paintings
In 1897, khalim special people founded the Vienna Secession (Vienna Secession), loveliness, and acting as the journal of the pie "holy spring" (Ver Sacrum) President. Khalim's stay in the secession until 1908. Vienna secession goal is to provide young non-traditional creator platform, published a brought Vienna foreign outstanding works of painter, and issued a magazine to show member's work. Secession statement without any declaration, also do not take the initiative to encourage any significant style, naturalism, realism and symbolism, peaceful coexistence. The government to support their goals, and to give public land leases to establish the exhibition hall. Secession is the symbol of Athena, represents the wisdom and skills, the Greek goddess of war - khalim in 1898 his version.
In 1894, khalim's trustee creation three paintings to decorate the ceiling of the hall at the university of Vienna. Completed in the turn of the century, khalim's three paintings: "philosophy", "medical" and "law", the theme of the radical and drawn by a hail of criticism, was named "porn". Khalim's abandoned the traditional allegory and symbolism, and use more openly expressed desire of novel expressions, thus attract more ado. Public protests comes from all directions, politics, aesthetics and religion. Therefore, khalim's three paintings has not been put on the ceiling of the hall. This is acceptable khalim's last public tasks. In May 1945, khalim's three paintings were destroyed the ss. His "truth" (Nuda Verita, 1899) explains his attempts to further shake tradition. Unreservedly naked red hair woman hands hold the mirror of truth, cited above Schiller style of the font, wrote: "if you do not have to meet all of your achievements and art, so to meet a few people. Meet all bad."
In 1902, khalim as the 14th Vienna secession exhibition completed the Beethoven cross lace, exhibition theme is the composer's praise, with an immortal, colorful, Max klinger called for a sculpture made of. Cross lace for exhibition, khalim's bright eye pigment as painting on the wall directly. After the exhibition, painting was retained, but it was not until 1986 years ago began to have gone on public display.
This period of khalim is not limited by the public task itself. End of the 1890 s, he and she, a in the lake shore, spent the annual summer vacation, and in the local painted many landscapes. These works form in addition to the graphics, the only thing that makes khalim's engaged in style. Formally, landscape is based on the same refined pattern characteristic, emphasizes the structure, the symbolic pieces. Khalim's successful make the art work down to the depths of the lake, compressed into a single plane, it is believed that khalim in ways through the telescope view, created the paintings.
Top: golden period and success
The kiss. 1907-1908. Paint, canvas. Beauty palace Austrian gallery. khalim
's "golden age" for he has brought positive and success, and is considered to be khalim's peak. Khalim period we work often use gold foil, dazzling gold in the pallas Athena "(1898) and" Judy silk no. 1 (1901) for the first time meet, golden period is one of the most famous works "YiDiEr portraits a number" (1907) and "kiss" (1907-1908). Khalim's travel less, but all is known for its beautiful Mosaic inlaid hallow process and ravenna, Venice is a good chance that khalim's gold and the inspiration of the Byzantine style of travel sites. 1904, khalim's and other artists in the history of luxury trafigura palace, rich Belgian entrepreneurs homes, it is also one of the most magnificent building new art era. Khalim's responsible for the part of the restaurant, contributed including "implementation" and "hope", his most outstanding decoration works, he has said publicly: "perhaps I the peak of the development of the decoration works." Between 1907 and 1909, khalim drew five picture about social women by package in paintings of fur. His love of women's clothing, in many fu logue show her clothes in the photo shows.
Work from home and relax at the same time, khalim's usually wear sandals with long robe, not their underwear. His simple life is a bit like a recluse, dedicated to the arts, family and the things outside of the separatist movement, and avoid coffee social or communication with other artists. Khalim's reputation often attract many supporters to come to the door. He painted the steps always deliberate, careful, sometimes need a long time for painting. Although khalim's very in sex
"Emily Buddha logistics as" gustav klimt
Active, he remain cautious about love affairs, and to avoid scandal.
Khalim's wrote something about what he saw and painting technique. He used to write postcards to logue, but there is no the habit of keeping a diary. Khalim's in a known as "the exclusivity of no self-portrait remark" written record wrote: "I've never painted self-portraits. I to think of themselves as subjects, to draw more a lack of interest, while women preferred important.... I am nothing special. I am a day after day, day and night, painter of the any want to know more about me...... should be carefully look at my picture."
Vienna Secession, Austria (Venna Secession) leader, a famous painter. He emphasized personal aesthetic taste, the creation of the performance of the emotion and imagination, his works not only the philosophical content of symbolism painting, at the same time with Oriental decorative taste. He pays attention to the proportion of segmentation and line the expressive force of space, pay attention to the design style of formalism. His composition, decorative pattern of asymmetric modelling style, heavy variety and line, resplendent and magnificent tone, a symbol of the potential of mysticism color, strong sense of plane and richly bright decorative effect, make the picture filled with strong personality, in painting art and poster design has a huge and far-reaching influence. Klimt's works to promote the poster art taste and value, at the same time make him known.
Works on behalf of the editor
Klimt (1862-1918),
"Goldfish" gustav klimt
The woman's three stages gustav klimt
Gustav klimt was the first President of Austria Vienna secession.
Was born in Vienna, unique, 14-year-old to Vienna Austria museum affiliated school of arts and crafts, for 17 years the academic basis of painting training, and his brother and his friend after graduation design studio to paint murals both at home and abroad. His early works basically adopts the performance of the traditional methods, with rigorous modelling and color for its characteristics of strong. After the establishment of secession and explore the combination of a decorative and symbolic expression style.
Klimt's art by Dutch symbol figure painter rop, Swiss symbol memarc holder and British painter Raphael Beardsley and others sent before art effect, at the same time to absorb the decorative art of the Byzantine Mosaic and eastern Europe people nutrition, his painting is "Mosaic style". Later because of his strong color, lines of an interest in traditional Chinese painting, and other Oriental art, led to his painting style and new changes. He also USES the craft technique with feathers, metal, glass, stone materials, in the adornment design of complanation of his art, make work has luxuriant adornment effect
"Danae gustav klimt
The Adler, Hector - ball ", klimt
Careful meticulous composition in his works, in addition to the face and body skin, the rest of the dress and background are full of abstract geometric patterns, the modelling of the deformation of slender combined with realism, surrounded with abstract symbol, and even mysterious means atmosphere, decorative beauty of a flower bed. However, in the gorgeous inside luxurious appearance, but also contains the human anguish, sorrow, silence and the tragic atmosphere of death.
In rectangular images on the different modal of nude women, if now if Cain, the curve of the flow and bright nude picture full of the vitality of life.
Painter ingeniously use different curve changes and color piece a design picture, there are realistic in the decoration, miscellaneous representational in the abstract, unique style.
"The three stages of the woman"
"Meet" gustav klimt
"Salome" gustav klimt
Painter using the technique of symbol to a woman's life - youth, youth and old age three phase concentration in a painting, it is a inevitable life trilogy, show the painter to the fate of sentimentality.
Klimt is good at with representational realism creating characters, and clothing and adornment to design environment, achieve various change the beauty of harmony. Above the composition is similar to the cross on the painting, large pieces of black color, which may contain the terror of death, yu represents the artist concept of life and death.
The Adler, Hector - ball ".

  • The Sunflower, c. 1906
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