• Wooden Stretched Frame
  • Wooden Stretched Frame

Wooden Stretched Frame

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    16x20 inches
    24x32 inches
    30x40 inches
    36x48 inches
    42x56 inches
    48x64 inches
    54x72 inches
    60x80 inches
    66x88 inches
    72x96 inches
    24x24 inches
    8x10 inches
    12x16 inches
    100x100 cm
    20x24 inches
    24x36 inches
    30x40 inches
    36x48 inches
    48x72 inches
    30x30 inches
    36x36 inches
    42x42 inches
    48x48 inches
    54x54 inches
    60x60 inches
    66x66 inches
    72x72 inches

Please select the same size via following link to purchase the stretched frame to match your painting you purchased, you can hang your painting on the wall directly when you get your order.
Need a different size. Feel free to contact with us.
Sizes reference:

8X10 inches --20.32x25.4 cm , 
12X16 inches --30.48x40.64 cm , 
16X20 inches --40.64x50.8 cm , 
20X24 inches  --50.8x60.96 cm ,
 24x36 inches --60.96x91.44 cm , 
30x40 inches --76.2x101.6 cm , 
36x48 inches --91.44x121.92 cm , 
48x72 inches --121.92x182.88 cm , 
Here is the standard size for the modern artwork.

Rectangle composition
18x24 inches --45.72x60.96 cm ,
24x32 inches --60.96x81.28 cm ,
30x40 inches --76.2x101.6 cm , 
36x48 inches --91.44x121.92 cm , 
42x56 inches --106.68x142.24 cm ,
48x64 inches --121.92x162.56 cm ,
54x72 inches --137.16x182.88 cm ,
60x80 inches --152.4x203.2 cm ,
66x88 inches --167.64x 223.52 cm ,
72x96 inches --182.88x243.84 cm
Square composition

24x24 inches --60.96x60.96 cm ,
30x30 inches --76.2x76.2 cm ,
36x36 inches --91.44x91.44 cm ,
42x42 inches --106.68x106.68 cm ,
48x48 inches --121.92x121.92 cm ,
54x54 inches --137.16x137.16 cm ,
60x60 inches --152.4x152.4 cm ,
66x66 inches --167.64x167.64 cm ,
72x72 inches --182.88x182.88 cm


  • Wooden Stretched Frame
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