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Art brokerage firm commitment to recycling the art collection of old people just be a hoax
Art brokerage firm commitment to recycling the art collection of old people turned out to be a hoax.
The second value, new preservation company continues to kill the victim, recreation donated to the victim's hand collection, but asked the victim to purchase the collection of the new company, beneficiary after cheated again, companies run again.
Monks here have not big thing. Beginning of this year, king received a painting auction company mobile phone again big ye, each other can reflect forehand on auction, collection development gold after the big ye send my collection to pay charges for secret each other for gold big ye, receives 10000 yuan per pieces, "he said to give you photos, encouraging propaganda album production, it will be expensive", gold big ye, after rejecting each other again dozen paintings to mobile phones, said can't charge fee, and it has been found buyers, agile can sell, but uncle asked Kim to prepay taxes 60000 yuan between, offer tax bill before trading, gold big ye rejected again. A few days later, the gold on the day of the big ye to retrieve my collection, just to meet the public security local is seized the oil painting selling line.
"All one any good design, call who, how to speak and when to go bankrupt, is set in advance". Jiaozuo sentiment Wei Juanjuan, 2015 from zhengzhou a college after graduating from school, work into a collection company for more than half a year's time, gold big ye was painting one of her customers. The day before yesterday in the middle of the night, Wei Juanjuan was introduced to reporters know the inside of her.
Henan in the spring of architect firm in the following spring shape thought, high repurchase collection black hands, its quality or remit the rhythmic withdrawals, its alleged legal financing behavior, if late verify coherent company has made the painting p under the policy, raising funds can be characterised as stick lying to sin. Victims of such incidents to the local police part, part of the public security criminal prosecution investigation should be development, shall be investigated for criminal side panels in the at the same time, through the process of recover stolen money or goods, on behalf of the beneficiary to restore lost.
In a short time under high yield and attract old age people buying high-priced collection of oil paintings, and promised to expire after high repurchase, and then run at maturity to fail. Refreshed after creating a new company, continue to contact arted people, consents the deputies of the collection, but asked the old man continued to buy the collection of the new company must have enough contraband, after the new company run again, and auction houses to follow, agreed to head the old man sell collection of oil paintings, but also to apply for to be paid in advance of the secret of tens of thousands of yuan fee and tax. In suffered a series of stratagems, zhengzhou gold big ye lost once is not only money, also have their own family affection.
In May 2016, gold big ye also received a call from the zhengzhou fine Tibetan painting Ming company, to his bidding for collection, gold big ye said itself already acquisition of thousands, and there is no force to procurement, have never thought, the other is can help uncle gold to sell his collection, but the condition is gold big ye to 30000 yuan in their company procurement first collection, become the gold card members.
Oil painting
The three layers of complementarity gold big ye by trap
Before travelling expenses fact: high collection are bargains, companies run after work then change the name
"Is the water deep baths, if just holding the mentality to coin money overnight, absolutely should not enter", paintings home grass bouquet of henan province, vice President of greiner said bao heng, many consumers any because do not know, and don't have a price comparison reference and be fooled, "actually it across the province has preserved crosstalk, run into a collection, spying on the to professionals, can know about the market price, ask more, will not be fool" paintings, GeBaoHeng also pioneered, the organization of the collection should be determined to formal channels, the most important thing is that means less than holding the "short-term big gains" mentality, "said one of the most general nuclear explosion lines is equal to worthwhile endurance, nine times out of ten in trap".
Zhengzhou, a 76 - year - old king big ye, from the first 20 paintings 13 years fighting preservation. One day back in October, gold big ye received a strange call, the other party claims to be a collection culture company, invite him to receive a gift. A preliminary stage of gold big ye didn't care, just cope with said, occasionally go to. Later can't help each other to stay always play the mobile phone, idle painting fine gold went to the big ye.
The staff reporter also speech, only ChengDong Road offices jurisdiction, there are several preservation by singing, and in the office had made a special organization grid and social work, the area under its jurisdiction all the business building development, focusing on business licenses limited sources, not neat, the oil painting camp with improper operation signs and people call condition, such as dispersion of industrial and commercial part is investigated and published. But qualitative needs public security summit of this move, they are also praises will use this to dynamically unregister summary, report give some freedom at the next higher level.
At the end of 2015, Wei Juan canvas yun because of itself owe good merits, plus held in this line of thought doubtful attitude, determined to resign. A month after her long, the company went bankrupt. Later she colleagues learned before through the course, the company in a central, just changed a name, continues.
The first layer of red, and company phone canvas invitation, to thin out gifts to attract old age people to access, and then high resources collection, promised to expire took over, and then run at maturity.
In the buyback period, however, gold big ye seek to him, these companies in a variety of truly push over the past several months, this time, the company signs devoid of oil painting to get a fail to run road, "zhengzhou antique, YiSheng source, national gift, Tibetan, ancient and modern, these companies at the moment all ran away, can't find where people." Gold big ye, pointing to the book written words, said one by one.
Third floor market, the auction house, on the catch or aged on trap oil painting to remedy after lost, blink to save the auction collection, old man to make money in the name of the various requirements.
Wei Juanjuan induction in the beginning, the company gave her a bunch of colours, includes company introduction of various collections, as well as training for old people, by the way. "Whoever against great-grandfather, someone specially paintings bear about people, I carefully in bidding art, ask or aged have don't have a hobby of preservation, want to turn property value, and then introduce the product, must frequently this is the country issued, the country will not spun, and instrument is particularly scarce, appreciation potential for huge, unraveling the prices fall again, money depreciation of all sorts of educational affairs oil paintings, scenic spots or aged purchase. As for the buyback due, crouching hollow promise, the company more open at that time is already good, expired just moved away."
"A preliminary stage of light see he buy buy buy, who knows he bought at the end, so much for so many years of particular hit it." Gold big ye said her paintings, because this prevue, she was so angry that can't sleep in the morning every day, also tend to blame each other between couple, home air is always very pressing. Rather than let her just stubbornly, after creating the con, this should wake up gold big ye, is still a big when again.
Polar: high repurchase collection on paintings too fund-raising swindle, those that want to rely on public security is part of the remedy is lost
Experience: ten thousand yuan purchase of more than 20 collection, collection company continuously run
Preserve trap perimeter deep, "history" series of stratagems
In November 2016, zhengzhou fine Tibetan civilization company run after painting, suburbs of zhengzhou city tube work are not ChengDong Road office (disposal make financing management office of dissolution) had the face to do the victim developed the statistics, the victim have 49 people, all is the old age people, in the case of electronic reached 2.74 million yuan. Place not to do a work room the day before yesterday told a reporter, they bag yesterday has statistical condition painting reported to the district level, liang for not to do, the case has been a municipality, farewell to zhengzhou city public security bureau with the bureau of zhengzhou city civilization enjoying planning, case is still in the process of probing.
Gold big ye to purchase is a collection of more than a dozen companies, mostly used to fail to run road, there are still continuing operations. Reporter yesterday painting strips and the gauntlet to the one in the Chinese redbud mountain road (zhengzhou company "Ju civilization around the blue sky, there are three old man is in the company, each by a farewell, lead to the introduction of a collection called Hong Kong's return to decree, price 12800 yuan, the language in the" contextual denial, relative appreciation "of the oil painting class of late autumn. Reporters to its information whether ZiXi repurchase, the task volunteer experience shows that don't have repo, but said the company every few years would collect the collection business to business, to the time can be used.
After the phone call, gold big ye lift will all don't buy from him, but eager to wan painting back to dissipate gold big ye, or spent 23800 yuan, bought a month silver remember money back office in Australia, becoming hidden gold card members of the company. Gold big ye want to proceed with application, however, still decline from a variety of reasons, in November 2016, fine Tibetan company is run.
Oil painting "to the later, they at the beginning of the collection of consultants to order for my stamps, said that the more valuable, to appreciate how fast, can yield 30% a year, and they also buy back carefully." Gold big ye, said he went to the company name is xin baode, preservation of staff accept him, purchase collection have the opening of a two year period, due to the oil painting is also responsible for their company repurchase.
Couldn't help high-yield bewitch, gold big ye spend 380 yuan purchasing a set of stamps. But from now on, from the collection company mobile phone call from all directions, uncle to gold resources collection, due to high repurchase, gold big ye also don't stop it, all kinds of COINS, stamps, calligraphy and painting, oil painting, a set of after a purchase. In his later on the statistics of the book, there is a list of ten several collection company, total more than 50 items, the collection of the cheapest hundreds of yuan, the most expensive 20000 multivariate, filled with a cabinet, with a total of more than 200000 yuan.
Oil machinery, against itself to sender Wei Juanjuan also said "is certainly true, but relative to less worth", thousands of tens of thousands of dollars worth of stamps and COINS, the market price may be only a few hundred dollars. Reporters yesterday also specially to the antique city of zhengzhou information, uncle to gold loss 23800 yuan purchase of Australia on silver new commemorative bank notes, for example, the painting on the market price is in 4000 yuan only.
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