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Basel heralds transformation of Hong Kong into the great age of art
It first nonprofit library space with Asian SCM (Asia Art Archive) and Para Site Art space, and as a landscape gallery is only 10 chancery Lane and han xuan, he said: "there are a few galleries selling paintings sold some to absorb Oriental think Chinese bar floor Art, also there are a few galleries in Hong Kong artist operations." So for parrot called Hong Kong is a cultural lonely old man this way, he really didn't embrace: "but now these art custom sweat might often loose, the no."
Oil painting
"Art Basel Hong Kong is over!" I, along with several other art public relations, casually give thanks to each other for these days. In addition to the two exhibitions, there were several exhibitions and press conferences this week, and the whole city seemed to be only an artistic one. Many paper art work is determined in the fight against a period of time, while all art common diseases in Hong Kong, as the spread of occasions, like M + annual press conference, the design of interconnected and V&A in shekou in October this year, the new exhibition, talk about the Taiwan pavilion at the Venice biennale, the plaintiff paintings geography (LACMA), New York, Los Angeles tuberculosis (MoMA PS1) pole and party, or even 2018 to hold the snow pear biennale (Sydney I) are warm up to Hong Kong.
Before 2008, the art department of the oil painting port
Just Art exhibition held in every city, but can attract preservation, buying and selling, and exchange platform, throughout all over Asia, sketches only Art Basel operating in Hong Kong have a such a watchful eye, the advantaged condition and oil painting from the city of words.
Art Basel has come to a close, and people from all over the country come to Hong Kong to return to their homes. But where did the next day come from? What was the artistic wind of five or ten years ago? What is the next day's prison food? Is there any harm in non-oil painting? Mr. Wonghahara, an art critic from Taiwan, also came to see the story of the Hong Kong story, which he wrote about the "Hong Kong story." And he said as a visitor feel wrapped up in Hong Kong, Taiwan Art when he met more and more the fair in Hong Kong, Taiwan's oil painting gallery, could not help thinking all of Taiwan's indigenous Art Taipei or the day after Taiwan into the sine bar in the field of Art? And why did Taiwan miss the boat?
The past 10 years, the preliminary universal most rongsheng licensed gallery in Hong Kong, and over the past five years, all kinds of non-profit have sprouted on are painting space...
More simply, who hasn't come to Hong Kong? Art exhibition of compliance in addition to the art of trading and thumb directly, for art circle, more media and promoting GuaMiao social, meet with customers, have been contemplating is dealt with in the future. Although Art exposition held every painting lung cancer, can attract a treasure house, weasel, and exchange platform, throughout Asia, or only Art Basel operations in Hong Kong have such status, which comes from the urban advantaged conditions and the advantage of language.
2017 Art Ba oil painting sel Hong Kong. Photograph: Lin zhendong/the evil spirit
Today's scenery is not a cuter. Say now Hong Kong galleries for tyranny also reached can cluster, like never put off till tomorrow what you can play in Central Line (Pedder Building), wong chuk hang, sheung oil paintings, and in the central business HQueen 's every few crotch. But turn view ChouXi, 2008, Hong Kong can not so much the gallery can go dancing. , ART sprint territory mostly focus on the auction house, had hemorrhagic HK (up) at the end of 2007 the fine ART director and director of oil painting ART Basel HK water two years Magnus the Renfrew (Ren Tianjin) pointed out that Hong Kong back early is nipping at New York, London's third-biggest auction market, however, ART can not see the past is dominated by "auction" version.
Was born in Taiwan, the Art of oil painting since 998 port 1 Map (Art Map) founder FanWanZhen, remembered before the domain of Hong Kong in 2008, is also don't feel what Art market, have no what gallery Hong Kong artists to do, then no overseas gallery, gallery is abroad in the second half of 2008 to the bread hand painting feet to Hong Kong. Before that, she remembered 2005 Indian Sundaram Tagore's gallery, as if only before more Fine figure (Grotto, Fine Art galleries are doing Hong Kong artists, less like the whole city was in celebration of the Art now. , "said her oil painting Art HK is keen, do better relation with the early morning, in the actual situation in favor of a bureau of trade and investment appreciation, etc., the Hong Kong chief executive also to cut the ribbon." But the hour to come true the number of gallery has not much now, "let's press on Art HK red booth, painting is not in the yellow pages of the booth, are also in exhibition core."
Memory bag yesterday in Hong Kong in 2008, is also feel that art market, there is nothing more nothing gallery Hong Kong artists to do, now no need to galleries, international art gallery is located in the second half of 2008 to the first painting in Hong Kong.
2017 Art Basel Hong Kong.
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