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Grant Wood-particularly American Gothic

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Grant Wood (Grant Wood, 1892-1942), American painter. His paintings depicting his hometown of civilians in Iowa and rural landscape. In works: "American gothic" (1930), "the daughter of revolution" (1932).
Grant Wood Wood countries over the 1892 death date of date of birth as 1942 American painter
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Three major works
Grant Wood (Grant Wood, 1892-1942), American painter. Many of his paintings realistically describes his hometown of Iowa civilians and rural landscape. Wood gentle irony and prosaic explanation sometimes cause dissent. In works: "American gothic" (1930), it is really make his paintings began to become famous; And the daughter of "revolutionary" (1932).
Wood was born in Iowa Anna development. He studied in Minneapolis handicraft, feed themselves by odd jobs. The first world war the army broke his study at the art institute of Chicago. Following him in Iowa western rapids, professor of public school art 1919-24 years, he Julian school in Paris. There, he is affected by the German expressionist artists, but he soon returned to Iowa in search of the theme. His stone town in Iowa in 1933 founded the colony, there's a few years, he manages a informal schools. He get in touch with fine arts department of the university of Iowa, 1934 years later, he became a professor of fine arts, until his death.
Major works editor
Wood's other works include: "women with plant"; The county, the pastor's fable; "Sweet corn"; The threshing supper; The countryside in summer; "The rock".

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