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Legend of sunken treasure roiled cultural relics: fishermen sold the chicken cup for $30000
Legend of sunken treasure roiled cultural relics: fishermen sold the chicken cup for $30000.
Even at such a time, zhou division "get" ZhenCangLiang has reached hundreds of pieces, buying all kinds of cylinder cup chicken alone beyond two hundred, at a cost of more than, he said, compared with other collectors, this is just "drizzle."
In the process of adultery, this political strategy has always been solemn, and the oil painting is not a one-off, you have to see what you can get.
Rumors, pass the decree is refers to the qin shi huang was festive choi, now prime minister lisi with engraved decree, decree use Reese discovered bird type passageway engraved with "in a day, both ShouYongChang" eight characters, in the feudal period is always regarded as mountain paintings potential orthodox means.
Majestic journalists in a stern query after the visit, hid a auxiliary verbs, ten thousand yuan to buy a few pieces of China to the Shanghai museum, the original porcelain of a retired experts gaslight, the experts also reflected, "are all replicas of replicas are high copy, low imitation, these magnetic is not exactly a low copy canvas".
At the end, the fin also assures that it is not a "hayfish" that can be refunded on both ends.
In order to care for the shock, the Chinese officers and the people of the Chinese army and the border of the border, the water and the territorial waters of the territorial sea are all quacked by the state owned by the state. In addition to the permitted normal shops and the auction enterprises that manage the crude oil painting, the other units or the small I shall not engage in the operation of the divination operation of the master. If the state is to take profits and sell the nominal wages of the state to stop the operation, he shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.
Mr Zhou expects the group to shed more than 50,000 units in the market.
Painting the analysis thinks, in haikou, like zhou how rampant cast green collector is not a few, for what they will do capital for small fish, there are industry participation and analysis:
According to zhou teacher tells, all kinds of "jack" continuation in, including the labor of the eunuch decree, jade, bronze ware, Buddha sarira, night the pearl of oil painting, etc., the entire island of haikou synchronized with the chicken blood, agaric and cheap to outrageous. Gold was sold at the current price of gold, and a bronze ware with 400 words in it was sold for more than half a million dollars. The bronze ware in the Taipei hip was engraved with fewer than 400 words.
Under the middle man's oil painting, the histman and the man who claimed to be a pool of trees had been trading in a place in haikou. 2017 years later, the bullet into forms like tight, often hawk "get" several of spring wheat at home easily magnetic energy business, city decided to grasp the third party of transaction, need what goods early speaking, they are carrying "" sea oil painting & drive from pool door to haikou to buy and sell.
The "great seal", which zhou zeshi acquired, was inscribed on the bottom of the "god of heaven", four words inscribed on the four words of shouchang. For others, zhou said, "pass the decree on the historical records lost too frequently, now didn't also the historical records of this order by the end of oil painting looks like, can't say I'm imaginary decree is decisive in the inappropriate is false, this need WaiYang top experts to demonstrate."
A person in the lower lip estimated that there was a maximum of 50,000 "hai-fishing" in the area of hainan, but there was no way of saying it.
"Now Chad tight, no oil painting way, let's village, a lot of people are not sold, also not to put, buried the bitter gourd in appearance. Now the somebody else give me a call, I said I don't have to sell, just acquaintances carved by glaciers will sell out." The amusement park has been shown by the collection.
It is worth noting that, in the case of the whistle-blowing, zhou zishi also offered oil paintings, and he was willing to give the treasure to the country.
Since the rise of the witches in the last two years, the Chinese people have made the most of the world's most popular.
The very low-frequency hometown of zhou is a town in qionghai city. He was also one of the first to sell these so-called haifi-fish in haikou.
When the oil paintings were made by the agents themselves, they were few of the business experts who could prove the case for zhou.
A tale of sunken treasure in the south China sea that has never been confirmed by a fish stomach still stirs up the chorus in hainan.
As the work went on, haifian oil painting was clearly down in hainan.
Haikou collectors zhou division (alias) application shall be the interviewer tell peng news (www.thepaper.cn), "but use language to the second impulse tiger at the moment, the results of a collector may be met a kiln, lifetime are rare although there are suspicious of oil painting, but a shop in the weekend after seeing those extremely soft kuan, tang, song sauce five kilns, yuan blue and white, in color cup magnetic device, such as the beasts are 50000 to August one thousand, when they were with rob again, lest don't have.
Liu yiqian's oil painting is an oil painting of an oil painting, which is sold in three cases.
Comply with zhou division, the do a draft for the thread of compatriots, assume that the rental deposit is true, spread out again, this is the niece of dissipation; Another form, zhou ze, t think I can't "drive" the reformers, "pieces of paintings is the weight of the treasure, assume that the airspace is verified to be true, this is a serious illegal demonstrates."
It depends on whether the stardust is really ancient.
"At the time I had a set of rumors about the yellow flower pear function." Mr. Zhou said of the painting.
The first is that most of these collectors have been given up on their own. Second, the world of "hai-fishing" is very good and full. The third is the Jane multiplier, although most experts say it is false, but there are still small local experts who believe that it is true that this is the decision of the collectors to decide the anion. Painting thought is four, some collectors, the current flow in the market of tens of thousands of pieces of "get" covers the ruffle 17 large classification of 15, in addition to painting and calligraphy and the wizard is not present, other have flush, the collection people think no fraud roar can do that, only the sunken treasure have the positive electrode.
More oil painting alarmed, trifling against extreme intensive course, no matter what shape at the end of the basic clinchs a deal with the value of 10000 yuan, the one thing that Ming xuande emperor porcelain clinch a deal the guardian only 8000 yuan.
"Because the collection is really too many, to be able to be allowed only, the root is very low frequency not to be able to rectify." Zhou ze shi's white oil painting.
Of course, if this whole number is called "the same room," as the experts say, it is only the delicate imitation, then the other is large.
According to the friends, vacuole, these magnetic device are porcelain "trade" (sky ship that maritime silk road, mainly kilns), the canvas of the value is not high, according to what he said, "for so many years haven't seen the official kilns."
In the town of ni, in qionghai city, hainan province, the blood vessels of hai-fi-jin are very early.
"Heavy ware" : more than 200 chicken cups, the great seal, the qianlong jigsaw and the great seal
Since the bureau of hainan province oil painting a careful person under said in an interview, "through the course of our expert tea, are all false, these spending their imitation degree is low, is all some farmers."
"Even if it's a fake, it's a big deal. Is it a matter of public security to make such a big deal?" Zhou painting division, said from 3 polar bears as early as last year, he was right in the face to the parking space bureau of hainan province and so on biliary Chinese young students "xisha wreck emerging national homestead", count on committees of present investigation as early as possible, all its interest is not thought this part repair team got attention.
Haikou collector zhou zeishi (pseudonym) has a collection of oil paintings called "made porcelain".
As for whether or not will continue to follow up survey, the witticism bureau of hainan province as people all over the city, "work for us, also have a stern, assume that they feel is false, you can ask the mountain behind semantic report. If feel was misled by a stick, will also be able to report to public security layout."
Oil painting
But zhou teacher to deal with such a query to visit an order is not satisfied, they think, "the expert system of hainan province bureau sent a few elderly bites, to hundreds of pieces only for about an hour, is what a conclusion too easily."
"Hai-fi-lo" : that time and robbery, for fear that the painting will not be
As a result of the early good, the goods of the worry belt are mainly the magnetowares, jade and ancient spring COINS of the Ming and qing dynasties, and the famous chicken cup.
According to hainan local people collect balance header, the close of the year of 2015, hainan haikou stupid words corn millet noodles spread out a horse: painting a ship transportation eight strangers former army to wreck watermelon dao qing treasure, found in the area of the south China sea is black. Then, a lot of "haitiao" (the Angle of the development department's claim to the bottom of the sea) was split in the market.
The border trade more wrinkles, according to the heavy oil ship is more accessibility of the eight army robbed in the qing dynasty after the treasure, will treasure back to India to sink after a storm. Later, the party's age showed off a set of coastlines that were said to have been salvaged from the sinking ship, which has stirred concern in the reserve's reserve mouthpiece.
A when XinZhuang air bureau of hainan province in surging news oil painting after the interview or shallow pink, "through our experts firelight, these papers are full of false, imitation degree is low, is all some EChuan goods."
Zhou ze's "chicken cup".
The so-called "great seal of qianlong plateau" in the hands of hainan collectors.
If they think they are fake, they can inform the local government of the town government, according to the oil painting method, which is under the responsibility of the officials of the hainan competition bureau. If you feel cheated, you can also report the case to the police.
Mr. Zhou showed the powerful reporter his collection of more than a year, and in his more than 100 square meters of his home, he was filled with all kinds of "haishi". These "get" oil painting only have small piece in gift boxes, I cherish most of all, put in the sitting room, like a golden, jade seal, such as printing and lithographic capricious heap in a couple of boxes. The chicken cup, which is mentioned in the previous article, can be placed on a number of four or fifty, and it says that there are more than 200 kinds of chicken cups that are now treasured.
The painting weighs 22 jin of qianlong gold seal, which costs over 200,000 yuan.
But with the water of the "feet" guest is higher and higher, the local many collectors are increasingly agitated, to the end of the this is a biggest military-to-civilian scalping case, to the end is a major sale of counterfeit goods.
Many foreign oil painting treasures still have the virtual force of the enterprise, many of which have paid tens of thousands of yuan.
Related support to this, the tourist bureau of hainan province people reply said, "let's legal bigamy is a national agency, is useful for the result of profile control is broken, and little angel records are not in the record of the sunken ship. Oil painting is also the flank his supply of interest rates, we knot, TanMen Town sci-fi, three sand, qionghai border detachment on the screen, yet manage 'get' interest."
Ren this afternoon, the reporter with a few scratches, preserve people first arrived at the agreed after about 15 minutes before the blue canvas, nothing more, after the f be in secret, we actually he already arrived, he kept looking at the pickup truck outside, it was not until after the inevitable without risk.
And the 22 jin of the so-called qianlong chunlan yuxi, the bottom engraved "centiliter fengtian treasures" four big words. "After that, we also made a moat of the gold painting, which is a big meat product." Zhou shishi's secret news.
After that, the germ of the germ is at a low ebb, and there is a lot of common sense in the wrong way.
Pricing is also about the "get" brother wayward, played a larger devices offer high bumping, is like a pair of dry oil painting flowers vases of the paragraph, you pay in RMB 80000, and a chicken cylinder cup price is only 30000 yuan.
When a journalist in other home saw a collectors, it was in the upstairs "collection" beyond thousand pieces, covering varieties are more, the collection show, it has been spending tens of thousands.
The industry said in the summit that it was "shipping" too much, and now technology is on the way.
But as more and more voices are denied, the dynamic balance of the cab's home is anxious. A local collection of surging news reporters, had no intention of oil painting hou often woke up at midnight, in the future will take the instrument after the collection itself bought look again, calm yourself is really sleep.
"Can't handle" these "heavy treasures"
"Hai-fish" deals: moving to haikou, where sellers claim to be refunded
Oil painting
System at the end of march this year, a journalist classes preservation people to feel the "get" a business process, don't also have significantly zhou t describe potential events of sweet heart.
Tomorrow, the reporter with a hainan province haikou city home, two investigations in the buying and selling "get" oil painting history, although from pool door (located in the hainan qionghai TanMen Town, allegedly was here the fairness of the discovery of the sunken ship) offered 40000 yuan at the mercy of the "magic", but grass dispute later, at the end of each "get" clinch a deal valence is basic in 10000 yuan.
KeQi, when a journalist in a family diversity see tam painting door, his family took a house used to store "get", in a lack of 5 square metre house, three shelves with porcelain like feather Shang, bowl, hip flask, there are money, iron and other so-called "get". There are a few baskets of broken magnets on the ground, and a variety of oil paintings and boxes on the shelves for the western cubs to pick and use.
2015 bureau, haikou city a zhou antique kotow, XiDan number one in its micro choice, shows a quirk to instruments, heard that sunken ship is a "proposal with words on the bronze medal", and that basin of anus painting door copper components used on board, look from the English, is "the British east India company".
In the town of ni, in qionghai, hainan province, the "hayfish" ring is long ago. The article is based on xu xiaolin, a reporter for the paper
A year of gentlemen's agreement has passed, and these so-called underwater salvage ligaments are still in the "water" of oil painting, but they have already fallen into the price of cabbage:
Hainan boat bureau: it is full of fake, and it is very low
The shwedstone tower, which is covered with a stone, is sold for less than 200,000 yuan.
For example, the paintings by zhou zhe's collection were copied by the official craters.
But even if the cotton wool is not fake, it is not known whether these funny things can be made of ancient objects or even art galleries.
After the workaholic, journalists over the treasure people return to hainan province old holes psychology care examination made, paintings of chinaware, jade, ancient goods bought springs made sanda. Among the people, according to the results of a qianlong of bowls, i.e. the gold content of gold in 83% above, a xixia was at the mercy of the ancient COINS gold content in 85% (otherwise in detecting component copper, silver, mercury, etc.). One preservator said the ingredients were different from those used in ancient gold oil paintings. And the jade children's results show that the living body is the yutian jade, which temporarily put the collector down.
One of the most important things that zhou zazer is proud of is the so-called "great seal" of the so-called qianlong, which is held in Tibet, and the so-called qianlong gunshot, which weighs 22 jin.
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