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Modern art-Art of all kinds of art genres and thoughts in 20th century

Modern art
Modernist art, that is, the 20th century with progressive characteristics, parted ways with the traditional literature and art of all kinds of art genres and thoughts, also known as the modern art.
Chinese name Modernism art sex mass art s century 80 s in the 19th century
1 history
2 philosophy
The three schools
4 evaluation
Historical evolution
Modernism origin can be traced back to the French impressionist. In the 1880 s, after the French impressionism, new impressionism and symbolism, put forward by the painters' artistic language itself independent value ", "painting will not be the servant nature", "get rid of the dependence on literature, history, painting", "art for art's sake", such as concept, is the theoretical basis of modernist art system.
Modernism art is not without foundation form, it has a history and traditional arts. Most of the European tradition fine arts is given priority to with realism. As a kind of visual art, art of the original purpose, is to describe or certain aspects of the real world or the virtual world. Since the prehistoric cave oil painting , to the ancient Greece, ancient Rome, gradually by some "programming" to "realistic". With the continuation and development history, the first half of the 19th century, each time the artists are no matter how to change innovation, the change of the above are in genres, failed to break away from the traditional "realism", until the generation of impressionist, in fact, precise, impressionist painter also follow the tradition of "realism", they just put to realistic to the "form" to "light" of realism, they stressed the "art form and content" tendency on the later western modernism art produce bigger effect, from this perspective, impressionism can also be regarded as the origin of western modern art. To breakthrough the traditional realism in the true sense is a post-impressionist painter, their feelings and attitudes about everything to do with object has gradually from the objective, the pursuit of subjective feeling and new form of art, this way of writing is advocated by the modernism art and develop, it is the true beginning of western modernism art.
Philosophy art
The earliest modernist art art from Kant's artental idealism armory in absorbing nutrients, at the same time by the trend of modern philosophy, especially Nietzsche, Freud, Bergson, jung such as philosophy, psychology, strong man. Nietzsche's art, not only to the German expressionist movement played a role, also for the whole produce a great impact on the modern socialist literature and art movement. Especially his denial authority, claims on the basis of the people's will, instinct of creativity, contempt for the middle class and hypocritical moral civilization, of the unconscious and instinct, pessimism, the future of the world in the various schools of art and practice of modernism, are reflected. Freud's subconsciousness art, his "the unconscious is the real actual" of the spirit, are the backbone of surrealist movement art, it is under the guidance of art of Freud, and other schools of surrealism artists who use a variety of deep mining people's spiritual world, the consequences are on the one hand, to explore new art field, on the other hand makes the artistic language to ridiculous and weird. Naturally a lot of work to create a bizarre, strange new world.
Numerous modernist art genres, such as fauvism, cubism, expressionist, abstract, futurism and surrealism, etc.
1, not in a simple "good" and "bad", "excellent" and "bad" to define modern (modernism art) is art. "Fine arts" is a "beauty" of art, but as simply summed up in "beauty" is not enough, because in addition to the performance of human "true", there are many art works is the other side (e.g., war, crime, terror and despair, etc.), modern art no matter in what form, what means to express the shape, it is "beautiful" or "ugly" is not important, it is important to work with artion or idea of the author tries to express. Artist according to the specific form of art media and techniques (material, language, technique and other factors), to deliberate, represented by these ideas and give it to reveal the deep emotional, we cannot simply to define them in good and bad.
2, should be dialectically and comprehensive view of the modernist art, don't deny, also don't blindly praise highly. Modernist art coexist with positivity and negativity, we should from two aspects to analysis. They may take on one side of the enthusiasm of innovation, dare to break through the traditional, against tradition. Any art form development to a certain extent, need someone to break the original framework, seek new development, at this point, the modern artist, has played a positive role. But from the other side, some modern completely negate the traditional, insisting that personality and self, even went to the extreme (e.g., some with cruel, decadent, masochistic "behavior art", etc.), for this problem, it needs us to sacrifice to look at, analysis. Should adhere to the specific work of concrete analysis of the practical and realistic attitude.
3, pay attention to explore modern ideology. Traditional art focus on content, episodic, situation makes people easy to enter the picture. And emphasize form of modern art, despise the plot content, or even completely discarded (abstract). We appreciate this kind of work, it is impossible to like traditional painting along the picture content, and need to discuss the inherent subjective world performance method, is it possible to fundamentally grasp the work of this characteristic, cause the viewer on authors and works in the form of resonance.
Any art works are artists have in the objective world's subjective inner thoughts and feelings in real life and its philosophical views. Art is to create, the conventionality and conservative destined to no development. Modernist art just pay more attention to it. For schools and the peculiarity of modernist school of western art, we can hold it pulse, to feel them, understand them and appreciate them, and by their awareness of the extremely broad heaven and earth, artistic creation at the same time, also will further expand its own mode of thinking. Because "all the avant-garde art is not so much art activities, as a philosophical discussion, and the pursuit of".
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