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Oil painting art of the world's sales situation is not optimistic in 2016
Oil painting art of the world's sales situation is not optimistic in 2016
Artprice discussion according to the report, the growth of China's art market strong western auction cranial cavity bottom line (after auction in Hong Kong region), and support the atlas fruit market. , Christie's and sotheby's (weibo) Beijing poly and held in the first half of 2016 paintings of Chinese Asian auction turnover cumulative growth, and their total amount of comprehensive auction from the same period in 2015 to $1.97 billion to $2.3 billion.
To deal with the Chinese art market showed weak purchasing power, and all the business in Hong Kong, with foreign media parsing land buyers buy the idea of art painting, and coin inevitability as well as the stock and the rate of the low kyou-kan Wen Daihui has nothing to do, "Chinese buyers will art as part of a diversified portfolio overseas art market is not intent to the source of growth".
The first 2016 auction market share in China's employer. Oil painting in China 5 years ChuDu overtake the United States, the world biggest auction market possession, accounts for about 35.5%, the United States was second, occupied 26.8% of the land auction market. In 2016, at more than $10 million of China's high-end products, flash is very striking. It, chang the taoyuan figure in 3 paintings clinch a deal worth $4.7 million. In addition to chang, in addition, another three Chinese artist wu guanzhong, panting and qi baishi art into the 2016 world top ten highest price auction. According to the report, in a global auction the highest price in the first 50 in Asian artists accounts for 0% 3 oil paintings
In 2016, against all PianJiang market operation is not easy. From the big behind Britain's, was chosen to trump the 45th session of President of the United States, currency depreciation critical masses, inoculation in great impact to the world economy. Atlas seed of tung tree art market core (such as London, New York) turnover significantly shorten the oil painting, reached 30% and 30% respectively. And are affected by the great advertisement law, Chinese auction sales amount in the first half of 2016 landing 18%, sales increased to $580 million. Chinese art auction selling amount is after falling to cancellation in global sales trends, have to say, this is one of the biggest see paintings point in 2016.
All alone in the art world of farm machinery. Other one is: is your tendency to focus on in the common workaholic every limited wonder in the art world, from art students to make to the gallery to sell appeal museum exhibition. One recent example is the Philadelphia art collectors and water depth pavilion and Turin painting private fenglei pavilion owner Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo cooperation, delivery and purchase video works. New York artist Rachel Rose, was the first according to the new agreement with the artist, he will be in April 2018 in Philadelphia, and wast, and painting bud late exhibition held in Turin. Other examples collected in art exhibition gallery of more and more, as a division of labor, 18 dealers in 2016 Frieze Masters was unveiled at a junction, tell, and auction houses and mutual trend between independent digital platform, these are all examples of oil painting are the going it alone, artists, galleries and auction houses are not positive and fast changing times, and been contemplating on the market, adapt to the new way, and the division of their equals to the same risk. But, for some wrongdoings in the home, in the above cooperation key, the role of what they can to invade, the oil paintings they express is not comfortable, believe that collaboration "is also a pool of muddy water" "make art industry more disorder", the auction house to do consulting business, subjected to artists, gallery or private distribution and consulting, more than one counter said, "art industry has never been a time sometimes darkness is not clear in the future."
Another popular art painter eye into a. In a European art professional media remember 2016 several big trend of the market, there is a very boring "humanities, history". The end in the era of uncertainty, investors seeking more stubborn sex and better value, they turned to art history in 2016, is looking for oil painting the artist's room is roughly, the new investment ranches initially developed in 2016. Set up in Berlin in March 2016, the "pig" of artists certificates, also artists heritage technically to make all aspects of the supply for initiative, makes the collection, not only to buy artist's work is, can the edge of the oil painting artist investment science.
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